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  1. ELT Replacement WARNING

    If you are considering replacing the AMERIKING 451 be aware that the AIRTEX 345 is NOT a plug-in replacement. The AIRTEX is slightly larger.
  2. AMERIKING ELT Problem

    Getting an LOA to replace AMERIKING with an AIRTEX 345.
  3. AMERIKING ELT Problem

    My plane is in annual. ELT batteries were found to be dead. Replaced yesterday. Yesterday morning I get a call for AFRescue saying my ELT has gone off so please check it out. A&P is at home and he left plane in his hangar! He returns and turns it off and rechecks wiring. Same sequence occurs again last night. Unit will be taken to avionics shop today. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
  4. Dynon Skyview Page Layout Restrictions

    FWIW DYNON released v15.1 on 3/23
  5. FAA regs question?

    Would it be legal for me to remove the airspeed indicator and altimeter from my panel and fly with just my 2 DYNONs and a Garmin 696? My plane has a single ADHARS.
  6. ForeFlight Glide Advisor

    I'm not the Wing Safety Officer BUT two points I offer for consideration. 1- Most of our time in the CT is spent at -6 degrees of flap. Will you remember to go to best flap angle of 0 degrees in an emergency. If not you won't make even 8:1 2- Do you think you can maintain a constant 72kts best glide speed while looking for a place to land in a true emergency. I had trouble doing it engine out (a glider instructor friend of mine in the right seat monitored a/s) as it varied between 69 & 75kts during a 2k' descent from 5k'. And I had no emergency. Again your mileage may vary but whenever there's a question now I ALWAYS err on the conservative side. Then again at 73 I'm now an old, and no longer bold, pilot. Truth be told my call out on climb at 1000' is "chute's alive", and in many instances my plan is to pull the chute and just return the plane to the insurance company. The "chute's alive" call out is from my days flying Cirri. Not to be dramatic but I had an acquaintance who also owned a Cirrus who DIDN'T pull his chute. He had an engine failure several miles out after take off and opted to try and return to the field. He did not make it.
  7. ForeFlight Glide Advisor

    FDUSA lists BEST GLIDE RATIO as 8.5 to 1 for the CTLSi. http://flightdesignusa.com/aircraft/ctlsi/specification/ FWIW when I first owned my 2008 CTLS I made 3 engine out maneuvers in one flight while attempting a constant glide speed of 72kts into the wind for 2k' of decent and had trouble averaging 8:1 For safety's sake I program 7.5 to 1 into FOREFLITE and SKYVIEW. Your mileage may vary. No warranty expressed or implied
  8. Forum upgrade coming

    Having migrated to CTFLIER from COPA when I switched ownership, I was amazed at what this FORUM provided and AT NO COST. (Synonymous with FREE!) I have no idea what out of pocket expenses you incur providing this product, but I for one would like to contribute something. I'm sure their are others who feel as I do. Can you give us some idea of the total out of pocket you incur and a way we can make a contribution?
  9. What ratings do you hold?

    ASEL since 1965, Instrument, happily flying on my driver's license since 2011. Bought my first plane in 1988 and sold my last one in 2008. Tried gliders for awhile and then saw my first CTLS in 2010 and was hooked.
  10. Tow bar for moving plane?

    Or push forward at the wing root. It's surprisingly light and easy to push or pull.
  11. 2016 GAMA numbers

    FD sold 23 CTs last year. Full report is here: http://www.gama.aero/files/2016%20GAMA%20Databook_forWeb.pdf
  12. 2008 CTLS vs 2008 Tecnam2008

    Just my opinion. Your experience my vary. No warrantys expressed or implied. Yada...Yada. They should be about the same. The aircraft are both high wing LSAs with 100hp ROTAX engines - center stick controls and right hand throttle quadrant. What matters is your training in the aircraft until you reach a true comfort/confidence level landing in various conditions (short field, grass, winds, etc) and then frequent practice landing. AND setting you personal minimums such as runway length, cross-wind component, etc. - raising them as your experience builds. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Looking to rent CT in FL

    Same here. I'm in Sarasota at KSRQ. PM me if your in this area.
  14. Unleaded Avgas (94UL)

    A serious question John. Are the benefits worth the $2.00 @gal added cost when compared to mogas with ethanol for the ULS912?
  15. CTLS is on a trickle charger in its hangar for 10 days. Reinstall SV700 PFD with it's new circuit board fresh from DYNON. Turn on MASTER for less than 3 minutes to configure PFD per instructions. Config checks fine as all components are seen by both DYNONS. Turn OFF MASTER. Power OFF both DYNONS early by pressing POWER OFF button #6 - my usual procedure. All screens and all instrument lights are dark. Next day I go to fly and the battery reads 10.1v. AND both brand new DYNON backup batteries are depleted. I start and shutdown using a checklist. EVERY TIME. __________________________________________ Scene 2: Today Trickle charger brought battery back to useful life overnite. Checked battery voltage on DYNONS this morning - 11.7v Great! AVIONICS MASTER OFF then BATTERY OFF. Press #6 and countdown stops and screens go dark. Leave airport to return 3 hours later to fly. I remove trickle charger after checking the voltage by turning BATTERY ON then AVIONICS ON. 11.7v again. Turn then OFF. Within 5 minutes I push the plane out of the hangar and close hangar door, and when I get into the plane the PFD screen is ON! Any ideas appreciated.