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  1. Glide Ratio

    I CLAIM THE RECORD! For the longest living forum subject to date at 7 YEARS, 2 MONTHS and 17 DAYS since March 27, 2011.
  2. Stick on Slip Indicator

    For CHEAP - tape an 18" piece of yarn to the center at the base of the windscreen. Outside would be best
  3. Safety Belts - Revisted

    Try http://www.crowenterprizes.com/ Call them and tell them what aircraft it's for. They have done several CTs.
  4. Long story. I had to buy a new battery before receiving the warranty replacement for my dead battery. I just received the replacement from APEX SUPERSTORES. It's NEW with a PACK DATE of Nov 2017. Rather than put it on the shelf as backup it's for sale for $120 including shipping in the US.
  5. CHT/EGT Sensor

    Sorry to say Roger, but tightening didn't solve the problem.
  6. CHT/EGT Sensor

    My temp readings on #1 are erratic. They go from ZERO to RED LINE but seldom are in line with normal #2. Usually the bar is just fluctuating back and forth or just blank. What 2 points is the probe connected to. I assume 1 is on the engine and the other on the back of the SKYVIEW. Any suggestion short of replacing the probe appreciated.
  7. Fuel Pressure Sensor

    As always Roger, thank you for your knowledge and willingness to share it with us all on CTFLIER.
  8. Fuel Pressure Sensor

    MY fuel pressure readings have been erratic for a year. Never ZERO. But fluctuate from 2 to 10+ I've come to ignore it. But I'd like to fix it. What are the 2 points the sensor connects to? Any suggestions appreciated.
  9. Oil Change instructions

    Got the oil. Got the filter. Step by step instructions appreciated. Don't want to mess this up.
  10. Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    Roger that. I installed the DYNON gps-2020 (a drop in replacement for the gps 250) for ADS-B (out) for $590 + the GDL-39 ADS-B (in) for $849. Just a thought.
  11. Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    Any reason not to save $1000 and install the GDL-39? I have happily used for almost 2 years. For installation advice Bill I recommend talking with PLANEMAKERS who installed my 39.

    I'd call DYNON after downloading and forwarding your DIAGNOSTICS file to them. You can send the file from http://www.dynonavionics.com/data-datalogs-upload.php It's possible your GPS-2020 has malfunctioned. Before you begin to think I know anything about fixing flyng machines (I only fly them) I am in the midst of a similar issue and anxiously awaiting a replacement GPS-2020.
  13. EGT probe question

    My EGT probes are displayed on my engine management system as EGT 1 and EGT 2. How do I determine which two cylinders (pilots side or Passenger side) these probes are monitoring? Is EGT 1 monitoring the two cylinders on the pilots side or the passengers side?
  14. EGT #1

    Left = Pilot's side?
  15. EGT #1

    Is it on the Pilot's side?