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  1. Yes. I think these are the correct ones. (set) right panel D120.dxf (set) Left Side Panel D-100 three gauge.dxf (set) center 496.dwg
  2. I am sorry it did not work for you. I did not realize the difference, either. If you are lucky, you get get someone with a blue/white light or laser scanner and create a CAD file from the point cloud. However, the @Madhatter's suggestion of manually making one might be easier if you don't have any rapid prototyping places near you.
  3. Grounding the EMS case to the main ground behind the panel solved years of issues I had with the oil temperature and CHTs. I would recommend looking for the ground wire or installing one because it worked so completely to fix my problems.
  4. Yes. The laser etching portion is on a different layer than the panel dimensions. I had the 6061T6 sheet anodized flat black on both sides, then laser etched to bare metal. This way, I hope, I can wipe it without starting corrosion or removing the color. Anodizing should last much longer than paint or powder coating. Should... Despite working with Arian at FDUSA on the dimensions, it was still a little off on the upper left and upper middle panels, as manufactured. A little ovalizing of holes and they fit, so not far off. The lower center I sent you was perfect with no fitting necessary.
  5. Try this... (set) center 496.dwg (set) lower center large flap breaker, no ELT remote.dxf
  6. It has mystery in the name, so why not?
  7. GlennM

    13,2 volts

    13.2 - 13.3 V is normal for me. Measure at the battery terminals and you will see .5V higher as Roger mentioned. My voltage regulator died the same way you mentioned; it never cut in the alternator to charge.
  8. Yes. E-LSA as it is Experimental. Compliance may be easy, but another hoop to jump through. How many of you E-LSAs have your Letter?
  9. Here is a recent big one for staying S-LSA: You need a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) to receive flight training in an experimental aircraft from a CFI. Rent a certified plane to get your BFR?
  10. Is the Dynon EMS case grounded to the main ground mounted to the cockpit side of the firewall? I had to add a wire. It solved my oil temperature bounce.
  11. I used NuFinish wax and it came right off. I don't get that stain now that I use 94UL.
  12. If you repair bicycles, you can't do it by yourself, though.
  13. My Dynon reads more than 1000fpm. That was probably all if it read 1000fpm.
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