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  1. Free traffic and weather on your iPad and iPhone using Foreflight. Unit looks new and works great. https://www.flyingmag.com/foreflight-sentry-ads-b-receiver-reviewed $400 with free shipping in the US.
  2. NC Bill

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    I'm in SRQ Gary. PM me if I can help. As for trips it all depends how far you want to travel.
  3. NC Bill

    ADSB scout IN

    I have the SENTRY for for ADS-B IN and fly with input on my iPad affixed to the pilot's window by RAM mount.
  4. Thanks Guys. Found it! Missed it first time thru looking only in the front & back. I still have the one you did for me Roger in NC in 2012.
  5. I can't find the source to make a copy anywhere including FDUSA website. I have 8 years worth filled in so I know it exists. Any leads appreciated.? Hey I'm 75. Good news is I now meet new people everyday?
  6. NC Bill

    Mount iPad to glare shield?

    Why not attach to pilot window via RAM mount
  7. NC Bill

    headset hanger

    Sounds like that's them.
  8. NC Bill

    headset hanger

    On the wing posts (there's certainly a proper name for them) that protrude on each side above your head and between each door and the windscreen. I put mine (pilot's) on the co-pilots side since I mostly fly single pilot. That way it stays out of my way when I ingress and egress the plane.
  9. NC Bill


    I'd call Flight Design for the name/spec on the batt you need. Then I'd check Batterymart.com for availability. I would STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND Apexsuperstores.com I have no affiliation with either other than being a customer.
  10. NC Bill

    My first oil analysis at 750 hours.

    I'll attach a copy of my latest BLACKSTONE analysis. I've had one done with each oil change since I bought her in Jan '11. Minus that time the mech forgot the sample N544CT-180501.pdf
  11. NC Bill

    Glide Ratio

    I CLAIM THE RECORD! For the longest living forum subject to date at 7 YEARS, 2 MONTHS and 17 DAYS since March 27, 2011.
  12. NC Bill

    Stick on Slip Indicator

    For CHEAP - tape an 18" piece of yarn to the center at the base of the windscreen. Outside would be best
  13. NC Bill

    Safety Belts - Revisted

    Try http://www.crowenterprizes.com/ Call them and tell them what aircraft it's for. They have done several CTs.
  14. Long story. I had to buy a new battery before receiving the warranty replacement for my dead battery. I just received the replacement from APEX SUPERSTORES. It's NEW with a PACK DATE of Nov 2017. Rather than put it on the shelf as backup it's for sale for $120 including shipping in the US.
  15. NC Bill

    CHT/EGT Sensor

    Sorry to say Roger, but tightening didn't solve the problem.