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  1. That's a wild ride. Sorry it happened, but just glad you are ok!
  2. Got mine today. They look awesome! Thanks Vic!
  3. I like the idea too, but I'll leave it for someone else to try first!
  4. Did you ever try the change to the 5.00 tire? I'm kind of curious if it will work before I order some tires!
  5. I guess some airports in California are now selling the newly approved 100ul fuel. Any issues with using this with the Rotax? I'm guessing it would be the ideal fuel, but I don't know much about it
  6. Ed, I saw your prior post and this and think it is a great option. I would prefer a vertical mount, but either way would be a huge improvement. Might be the best option for me!
  7. Thanks for the input on the 660. I think it may be to small for my old eyes too. I may have to look at different options, but the 760 won't fit. I don't have any external switches of the "XM music" type. I may take a quick look behind the panel, but radio wiring is not a strong point for me. May be time for an avionics shop, but I was hoping to avoid that.
  8. I've been spending all my time flying since I bought her in December, but now it's time to do a little troubleshooting. I have the d100/120 set up with a 496 (no xm subscription) and a gnc 250xl gps/com. In the airplane, I receive no audible alerts of any kind. I have gone into the programs for the d100 and the 496 to make sure they are on, but I still don't get anything. I should mention that where the auxiliary input on the panel is supposed to be, there is just an empty hole. I'm wondering if someone disconnected all audio from the intercom, but haven't looked into it yet. Any suggestions before I get started? While I'm here...the 496 is really to small for me to see. Even though I use Foreflight, I would really like a panel mount map that I can use. I wanted to replace the 496 with an aera 760, but due to the gnc 250 being larger than the standard 30/40 com set up, the 760 can not be made to fit. Is the aera 660 a big enough improvement in screen size to bother replacing the 496 with the 660? I have seen a 660, but not a mounted one, or even directly next to the 496, and it's hard for me to judge the visual improvement. If I decide to get a 660, can an A&P install since it is a portable, or does it still have to be done by an avionics shop? Of course I would love to upgrade the d100 to a Skyview system, but that's more than I want to spend. I have plans to convert to esla in the future to make things easier, but I'm gonna wait to see what the light sport changes might be. While I doubt it will happen, and I love the ctsw, I really need 4 seats. As always, thanks in advance for the suggestions!
  9. Wow, 3000 in flight design! Pretty awesome. I can't afford one, but I still want a ride in the F2.
  10. It was a great trip out from California! About 17 hours of flight time each way! The little plane performed great. Even taking off at a 9000 ft density altitude wasn't a problem. And I'm still surprised how comfortable it is. While there, I compared numbers to a lot of the other light sport aircraft being manufactured. Unless you are looking for a STOL aircraft, the CT series seems hard to beat.
  11. Thanks for all the help guys. Was normal for the last 15 hours of flight time, but it was probably giving me a warning. At least now I know where to begin my troubleshooting.
  12. When comparing the fuel flow before and after, it was a similar cruise altitudes, speeds and rpm, so there was definitely something amiss. I've flown the airplane 90 hours in the last six months and I'm familiar enough with the settings while flying the airplane to see it was obviously different from prior flights. Prop pitch, dynon setting, floats and that kind of stuff shouldn't have changed between 2 flights in one week. I had also checked the air filter and it was good. The impeller or a clogged fuel filter would make more sense to me. I certainly appreciate this information. Today, fuel burn was back to normal, so not sure what the problem was. I wish a good wash and wax would have helped my fuel burn. At least it looked pretty!
  13. Started a day early and left on Friday. Staying the night in Rawlins Wyoming. Hopefully will make the remainder of the trip tomorrow, but if not, should be there Sunday. Today was a long, but enjoyable day!
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