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  1. I haven’t been anywhere far yet, but my first flights have been fun none the less. my first flight after my checkride was with my father. He had no clue I was training. Even the AM of our flight I just told him i had a surprise and I was picking him up in the AM. He only put two and two together when we were in the hanger and he saw a CTSW with two seats and two of us were standing there. He had a shit eating grin the entire flight from KSAF to KAEG. My second flight was with my daughter. I asked if she wanted to go horseback riding or flying for her birthday. She chose to fly. We just went sightseeing for an hour and did a few touch and goes before calling it a day. She was nervous right until we took off. After that she had the time of her life.
  2. The CTSW I rent has a 3-4” piece of back tape on the windscreen. I feel it helps.
  3. Just to add my new guy $0.02 as a new pilot - to me the 2000ft AGL over 10,000 feet comes to the reasonable man concept. IE what would a reasonable sport pilot do in the same circumstances to avoid being negligent and operate safely. similar concept in medicine - every patient doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold for whatever ailment they have. As such when I care for someone I do what I believe is reasonable and believe other clinicians in a similar situation would do as well. so as long as you can justify your decision and most reasonable sport pilots would agree that made sense I think you’re likely okay. It may not prevent a discussion if someone at the FAA took exception, but I wouldn’t think it would go very far (although my interactions with the FAA have been zero). If it for some crazy reason resulted talking to a judge then the concept of the reasonable man (pilot) applies. -edit- sorry for the necro-post. Damn newbies.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I understand that crap happens so the costs can be a bit of a wildcard, but as AGL suggests I want to be the guy that understands those costs and plans accordingly. at the moment I’m likely to continue renting as I’ll fly 3-6 hours a month. I have the income to own if I really wanted to, but there are other family priorities that should be considered first. My only concern is there is only one FD in my area to rent so if something was to happen I could end up without a bird. With that in mind I’m keeping options open if the right deal falls in my lap.
  5. kinoons

    Flat Left Main Tire

    During my training I had a Left main at on landing. We touched down (nicely I might add, not hard) and after a moment the aircraft suddenly pulled to the left hard and no amount of right rudder would bring it back. We came to a rest on the far right edge of the runway. the owner/instructor kept a small electric pump so we pumped the tire back up and was able to quickly taxi off the runway and we were flat again. A second pumping up for us to the apron for parking, but the tube was shot. as guys have described here, the tube was pinched.
  6. Perhaps my Google fu with the forum search function is lacking, but I cannot seem to find a thread with all the particulars in one place. im curious what everyone is finding the cost of ownership to be for their CT. I’d certainly be interested in getting my own aircraft in the future as I rent the CTSW I have access to now. from what I understand insurance for a CTSW from 2007ish should run $1200-2000 the 100hr/annual exam can vary from $400-$1200 depending on the shop rate I understand the rotax gets overhauled at 1500 hours? What is the usual cost of the overhaul? there is also a 5 year hose replacement? I also recall something about additional engine work at 500 hours? BRS repack every 6 years and rocket every second repack at roughly $1200 and $2000 respectively? oil changes based on fuel type and hours - I’m curious what the cost works out for an oil change Anything else I’m forgetting? I understand that these costs can vary from one location to another, I’m just trying to see if I’m putting myself on the hook for $5000 a year or $25,000 a year
  7. well the aircraft isn’t mine, I have to rent, but Santa Fe to Page may not be out of the question for an overnight.
  8. Last week I passed my check ride and was given my temp certificate. All of my training has been done in a 2006 CTSW, so I’m officially part of the club.
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