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  1. Would love to see what you have done. Mind posting photos?
  2. Hi, Considering both but leaning towards the SW from a cost stand point. Is the LS worth the substantial premium in cost? What are the big differences between the two? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey! Name is Tim and I am knocking around a CTLS in the very near future. I just started a non-profit dedicated to aviation history in the state and would be using the airplane in part to offer flight training scholarships to the younger among us. I currently live in the West Valley of Phoenix near Luke AFB. I am currently in the USAF as a Reservist (enlisted) and spent some time in C-130's as a Loadmaster and HH60G Pave Hawk helicopters as an Aerial Gunner. (yeah, it was fun!). I also fly the Challenger 350 for a very large business jet operator. Part owner in a Yak-52 and have owned a few other airplanes in the past: Yak-50, Tomahawk, Long EZ, Waco YMF, and just sold a single seat turbine helo. I REALLY enjoy GA flying and keep my hands in it. Makes me a better jet pilot too! Anyway, looking for anyone in the valley who might be willing to offer some advice on local FD pros and ops in valley. We will also use the airplane to visit the airports around the state as part of our history work. Also, if and when we find the right airplane, might be looking for a dependable pilot to ferry her home if I am working. Look forward to joining the group!! Tim
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