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  1. There is no issues with these units. I flew them today. Each unit includes the SV-270 mapping software, a $200 upgrade. They both are running DYNON’s current v.15.4.7 software and Seattle Avionics latest NAV data downloads. 1 units is now available priced separately for $1,750 shipped to the lower 48. Email me @ N544CT at gmail dot com
  2. I'm thinking of upgrading my Skyview Classics to HDX. Especially interested in a comparison by anyone who has already made the switch.
  3. Why did you choose G3X instead of DYNON HDX?
  4. That’s the original mushroom I’m replacing. The picture includes D100/D120s.
  5. I've hear it referred to both ways. Anyway it's the entire housing (glare shield) that contains all 3 separate instrument panels. I'd like a larger one as in the CTLSs sold after 2010. My 2008 console has just enough room for 7" SKYVIEWS and I'd need a larger one to accommodate 10" screens. Any leads appreciated. Flight Design has none.
  6. Are they required by regulation on a CTLS with dual Skyview screens but single ADAHRS? I notice in the pix of the new F2 panel in their sales brouchure there are 2 GARMIN g3x landscape screens but no back up instruments visible. The price sheet however does list "analog back up instruments" fpr 1,180 euros.
  7. Appreciate any suggestions on where to buy the parts for the 6 year "hose replacement".
  8. Other than subscription cost, what are the differences between DYNON and Seattle Avionics?
  9. Is that considered owner maintenance which I can sign off in my logbook?
  10. Ed's post called to mind a flight I took 6 years ago the week before Hurricane Sandy while flying between ACY and BOS. It was taken with 2 GoPro Hero2's so not as smooth as the newer versions.
  11. Oh, did I mention how this panel pays for itself. I now get 5 knots greater TAS and 20% less fuel burn with this panel 😄
  12. I don't recall the details of the process, but I could have anything appear on that surface. So I roughly sketched it out. It was done by the shop while I was having avionics upgrades done to the plane. Lucky it turned out so well despite my lack of supervision. (Sort of "this is sort of what I want, can you make it happen? OK then do it.) The invoice had no detail other than amount due. I was initially surprised come have come to believe it was well worth it.
  13. Had them done at a local trophy shop. The white you see is etching NOT labels. Pricey at just under $1k
  14. Reminds me of the day 8 years ago when I bought my CTLS from Robert King, a 77 year old gentleman with terminal cancer. Having come from the Cirrus World I naturally was interested in getting the tow bar for the plane before he left. So I asked him where it was located. He promptly got out of the plane and began pushing it back into my hangar. I admit I was somewhat embarrassed after he told me that he didn't need any help.
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