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  1. And I was wondering what to do with my OLD XP laptop!
  2. Most likely, shame they don't update some of their older programs & equipment. Programmed obsolescence??
  3. Thanks for the link, downloaded the program but it was blocked as malware on my computer.
  4. I have recently purchased a CTLS (2008) with a garmin 696 GPS unit, reading the manual it says that a track file can be generated and downloaded to my windows pc and then displayed with a garmin program. I went to the link to download the program and got the message that the site doesn't exist. Is there a program available to display this track file? Thanks
  5. What kind of limitations are likely to be placed on the aircraft when changing to ELSA?
  6. That's about what I plan to do. I see that you are flying e-lsa, any negative thoughts on changing classification?
  7. Thank you all for the help. This is really a good forum. I'm sure that I will be returning many times as I begin flying my "new" CTLS Thanks again
  8. Obviously I'm missing something, I have been looking at the "Maintenance & Procedures Manual" for the ctls. I don't see any 18 page checklist. Where can I find the FD and the Rotax checklists?
  9. I agree, but all I wanted was an abbreviated list that I could check off and file in the aircraft log book after the inspection.
  10. I'm purchasing a 2008 CTLS and I have read the FD maintenance manual but I'm looking for a checklist that covers all the items that needs to be checked for the 100 hr conditional inspection. I just want something to check off after an item has been checked/serviced. Appreciate the help. Tom
  11. I'm purchasing a 2008 CTLS and I'm wondering if anyone could measure the distance from the bottom of the winglets to the floor. Hope my golf cart top will fit under it. Thanks Tom
  12. I asked the question but here is the official answer from the FD Maintenance & Inspection Procedures Manual page 4-34
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