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  1. Hi Odo.  I sent a mail to the email address you gave me.. Just checking you got it, could have gone to spam.     tmcholmes@yahoo.com


  2. Hi Odo. I live In Naas Co Kildare. Castledermot is approx 26K from me and approx 40K from Limetree airfield in Co Laoise where I fly from, 410 Metres ditch to ditch. So next time you visit you may get to see it from the air......
  3. Peace of Mind for sure....... wings back on New mass balance re fitted lock down still in place and snow storm on the way..... April is but a few months away.
  4. Side to side is the direction of the Arm movement using the new hing point (rip) The gusset still prevents up/down movement. I can only speculate. Quite possible, if so it went unnoticed for 12 years or the process only started then and took 12 years to show. There have been a few CT's on there back over the years. Information on this site has helped me understand some of the reasons why CT's tend to nose over in situations but I have not read anything up to now about the Mass Balance Arm. I don't have answers I'm hoping to add to the pool of Information JIC somebody else has one like mine going unnoticed. T
  5. Hi Monkey, I can't say if RZ had a heavy landing before I own it for sure there is no evidence to suggest a heavy landing the log book is very detailed on work carried out, they have been snow flake arrivals ever since. Any comment on how or why it tore along the weld line would be speculation on my part, I'm not experienced in the field. It looks Knarly Weld and re balance would be good news for sure but alas no good news here.......... New Bespoke replacement from FD was the decision, painful price but one I can live with. It is in such a critical position and difficult to inspect...... remember no rip cord in the Standard European model...... lead time for new was supposed to be two weeks so by the time I found a certified welder (UK was possibly my nearest) got the part to him and back again it could take even longer and it will always be on my mind.... in the end it took 4 months to get the replacement to Ireland. As you say it Is a CT2K.
  6. Hi, Its a 2003 model, the corrosion looks bad however it is surface corrosion only there is no pitting. In Ireland you are never more than 100K from the Sea and Mac (the previous Owner) lived within spitting distance of the Atlantic Ocean. I had previously replace the engine ring mount due to a crack or two it looked corroded in spots, again there is no pitting on the surface. There are 800 hours Engine and air frame with a history of a prang in 2009....... prop, nose gear lower cowling, upper surface mid point of the starboard wing and the tip of the rudder. It has been in a hangar from 2009 until now. Malcolm had RZ for 10 years and looked after it really well, change of ownership felt more like an interview than a sale. What I have found is probably an outlier but its worth noting that the small crack in the pain went unnoticed for some time failure would be catastrophic I opened the gap slightly while cleaning off the paint for the photos. A before and after shot would have been useful.... Hopefully no next time!!! T
  7. Hello, By way of Introduction my Name is Tom Mc Holmes. I currently own the only registered FDCT in Ireland thanks to a purchase from Mac AKA Malcom Boden. I have been working my way from the Prop to the Strobe doing all the things you do with a new purchase. Prop re-vamp at Warp drive dynamically balanced after fitting, Carbs re build, new engine ring mount and rubbers, just to smooth things out, some new Instruments, a Radio etc. After all of this work I was still chasing what can be described as a resinance rather that a vibration. After some research and advise we decided this could be as a result of not enough tension on the Rudder cables. While we were checking the cable connections at the rudder a small crack in the paint/metal on the mass Balance Arm was noticed so we decided to remove and inspect. I have attached some photos of what we found. Note that the Box section has broken on three sides, the remaining fourth side has two Gussets, one lower and one upper which maybe saved the day. Jpeg 114849 shows the last side thta remained in tact with the top gusset in the shot.
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