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  1. Upcoming webinar on VNE and altitude. https://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/event_details.aspx?eid=109631&caller=/SPANS/events/EventList.aspx
  2. Hi Folks: Does anyone know the date of the latest edition of this manual? If so, where do I find a copy of this manual? I looked under downloads and only found the operating manual. Also, does Rotax have a manual as well? Thanks, Ken
  3. Hi Folks: Does anyone have any cowl plugs they would like to sell? Thanks, Ken
  4. With the cooler temps I sometimes have trouble keeping the oil temp above the minimum. Are there any procedures to help with this issue? Thanks, Ken
  5. Ken

    Bad ELT?

    Are Spots or in-reach devices legal for use in SLSA or ELSA. I use those when I am backpacking alone. They even have communication capability. I would think that, ADSB-out and using flight following would be the trifecta of safety IMHO. Ken
  6. I just started this class this week. I think there are a few openings as of today. Much of the class will be remote at your pace combined with in person labs. Not ideal but for in state $900.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SdWpSPxiDxM5ti7HzAKtdNeemHyYhFxW/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hi Folks: Does anyone know the type and size hose needed to replace the hose on the attached pictures? Thanks, Ken
  9. Ken


    HI Folks: Just wondering what folks are doing with the ever increasing cost of fuel. I have three choices as we most do. 100 LL , non ethanol 91+ octane ( I only have 93 available) and ethanol unleaded. In my area 100LL and 93 non ethanol are getting close to the same price. I hate ethanol blends but at some point maybe that will be what I start using as it is much less expensive. I would like any feedback from pilots that use an ethanol added fuel on what your experience has been. Any increased maintenance costs? If so, what areas of increased maintenance should I keep a look out for? Thanks
  10. Ken

    Camera Mount

    Thanks for the photo and info. I have heard much the same about the Insta cameras and the hassle editing. So you hang your iPhone out there now? I wonder how the Go Pro 360 woul;d work?I don't do Instagram or I would certainly follow you. Thanks, Ken
  11. Great shots. Is this the Insta 360 X2 camera? Do you have any pictures of the install of the battery pack and how you use the boom? I think I understand the battery and inspection plate but not sure how to boom works in conjunction with the battery. thanks, Ken
  12. I am looking for suggestions on types of cameras that can be mounted on the wing of a CTSW. Also, what is the preferred method of mounting? Can these cameras be rotated and switched on and off from the cockpit while flying. Thanks for any suggestions. Ken N296CT
  13. Ken

    Camera Mount

    How and where did you mount this?
  14. What tools, spares etc do folks take on longer multi-day flights? Also, anyone have a recommendation on a folding bike or electric scooter that would fit with the front set removed? 2006 CTSW. Thanks
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