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  1. Cool. That Shark is quite a plane, also. Very nice fit and finish. I am 6'-5" and can fit. There are something like two in the US.
  2. I think FDUSA has the CTSW manual on their website. Oops. I see you mentioned downloads. Sorry...
  3. I had the Dynon (at the time) Advanced package, so it came with the AoA probe and stall warning. Also has the PS Engineering PM3000 intercom.
  4. I have a stall horn in my 2006 CTSW with Dynons.
  5. I run 100LL in it because it does not have hardened valve seats. Since you can't run 100% synthetic oil with leaded fuel, I needed something that would keep the lead suspended. So I use the Sport Plus 4 to keep the lead suspended because it was formulated to do that. It is 10W40, too, which is the right viscosity. Since Rotax has flat tappets, and Aeroshell say they have anti-wear and -scuffing additives, I figure they will protect my flat tappets as well.
  6. I hope this is just a supply chain issue and that they are still planning to make it in the future. I use it in my Corvette, too.
  7. I believe the design requirements for most powered aircraft certifications require any flutter issues to be outside of the never exceed speed by a certain margin. Not sure on gliders.
  8. I am.not sure if Lockwood still has anyone for composites. Mine was done by a composites expert from Flight Design out of Germany. Where do you keep your plane? I am based at X21 Arthur Dunn in Titusville.
  9. I guess if you can afford to buy one, you can afford to fix whatever is missed during an inspection.
  10. GlennM


    My Dad was a crew chief on B-47s. My understanding is the water injection is for more mass flow in the engine, which yields more thrust. Power plants use water injection on their gas turbines for more power output, when needed. I use Swift 94UL in my plane. I get it delivered to the house and have a tank in the back of the truck.
  11. Once again, a rubber hose is not a rubber band. Rubber hoses used for oil are synthetic rubber and have a positive coefficient of expansion. Source: https://promo.parker.com/promotionsite/oring-ehandbook/us/en/ehome/Coefficient-of-Thermal-Expansion
  12. Roger has changed lots of props. He should know the value.
  13. I don't see how. It has a positive coefficient of thermal expansion. A rubber hose is not a rubber band.
  14. So the pump sucks the oil from the tank and through the cooler? You learn something new every day...
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