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  1. Hey crew - Midwesterner, looking to do some mountain training in a CTLS out west. Anyone available to do some terrain instruction in the 2/1-2/7 2022 timeframe?
  2. So on a CTLS, there are two sets of headphone jacks, one for the pilot, one for the passenger. If I am flying alone, could I plug into the passenger side, and the push-to-talk functionality work, from the left seat? Said differently does it matter where my headphones are plugged in? Had an issue hearing Ground the other day, taxxied out, did my run up, switched to the passenger side plugs to see if it was a connection issue. Held short of the rwy, per Tower instructions. They told me cleared for departure, I read back the instructions then started to go. They told me to taxi back bc they couldnt hear me. Thinking either radio issues or I cannot plug into passenger plugs and use the pilot side PTT
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