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  1. I’m new to the light sport arena, but it really surprised me that they didn’t simply accept the term light sport. The airport where I purchased the airplane and did some dual, before flying it home, didn’t have any problems with it, but there is a CTLS used for flight training based there, so I’m sure the controllers are used to it.
  2. After purchasing my plane in Iowa in December, I began the flight home to California. Though not experimental, I tried “Flight Design” and “Light Sport” both and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. After using Light Sport, two different controllers asked me to confirm “Life support”! When I got home, I read the proper input was FDCT, which solved my next contact and I even received a “Thank you” from the controller. Once again, I found the information on this site!
  3. I’m looking for a red wing tip light also if someone happens to have one.
  4. I was given this diagram, which has a different layout. It is also for the pm 501
  5. Thanks for the diagram. Someone else had told me it was at the end position, not center. I’ll take another look tomorrow, but I know there was not a plug hanging anywhere from the harness. I’ll take a better look and see where the proper wire goes now that I know which one to trace.
  6. I pulled the panel and looked, but didn’t see the socket or any wires running loose from the Intercom harness
  7. Where the music input hole is in the panel, there is no plug, just an open hole in the panel. Could this be because the input is wired to the Garmin 496? I do not plan on paying for an XM subscription, so I would like the input back in place. The intercom is a pm 501. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Ok, probably a stupid question, but what is the definition of “ visual reference to the surface “? If a sport pilot is flying above an overcast area, but it is clear 20 miles away and that ground can be seen, is that considered visual reference? How about seeing mountain terrain coming up from the overcast layer. Where I’m at in the Central Valley of California, both situations are not uncommon. I understand the risks of flying above an overcast layer, but I was returning home once on a long cross country, and home was forecast to be VFR on my arrival time. It wasn’t and I flew over the overcast to an airport 50 miles away on the other side of the valley, past the hills, where it is always clear when Home is not. I’m a private pilot, but would this be ok as a sport pilot?
  9. I would love to have that panel, but could never afford it! I’ve flown nothing but old, really old, steam gauges until I bought my CTSW two weeks ago. Now, flying with the Dynon 100/120 set up, it feels like I’m cheating! I have the 496, which is really too small for me to use. It also has a Garmin 250 gps/com. The Garmin, 496, Dynon, and autopilot are all tied together, but I would still love your big moving map so I can read it. ForeFlight is amazing for that, but just tough to find a convenient place for a full size iPad in the plane. Not to take away from your beautiful panel, but what is the best way to mount an iPad in the plane? I wish it could be mounted in a dock like the 496.
  10. Towner


    Thanks for the response Andy. Flaps have been working normal since the one incident. I’ll still have it looked at to see if something is loose.
  11. Sadly, the 2006 I just bought only has the 1500 TBO. I checked it for fretting, cracks, and saw that the prop was repitched to 5500 early in its life, so I went ahead with the purchase. Hope this wasn’t a mistake!
  12. Towner


    Thanks guys, I’ll start hunting for the problem after Christmas. I said it didn’t seem to be an intermittent problem, but I guess I lied. Flaps worked fine today. From the prior posts, I should have a good idea of some areas to look. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
  13. Towner


    Yep, I bought it without seeing it, so an annual was the best Pre-purchase inspection I could get. One wingtip nav light isn’t working either, which will hopefully just be something simple. I was disappointed with the heater during 16 hours of winter flying at higher altitudes, but I’ve already read a bunch of ways to address the cold cabin. Hopefully these are the only issues for awhile, but I don’t want the flap issue to become a nightmare. It’s an amazing little plane and I want to go flying! This is a great site for information. I think any issues can be answered here, and probably have already been discussed.
  14. Towner


    Thanks for the responses. I checked breaker on flight home and it was ok. Reset it, but still no luck. Tried manual mode, but still nothing. I made it to California, but it about 60 miles from home due to dense fog 24/7! I’m guessing it would be fine to fly home at 0 degrees if I keep it under 100 knots? If I get it home, I’ll start checking all the connections. I’m hoping since it suddenly completely quit, it s just something that came loose. An annual was just completed before I picked it up and they did pull the wings. Could this have caused the problem? Thanks!
  15. Towner


    Well, I just bought my 2006 CTSW. Got checked out in it on the weekend and started my flight home, from Iowa to California. On the last leg, flaps worked normal during preflight. After takeoff, nothing. Won’t move either way, stuck at 0 degrees, no motor sounds. When I move the switch, I get the blinking number of degrees the switch is set to, but no movement. I’ve read a lot of info on the flaps in prior posts, but I don’t think I read anything about complete failure, just intermittent problems and flaps not moving to appropriate positions. Where do I start?
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