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  1. Ian

    This just caught my eye

    Well just order it with the sound & smoke system http://www.scalewings.com/en/mustangdetail-2#sound
  2. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency and could be described as a "super Civil Aviation Agency". As each European country still has its own CAA (FAA in your terms) moving to a standardised approach to matters aviation has been to say the least a long and tortuous road (or airway!!). What is clear is that turkeys don't vote for Christmas so while it might look an obvious move to develop an all encompassing European wide aviation authority in practice no national government would seem willing to give up its own authority - the result is a bit of a dogs breakfast. EASA now set the rules for everything but each national authority can apply for an implement derogations from any bits they don't like - typical example - the proposal for a harmonised transition altitude has been under discussion for years but still not resolved so if you fly across Europe you'd better be aware of the rules & differences!! The LAA - (Light Aircraft Association) is a UK only organisation that looks after those aircraft that don't operate under a full type certificate - typically this has been home builts etc and increasingly SEP types where the manufacturer no longer exists etc etc (Auster, Beagle, Miles and many other famous names from the past). Their web site may be of interest http://www.lightaircraftassociation.co.uk/ Now, EASA has recognised that there are whole classes of aircraft which don't have full type certificates and have themselves come up with a licensing scheme to enable them to be designated as EASA Permit to Fly aircraft - however what they haven't done yet is to allow the management of the scheme to be handled by organisations like the LAA (which everyone in the aviation community over here, excepting the bureaucrats, agrees would be the best way forward!!). At present the entire FD range with the designator FDCT all operate under an EASA Permit to Fly and we are all hoping that IF Flight Design don't reappear then the administration of the Permit to Fly scheme will be given to individual country organisations like the LAA. Sorry for re-writing War & Peace but this is regulation in Europe
  3. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    Seems that the European authorities are on the case too http://www.flyer.co.uk/easa-reconsiders-policy-orphan-aircraft/
  4. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    Is it possible the gph figures are being quoted in imperial not US gallons? Still sound pretty incredible to me! When are you lot going to shift to litres then we can have some consistency LOL ??
  5. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    Not often you & I agree on anything Burgers, but I do wish folk would put up or shut up - always strikes me as childish in the extreme to be saying "I know more than you do but I'm not telling"
  6. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    Sorry Al but I have to disagree with most of what you're posting. We mere forumites cannot know the full story and truth or otherwise of what has gone on. It would appear that a number of non-US customers have been badly treated but to blame that upon the US distributor is a step for which I cannot see that you have any evidence. Just saying that "Tom P is far from being just another distributor" doesn't make it so! What actual knowledge or evidence do you have? The fact that he may have visited Taiwan and given some design input doesn't make him complicit with any dubious practices of FD Germany. For many years I was a distributor in the UK for an American software company, as part of that business relationship I visited them regularly in Atlanta and spent time with their developers giving a European perspective to assist with their product development. I really think you need to wind your neck in a bit before continuing with these intemperate and imo unfounded posts.
  7. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    This statement has recently appeared directed to European business partners: Dear Partners, As you know, the last 4 years have been very difficult for Flight Design. A combination of events including delays with the 912iS, the investment required for Production Organization approval and the Russian invasion close to our factory in Ukrainehave all worked against our company. To account for this situation, Flight Design had broadened out into engineering services, primarily for a South Korean engineering firm and technology transfer for the CTLS series to AeroJones Aviation in Taiwan. The income from those projects, were used to greatly reduce our order backlog and AeroJones financed also separately the development of the C4. Despite these efforts, we have had a few individuals that have threatened us if we didn’t follow their demands and have started also commercial court cases against us. This occurred during a very sensitive time when we were close to gaining the investment we needed. As we cannot deliver all of the airplanes or pay everyone at once we understood that we had to act immediately in the interest of our creditors, customers, partners and employees. We are officially notifying you that we have applied for a planned receivership which allows for reorganization of the company. During the time of reorganization, the court has appointed Mr. Knut Rebholz from Mönning -Partnerhttp://www.moenning-partner.comtobe in managing the affairs of the company. Despite the receivership we are glad to be able to continue technical support for our customers and dealers at: customer.care@flightdesign.com .We will soon be sending information to you to assist you in confirming your debt or claim as a creditor with the appointed receiver. Sincerely, Your Flight Design Team Flight Design GmbH Zum Tower 4 D-01917 Kamenz Tel.: +49 (0)3578 / 37335 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)3578 / 37335 - 69 Web: http://www.flightdesign.com Commercial Register: DresdenHRB 32961 VAT ID No.: DE 147857992 Board of Directors: Matthias Betsch(CEO)-Daniel Günther-Christian Wenger
  8. Ian

    Flight Design insolvency

    Clearly FD globally has been concentrating on keeping the US market satisfied, perhaps inevitably if they were running out of cash they saw the US as the only short term solution for keeping some positive cash flow into the parent company. While that might have been a pragmatic decision it does seem like a pretty poor way to treat those paying customers not in the US! Moving forward it would appear that this latest development with AeroJones gives some relief to the US but just raises more questions in Europe (and I suspect Australasia and the far east though that is just speculation). The supply chain in Europe has been a mixture of customers buying either from territory based dealers or direct from FD Germany. I don't think the dealer network has ever been particularly successful, probably due to the limited market size and the challenges of delivering and maintaining a small number of products across a number (28 in the EU alone) of Civil Aviation Authorities and languages etc. The EU has recognised this difficulty and has created yet another bureaucracy - EASA - to attempt to deliver standardisation (I know you Americans give your FAA a hard time but they are only dealing with one country - just think for a moment of the issues over here in Europe). Who knows how this will pan out? I have three questions: 1 Will AeroJones be taking over all production and parts for Europe as well as the US? 2 Will Europe be served by a dealer network or by the manufacturer/licencee directly? 3 Can any progress in resolving the issues in Europe be made while this law suit is hanging over FD in Germany? (Actually 4 questions - as my surname is Jones can I please get priority treatment from AeroJones?)
  9. Ian

    BRS Parachute News

    And rather amazingly it turns out that even Cirrus pilots can sometimes land their aircraft without using the parachute
  10. Ian

    ADSB in using Raspberry PI

    There's a project running in the UK called PilotAware http://www.pilotaware.com I've built a device and it works fine though over here we have no provider of weather services through it.
  11. Ian

    BRS Parachute News

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wing_warping My point is that innovations always arrive, should those taking advantage of them be penalised for using them? I'm 100% in favour of the BRS, especially on the CT - as a two seater, if I want to take my young grandchildren flying I brief them on what to do if grandad were to become ill - "Pull that big red handle hard and turn the keys off" I'm sure that gives both them and anyone on the ground a far better survival chance than sitting alongside me in the Cherokee6 that I used to fly in the event of my becoming incapacitated.
  12. Ian

    BRS Parachute News

    Hey Doug Did you approve when the Wright brother's wing warping got replaced by ailerons and rudder?
  13. Ian

    Delivery delay and delivery problems

    IrishAl - that is pure speculation - I wonder if the Germans have an equivalent to our Companies House where you can look up company information and order previous accounts etc? Unfortunately my german language skills aren't up to much ....... The disturbing aspect of this to me is the company's apparent refusal to communicate with its customers - that speaks volumes.
  14. Ian

    You can always go around...

    Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 - very popular regional turboprop over here. The undercarriage does look a bit spindly but certainly seems pretty robust. It's interesting to compare the Dash 8 landings with the ATR ones which has a much narrower track.
  15. Ian

    You can always go around...

    Great video - here's a very windy day at EGBB - Birmingham airport in the UK Midlands......