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  1. Hi Doug. I've put about 1100 hours on my CTSW. The last time I looked, I had over 3,500 landings and luckily I've walked away after all of them. 😲
  2. Runtoeat

    13,2 volts

    Hi Jacques. I followed the directions that Roger gave in his post which you show above. I installed the Schottky between the #3 post and the "charge" post on the Ducatti. I put two female blade connectors on the Schottky diode wires and this replaces the small white wire that used to run between these two posts. Does this answer your question?
  3. I went thru looseness on this system a few years ago. I found that tightening all components in the system stopped the flutter. Need to go into the complete bracketry of the horizontal stab and trim thru to the trim wheel at the console. This means removal of the elevator to get to these parts. If the trim hinges are loose, these must be replaced. Not an easy job and must be done by someone who knows how to do this. This was done on my CTSW to comply with the horizontal stab trim tab reinforcement SB issued for some CTSW's.
  4. Runtoeat

    13,2 volts

    This wown't fix Jacques problem but how about installing the Schottky diode for those with the 13.2 level charge? It has been a few years but I recall a good charging voltage increase when this was done. I think it increased my charge voltage .5 volts to now be 13.7 to 13.9?
  5. Just happened to read this thread today. This is a major "must read" for all Rotax owners. Thanks to Al for posting and for the others who have actually done dead stick landing to join in. Although some say this is a "no brainer" and easy to figure out, like Tip and Garza, I envision not being able to diagnose the problem because of ensuing confusion and my thoughts going to mush when confronted with my normally great running Rotax instantly going haywire. Failed electrical, broken engine, broken prop, bad fuel, broken carbs?? Don't see me sorting thru these possibilities while in this confused state. Now that I have read this post, I believe that I will be able to recall and react as needed, should I be confronted with this.
  6. Dick how many hours do you have on it?

  7. Best to follow Roger's advice. As I recall, the Matco bearing only goes in/out in one direction. There's a internal flange which the bearing cannot go past if pressed in the wrong direction. You will destroy the wheel if this is attempted.
  8. Ha, ha. I know, old wives tales. Still, my CT has run extremely well the last 10 years on MoGas with no carb syncing needed for the last 3 years. I mistakenly said 4oz MMO per 5 gallons. It is 2oz per 5 gallons. I do use clean fuel that comes from a high volume gas station. My oil (Mobil 4T Racing full synthetic) is extremely clean with no lead sludge found during the changes.
  9. I run on 93 octane MoGas and use 4oz. Marvel Mystery oil in every 5 gallons of fuel. Never have a problem starting and my carbs have remained "balanced" with no adjustments needed for the last 4 years.
  10. Agree with Andy's observation that the cross tube looks "tweaked". I can''t figure out why the wheel is angled relative to the "U" too? The wheel has to be bent or the axle is bent inside the wheel hub where this doesn't show to allow the wheel to be angled and not parallel to the sides of the "U". The mount doesn't look new but looks like a salvaged damaged engine mount that has been installed. Stand back at the front of the CT and look at the front down tube and "U" yoke relative to the fuselage. This should be totally vertical relative to the fuselage. Does this angle to the left of the fuselage?
  11. Great trip report Jacques. You're much braver than I. Let us know what resolves the voltage concern.
  12. DC3 at Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, MI. 83,032 hours over 36 years. Went out of service, refitted and flew another 10 years for promotional flights for North Central Airlines. 136 engines installed before being hung from the ceiling in the museum. It has been beautifully restored and is an impressive display which allows visitors to walk underneath it https://www.thehenryford.org/collections-and-research/digital-collections/artifact/148302/
  13. Can this valve be moved while replacing it so it can be inspected and serviced easier? It is in a terrible spot, along with the fuel filter, to service.
  14. It appears to me that the Flygas system does the same thing as the factory Rotax balance tube. The Flygas appears to include unique intakes for engine. Must be very expensive to buy.
  15. Hi Matt. The Blue Angels put on an amazing show. The walk-up video was the 2 seater F18. Would love to get a ride in it. I'd need to take an extra sick bag for sure. 🤢
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