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  1. My 2008 CTLS has quite a bit of fogging on the lense on most exterior lights. Is it better to just replace the lenses/lights or is there a product that will rejuvenate the lenses?
  2. In the maintenance manual for the CTLS it calls for replacement of all lock nuts. What is a good source for these items?
  3. Hi All. Thanks for the advice. As usual, if I had taken the time to read the Dynon 120 installation manual I would have read the answer. On page 4-5 of the manual it says: Verify correct operation of the external EMS warning by using the test function in the GLOBAL menu. Enter the EMS menu by pressing any button beneath an EMS main page. Press MORE > SETUP > GLOBAL. Press DOWNâ–Ľ to select ALARM CONFIG and press SEL. Select TEST ALARM LIGHT and follow the instructions to test external light functionality. Thanks again for the input. Tom
  4. It's a nasty day in North Carolina, I turned on the ignition key and shut off the master switch and nothing happened. Guess I need to have the engine running. I'll try it next time I get to fly.
  5. I have owned my "new" 2008 CTLS for a couple months now (20 hrs flight time) and I have never seen the engine alarm light come on. Is this normal? Is there any way to test the engine alarm light system? Thanks Tom
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions on gear leg lifting. Al I have your drawings from an earlier post, unless dimensions have changed I'm OK. I did note the change to 1/2 inch bolt. Thanks again all Tom
  7. I was looking for something to do both. My neighbor has a motorcycle jack and it looked possible to use it.
  8. I'm thinking about using a motorcycle/atv lift to raise the main gear, has anyone else used this? If so what padding was used and do you just position the lift directly under the main gear legs? Thanks Tom
  9. Does anyone have a list of all the things that cause the engine light to come on with a 2008 CTLS?
  10. I have a "new" CTLS (2008) with autopilot and it is engaging while in flight without any pilot input. I assume this may be a short in the white button on the pilot stick. Now how do I remove the grip on the control stick? Does it just twist & pull off or is there some other way to remove it and check the wiring? Hate to rip something out if there is a better way. Also, is there any other area that I need to check other than the wire on the stick? Thanks Tom
  11. Where can I purchase the switches for the reprogram?
  12. Did 6 cycles all settings except -6 and 35 worked fine, numbers stopped flashing when flaps reached the assigned angle. on -6 the upper red light is on and the number continues to flash even though the flap motor has stopped. Same for the 35 setting except that the lower red light is on. Voltage is 12.9 Seems like the limit switches are stopping the flap motor before it reached the flap setting.
  13. No other electronics on except Dynon 120, had a battery minder attached to the battery.
  14. On my "New" CTLS while on the ground when I put the flap setting to -6 I hear the flap motor running and then stop but the numbers still blink and the red light on the upper right of the display is on. This also happens on the 35 deg setting. Looking at the maintenance manual this looks like a control rod out of adjustment to me. Just want to confirm this before I dig into the airplane and make some adjustments.
  15. After reading all the helpful topics on this forum, I have finally completed my first transition flight with my CTLS, Quite a change from my Zenith 650B low wing but I'm ecstatic!!! Found a great CFI who was willing to come to my airpark, had a great morning flight, looking forward to the rest of my instruction. Really a fun, comfortable plane to fly, stalls are a breeze and actually if I keep the plane landing as recommended it is a nice comfortable event. Also, thanks for all the helpful comments to all the questions I have had the past few months.
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