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  1. Group, Got blindsided by a big corporate visit the 13th/14th. I'm going to try and come in from KLVM the afternoon of the 15th but it will likely cut my stay short. Hoping that'll give me a good 2 solid days out there though!
  2. For anyone interested. Followed my friends Piper Super Cub as he made low passes over the Yellowstone river, MT. Flew about 100nm round trip and really enjoyed it. Had to put flaps in once or twice to stay behind him at 75kts with the nose down. Let me know what you all think! https://youtu.be/rgbklYZcJiM Chasing the Cub.mov
  3. Todd, As of now I'm planning to be solo flying. Message me his contact info and I'll chat with him to see if it'll work out. Wes
  4. Duane, That would be great! PM me sometime when you think you are heading up! I was considering a flight out to Polson which is at the south end of flathead lake. Maybe the timing would work out!
  5. Darrell, Bozeman is the next airport to me west. I fly out of Livingston which is a whole lot less busy. Let me know when you're heading this way I'd be happy to have a fellow CT owner show me some tips and tricks.
  6. Flying Monkey, Yes it did but it has the tundra tires installed and the pants wont fit over them. My field has 2 grass strips I have been practicing on so I think I'll keep the tundras on for while. Overall yes I couldn't think of a plane I want more in the price range.
  7. Well I finally got her! "Lola" After swooning for the past few months I couldn't be happier to join the club. Picked up in Wisconsin and my first flight in the plane was over 1000nm to Montana. Had to divert slightly north away from building storms. Having weather on the Dynon really made that task easy as we were aware but kept getting more information throughout the flight effortlessly. Overnighted in Rapid City and got a chance of a lifetime to do a flyby of Mt Rushmore on our way west. Overall I just cant say anything bad. The CTLS is such a comfortable cruiser with so much capability. We operated near Max Gross most of the flight and still felt like the plane had power reserves and could climb as high as we needed, even in mountains. Peaked out at 10,000ft DA on the final leg of the trip. Coming through Mountains I am very familiar with but having the synthetic vision on the Dynon gave a really high level of confidence near terrain. We didn't cross any major ridge systems since I prefer to follow canyons and valleys as much as possible staying slightly above local peaks. happy new CTLS owner!!!
  8. I am considering joining. Preparing for a purchase soon and it would be a great way to learn from the community and learn more about the airframe from other experienced CT pilots. cant confirm until the titles in my name but pencil me in please! Wes
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