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  1. Could anybody tell us where you would get the tape that goes over the stabilator Gap in the top surface? It was not sent to me when I purchased the repair kit from flight design. Thanks
  2. I finally found somebody that has experience in doing carbon fiber work that can help me do the stabilator service bulletin I was wondering if anybody knows where I can buy the l285 without purchasing a gallon from Aircraft Spruce. That's way more volume than I need to pay for. Also is it really necessary to pull the stabilator off of the aircraft? We were thinking that it's already in a good position to work on being attached to the plane. The plane is in a very nice enclosed hanger for working and for lights. Thanks
  3. I finally found somebody that has experience in working with carbon fiber that is available to do the work with me. I'm wondering now does anybody know where I can get smaller quantities than gallons from Aircraft Spruce of the L285? Also, is it really necessary to remove the stabilator from the plane? It seems to us that the stabilator on the plane would be already in a good position for doing the work. The plane is in a nice enclosed hanger. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the heads up on pad. I'll contact Lockwood after the holidays
  5. Interesting photos and input from Runtoeat. What part of the country are you in? I need to show your photos to my mechanic because we will be removing and then taking the stab to composite shop. Hopefully there is someone within one to two hundred miles of Orlando. We may have some more questions when my mechanic looks at your photos. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the names. I talk to Lockwood frequently but didn't know they did composite work. My A&P said he knows somebody over in New Smyrna but did not give me the name yet. I think I will definitely let the people with composite experience do the work. Where is Tad out of?
  7. Thanks for the heads up on the removal. Could you give me the names of the composite places that may be able to handle this? I could save money in crating and freight cost by delivering it myself in Florida. Thanks
  8. Thanks all who have been responding. I've learned more in the last five minutes and I have in the last 2 days.
  9. Thank you very much for your response. This looks very complicated and time-consuming. I need to forward this to my A and P.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Did you get parts from Flight Design and did you have to remove the whole stabilator from the plane? I have my A&P working on it trying to figure out what to do with Flight Design. The instructions on what to do are not very clear. My CT only has about 240 hours. And was always in a hangar and very new condition.
  11. Has anybody had experience with fixing the trim tab with service bulletin SB-ASTM-CTSW-07 DATE 30-Nov-2009 The CTSW that I purchased recently has a serial number involved with that and the work was never done. I'm just curious if anybody remembers what they did when they fix theirs? I don't really notice much of a vibration. Thanks Odonata
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