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  1. Don't be afraid of the stiffer aileron system. Many who fear it have never flown it. I own one and prefer it. Unless your into aerobatics it's no big deal. I'd suggest you try it before you dislike it.
  2. Just removed these from my plane in like new appearance and working condition. I changed to the DYNON radio to integrate with my HDXs. $1050 shipping included in the CONUS
  3. No cut out was required. They sanded, added resin, sanded and painted “traffic white”. I believe sealing the tanks with Caswell Fuel Tank Sealer was the final stage.
  4. Quoting Arian as many as 10% of CT's have fuel tank issues. Fortunately mine had yet to develop an external leak. Instead ridges of fuel had started to condense on the top and leading edges of both wings, likely caused by improper application of tank sealant at the factory. I discovered that there was a shop here in Sarasota called PLANEMAKERS that specializes in building SEAWINDs. They had all the equipment and expertise, together with input from FLIGHT DESIGN, needed to remove and replace the wings, reseal both tanks and accomplish composite repairs to like new condition in 2 weeks time. They were also finishing a SEAWIND for delivery at the same time. The cost was just above $3,200 incl tax. Below are pix before and after. I couldn't be more pleased.
  5. Checked my fly.garmin.com GPS696 account and no mention of any SERVICE ADVISORY. Then searched for that term and this was returned: Sorry, no results were found for GPSMAP® 696 and service advisory Your results may vary but I see no reason to download the file. Perhaps POCO could post the main points of this advisory.
  6. Thanks everyone for your expertise. Very much appreciated.
  7. Appreciate if someone would refer me to instructions on how to remove and replace the wings on a CTLS. Also is it now a 2 or 3 year inspection interval?
  8. Well stated Andy. I understand the S & E distinction. My question is rather why does the manufacturer (FD & Cirrus) make it mandatory? Because BRS makes it a requirement? Or...? It's a rhetorical question I'm afraid.
  9. I sent in the canister for a new rocket and repack in late November and received them in early January. Cost $2625 including shipping. What I question is why is it that the BRS is required equipment? Why can't the owner decide to service it or not. (Full disclosure I wouldn't own a plane without a BRS system.) The majority of GA planes are certified without. I understand that FD choose to include them in the build, but why do they require that the owner maintain it? Or is it BRS that mandates that in order to sell the units to FD? It is after all a monopoly.
  10. http://flightdesignusa.com/aircraft/f2-information-2/ go to the bottom of the page.
  11. My thanks to you! The photos came out just fine. Question - did the checklists come preloaded on the HDXs. If not do you know where I can get a copy?
  12. I'd be grateful to anyone who has written ENGINE START, RUN UP, & SHUTDOWN CHECKLISTS for the 912 iS that they could post here.
  13. I just received my repacked BRS -6, 1350HS replacement rocket on Tuesday. That's both chute and rocket, The bill was $2525 plus $150 shipping = $2675 total. The total down time was just under 8 weeks.
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