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  1. That is the best way to look at it. As such a high dollar item, it's hard to not hope it maintains or appreciates though. Crazy world and crazy time. Blue skies!!
  2. Towner, you are making me sick. Lol. I guess we did miss out. I am constantly buying and cannibalizing parts for resale.
  3. I agree with your assessment. I think with the rising inflation and the economy that people buying now at a premium will sustain a loss on value on their aircraft. Like real estate, this balloon will pop. The abundance of people with time to take their PPL has assisted in creating this balloon. Aka Covid. VREF has not been kind for valuation of the the carbon fiber aircrafts. The CTLS depreciates yearly unlike some of the metal counterparts. I’m a savvy shopper and not stuck on one particular type of aircraft. Good deals are to be found, they are just usually not advertised.
  4. 50-70k range. Of course something the bank would be proud to lend on. I have a local guy with a 2009 that paid 68k for his and I am amazed at the quality.
  5. Yes, that one is amazing. Just a little rich for me without local partners. Which seems difficult to find in my area.
  6. Yes, I teach at WGU. I have used that screen name since the old days of dealing with radio two way encryption.
  7. Located in Arkansas and looking for a nice CTLS.
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