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  1. All very relevant thought out replies/comments - thank you. I don't envision doing off airport landings such as Trent Palmer and others do in their videos - videos that get the adrenaline flowing and pilots starry eyed - but rather grass strips in Arizona where we spend the winters, Utah, etc.. But you never know how rough a strip is until you've landed and I'd like to explore the Painted Desert etc. We also do most of our flying in the Rocky Mountains so a turbo would be nice. I'm 75 now, been flying since 1982, IFR rated and have a Seneca II that we use for cross country - so I'm trying to be realistic about my mission and how often I might land on grass (I've never landed the Seneca on grass). I've flown my brother's Citabria and frankly a taildragger has challenges of its own and a S21 trike has similar issues as the CTSW. Thanks again for you comments and I'll try to keep you informed.
  2. I'm considering building a Rans S21 experimental for it's STOL capabilities for off airport flying. My friend has a CTSW and suggested I look at buying one but I don't think it can compare for this type of flying and concerned about landing on rough terrain. Any of you folks landing off airport and if so how rough are the strips? Thx Bob
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