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  1. I did not fly for a couple of months due to, ultimately, an ignition ground issue. It has been fixed and I am now flying again on the weekends. Did you get the plane?
  2. That seems reasonable. It may have been the combination of low idle and the bad module. It certainly surprised me. I landed, turned off, started the engine, and taxied back to the hangar. Like it was an everyday occurrence. LOL. I heard they put the last non-soft start module that Lockwood had in as a replacement.
  3. Thank goodness for George Westinghouse.
  4. Why does this have to be about fuel? You need other things besides fuel to make an engine run. Spark for instance. For the first time, my engine quit on short final with plenty of fuel in the tanks. It turns out one of my ignition modules had an intermittent failure and at idle the engine quit. It was just diagnosed at this annual and replaced.
  5. ABS is a common printing material and it is pretty strong in compression. You can also use carbon fiber reinforced ABS if you are worried.
  6. Jeff Hudson is a great instructor. Very patient and he makes you feel relaxed with his relaxed manner. Very experienced and very good with the stick and rudder, which is helpful while learning. He has done my flight reviews for the last 9 years.
  7. I think I asked this before a few years ago: How did they measure the horsepower that shows up on the performance charts? I ask this because I see confusion in the explanations. So, I ask the question to get in my two cents. The answer is you can't measure horsepower. You can only measure torque. So you calculate horsepower: (rpm x torque)/5252 for english units. One last comment on engine life that Charles Lindbergh came up with a long time ago. He ran his variable pitch props with high MP and low RPM for better fuel economy and his engines did not need to be overhauled as often, so that might be a life lesson, so to speak.
  8. Yes. I agree. I have not flown as much this year as last. I am off from now through New Years. If you are around, we can meet up somewhere. My lunchtime buddy flies a Mooney, so I am too slow to fly formation. LOL.
  9. I am in, too. I like the idea of a meet and greet. It is fun flying in to the Expo.
  10. http://allamericanracers.com/the-gurney-flap/ has a good explanation down at the bottom.
  11. That is a Gurney flap. Increases the pressure differential and keeps the boundary layer attached for more efficiency. Used upside down on race cars for downforce.
  12. NO! TCP does not take lead out of the fuel. As it says in your link, it only changes the lead by-products during combustion.
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