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  1. I just received my repacked BRS -6, 1350HS replacement rocket on Tuesday. That's both chute and rocket, The bill was $2525 plus $150 shipping = $2675 total. The total down time was just under 8 weeks.
  2. BRS says they have been awaiting parts to assemble the rockets. They are more than a week overdue with 8 CTs already on the shelf. Question is once I get mine can I fly it 30 minutes to my a&p to have it installed?
  3. A MAJOR difference is that the F2 marks the conversation of the FD product line to GARMIN avionics going forward. All the while DYNON appears to be migrating towards the certified aircraft market. What that will mean for legacy CT panels in terms of software updates and feature enhancements??? Compare v3 to today's v15.4.7.
  4. As for EMPTY WEIGHT the F2 at 770 lbs is 40 lbs LIGHTER than the 2020 CTLSi per the FDUSA website. On the contrary seems like they're making them lighter now days.
  5. I have two 2s that are remotely controlled.
  6. NC Bill


    Sully Check your Private Messages for my replies.
  7. Also lacks a Cockpit Light Switch. I thought the F2 was listed at $185? Assuming this panel is the sole option, then it makes what was once a likely upgrade now unacceptable. 😥
  8. Try a suction cup attached to the pilots window
  9. How about just hanging your headset(s) on the post(s) next to the fuel sight tubes?
  10. Suggest calling DYNON Tech Support @ 425-402-0433 x2 Looks like yours maybe heading Tango Uniform.
  11. SOLD There is no issues with these units. I flew them today. Each unit includes the SV-270 mapping software, a $200 upgrade. They both are running DYNON’s current v.15.4.7 software and Seattle Avionics latest NAV data downloads. 1 units is now available priced separately for $1,750 shipped to the lower 48. Email me @ N544CT at gmail dot com
  12. I'm thinking of upgrading my Skyview Classics to HDX. Especially interested in a comparison by anyone who has already made the switch.
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