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  1. I installed CROW in my CTLS. 5 STAR *****
  2. RAM suction mount affixed to the pilot's window just forward of the slide
  3. One last thought IMHO. If you are intent on flying IFR missions And not just punching your ticket then I suggest you consider training in the aircraft most similar to the one you intend t use.
  4. There is a tank in each wing. They are known to leak - likely due to the sealant failing. Adrian at FDUSA told me he estimates 5-10% of the fleet have developed such leaks. The solution is to remove the wings and reseal the tanks. Fortunately a local shop was able to do that with FDUSA advising for $2500.
  5. I upgraded to 7" HDXs from SKYVIEWS shortly after they were released. The difference is mind blowing. Truly a state of the art LSA PFD. I sold the SKYVIEWS for half the cost of the HDXs. Try listing on other LSA and experimental sites besides Ctflier. That's were I sold mine one at a time. As for autopilot I upgraded my TruTrak to their VISION with alt pre-select and a LEVEL button when that was introduced. Used it in HEADING mode on every takeoff at 300' AGL turning ON COURSE and climbing to altitude. Smooth transition. Never an issue. If you have a TruTrak DigiFlight II you might consider that option.
  6. After selling my CTLS I found this new battery that I had purchased as a backup. It was kept in the house. It's still in the original shipping carton. INTERSTATE BATTERIES tested it and said it's in A1 condition. $135 including shipping in the CONUS.
  7. Occasionally I see questions asking for info. I have just completed 10+ years of good fortune owning and regularly flying N544CT. Now that it has found a new hangar I decided to collect my receipts (wife is an accountant so every one is there!) and do a deep dive into my costs of ownership. If anyone now, or in the future doing a forum search, has questions just PM me. I'll be lurking in the shadows. I may have hung up my g-suit but I'm not dead yet.
  8. Closing down my hangar having sold my plane I find an unopened bottle and a partial bottle of COMPOSICLEAN. Anybody interested PM me. I'll happily mail them ground for the cost of postage and packing.
  9. Worked perfectly on yesterdays final flite. It is only compatible with ForeFlite. $375 incl shipping in the CONUS
  10. Best I can tell it's a predecessor of the current Yaesu FTA-250L COM Aviation Transceiver. Price $85 incl shipping in the CONUS.
  11. I was tuned to ATIS and the signal came thru CLEAR to the headset with INTERCOM OFF. Interference returned with INTERCOM ON.
  12. I search the database but haven't found an answer to this issue. On return flight both headsets developed interference loud enough that I couldn't understand approach nor tower. Fortunately the copilot had better hearing and was just able to make out the instructions. The noise stopped after landing and during taxi. Today I was ready for a test flight but the issue reoccurred at run up as the RPM exceeded 3500 and progressively increased beyond that. Later I returned to the airport and after engine start I increased to 4000RPM and proceeded to turn on the avionics switches 1 at a time. I found that the INTERCOM switch toggled the noise ON and OFF. Nothing else started or stopped the noise. Once again the noise did stop below 3500RPM even with INTERCOM ON Suggestions appreciated.
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