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  1. Bummer we didn’t meet up. We got there at 1030 and the Rans dealer parked Bobs plane in there display. It was the blue metallic flaked wrapped one. Right after we got there I went and Talked with Tom and Tom and then went for a flight. WOW impressive even did stall and tried to put it in a spin. I missed Dan Johnson’s talk and just caught the end. I’ll have to wait for the YouTube. We left a little after 4 and headed back to Romeoville after a great time.
  2. Just found out that FS will have the new F2 and one other plane there for the show. Can't wait.
  3. From what I heard the F2 is at another expo in Arizona. FS doesn’t show up on the web site for vendors only pilots flying in for the expo in CTLS . Hope to see a few my self.
  4. I’m interested in the CTLS line and plan on flying down Friday morning for the day maybe we can meet up
  5. Hope to fly down to Midwest expo on Friday 10th. Wondering if there will be any Flight Designs there. I fell in love with the F2 at Air Venture this year hope see some at the expo.
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