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  1. Ignition module failure rates up

    Safety Officer, Where can you purchase a pair of ignition modules for $750?? Thanks!!
  2. Ignition module failure rates up

    Where can you purchase a pair for $750?
  3. Reiff Heater

    I am VERY happy with the Reiff heater, installed on the 912 in my RV-12. I have the 150 watt version. I find the oil temperature and and the CHTs 85-90 degF w/ an OAT in the low 20's. I throw a moving blanket over the cowl and plug the openings on the front of the cowl. I leave it plugged in when the outside air temperatures is less than about 50 degF. Could not be happier. Photos of my install can be found here. RV-12 Mods - Oil Thermostat, Damper and Reiff Preheater. Most photos show the oil thermostat but there a few of the Reiff on the bottom of the engine and the oil resevoir.
  4. New fuel pump drain hose

    I and two friends have also replaced the fuel pump on the Rotax 912 in the RV-12. After the initial installation, all of us noticed higher than expected fuel pressures near 6 psig. After a few hours, (call it a break-in period). all of our pressures are now near 4.5 psig. A datapoint.
  5. New Rotax fuel pumps

    I have installed the new style fuel pump on the 912, but, would like to know the best location for the end of the pump case drain hose. The manual indicates the drain should run downhill and should not be placed in any airstream. With the air moving thru the cowling, it is hard to find a location with a minimal amount of moving air. Comments?