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  1. Very nice Ken. Thanks. Happy landings.
  2. CTB

    Sun n Fun

    I am going Thursday. Luckily it is only two hours drive from Naples. Can't wait to see and sit in that F2. Bob
  3. Hi Ken, It looks very nice. Can you post some pictures of the interior and the panel? And I will probably have more questions over the time. Please, let us know how it handles, feels, flies, etc. Thank you Bob
  4. Thanks Darrell. That's exciting.
  5. Hi, I know this is a CT forum, but I am wondering if any F2 current or future owners are here? I have placed order for one recently. Thank you Bob
  6. CTB

    New member

    No idea. I’ll ask the manufacturer rep. Good point.
  7. CTB

    New member

    Thank you. Something to take into the consideration.
  8. CTB

    New member

    Thank you very much for the advice. I’ll will keep it in mind. My plane should be delivered brand new in July.
  9. CTB

    New member

    I am not sure if another almost $50k is justifiable for what I need. I don’t need another relatively expensive certified plane. Actually I am looking into ELSA conversion and then I can make it easy to full IFR. I think, based what I read.
  10. CTB

    New member

    Thank you. It will be long 6 months of waiting. Two seats, slow and low with large windows. Perfect for Everglades wildlife and blue waters of the Keys and Bahamas. I am sure I will have many questions to ask. Until then I will watch and learn.
  11. CTB

    New member

    Hi there, Order placed for new 2022 CTLSi Delivery July 2022 ( fingers crossed) Current Mooney M20J flyer - mission changed Getting excited See you around Bob
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