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  1. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Andy, good definition on your pictures. I'll be waiting to hear from the experts on this. I'm also going to take a good look at my prop. It's similar vintage as yours. How about sending your pics to Arian at FD with follow up phone call to him?
  2. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    John, you may not be getting away with anything but you will have no doubt that you did things right when you're done. Can't think of any application where this is more important than building a airplane.
  3. Stick chatter

    I'm thinking you did as Eric suggests which is pressed the AP "on" button without realizing it - or pressed it instead of the radio talk button. This will put the AP into "altitude hold". When you try to move the stick with the AP in this mode, you will get significant "chatter" from the stick because the pitch and roll servos are resisting any bank or pitch change you are trying to make. If the "torque" is set to a high value, the "chatter" is significant. The only other thing I will mention is I experienced aileron "lock up" due to the torque mulitplier coming apart on the roll servo and jamming my ailerons. My older TruTrak system had a torque multiplier that was defective and had to be replaced. I don't believe your 2008 would be affected by this.
  4. Stick chatter

    Do you get this if the A/P is "off"? Do you have a CTSW or CTLS and what year? One quick thought. I know of an instance where the plexi-glass shield that goes around the BRS parachute was pushed into the aileron linkage by baggage and would "catch" on the linkage. This was on a CTLS.
  5. Upgraded RV-12 Kit

    Bill, would you happen to have seen what RANS is reporting for the empty weight of the S-21?
  6. Rolls in a CT?

    I joke that if I ever designed a plane, it would never get off the ground due to the metal and redundant bolts I'd put into it. Our CT aircraft demonstrate that those who designed our planes had an excellent knowledge about designing light weight composite structure. I think the stabilator, in particular, demonstrates a minimal composite structure design that seems to be safe. I'm curious though, are there any reported failures of this area? There have been instances where cracked stabilator brackets have been found but I'm wondering about the design overall?
  7. Roger, how about a tire & tube on top of the ladder to inflate/deflate to adjust to the height you need? I have a wood ladder which I made a flat top to put my tire/tube on but haven't used your hoist for the other wing. Next time I pull my wings, I'm going to get a hoist and use this on one side with my ladder and tire/tube on the other. Caution: Protect the wing surface if using a tire. I have seen where the carbon black in a tire has permanently left a circle on the underside of the wing. Application of cleaners or solvents has not been able to remove this.
  8. iFly 740b Install

    The ADS-B situation has been evolving ever since it came out and this last year especially so in regards to Experimental and LSA rules. Some manufacturers have folded (NavWorks) while others have persisted and have worked with the FAA to keep current on the evolution of ADS-B rules and have been successful. Don Houtz at SG has been one who has worked with the FAA to help adjust the rules to allow the "non-certified GPS source" ADS-B Experimental and LSA ADS-B devices to be accepted and has successfully been able to bring his TWX to market. I sent my SG to Don for installation of a new GPS source and for firmware update in order that it was made to "catch up" to the FAA's rules and it now functions properly. No charges to do this. Those who purchase a new SG should have the proper function of this unit. I have successfully passed the FAA's PAPR ADS-B performance test and I am now recognized by the FAA as having "passed" for 2020. Like all complicated devices, I don't know how long my unit will continue to work well. If needed, I believe that I can count on Don to stand behind his product based on my dealings with him. There are other options too though. Shane Woodson, who was originally at Adventure Pilot and is now at uAvioncs, is really up to date on all things technical and I believe that uAvionics is another ADS-B device to consider. The Echo provides ADS-B in and the SkyFyx must be added to have WAAS GPS for ADS-B out, if one does not have a GPS source.
  9. I have the TruTrak installed on my 2006 CTSW.  If you would like to look at the installation or take some pictures, stop by my hangar at Willow Run airport here in Michigan, near Ann Arbor.  Dick Harrison

  10. iFly 740b Install

    I have the SkyGuard TWX which is AHRS with ADS-B in/out. Believe that others here on the forum have the SkyGuard too. My SkyGuard is coupled to the iFly 740 GPS. The SkyGuard works well and the FAA recognizes the internal GPS position source as an accepted device which meets 2020 rules for Experimental and LSA. The SG is a wireless transceiver - this means it receives the transponder pressure altitude and squawk code wirelessly. It also receives 980 UAT and 1090 frequencies and transmits on 978 UAT. Installation is not hard and can be done by any A&P. It has a GPS antenna which is mounted at the overhead window and two antennas mounted on the belly of the aircraft. An MRA is needed from the manufacturer to make the SG a FAA recognized ADS-B device for 2020. ADS-B in/out $1299 and ADS-B in/out with AHRS $1699. http://adsb.skyguardtwx.com/uatessquawk-transceiver-model/
  11. I lift the wing to get the wheel and tire off of the ground and have a friend place a block under the axle. I made wood blocks that are custom fit to cradle the axles.
  12. Isaac, I have traded emails with you and I'm at KYIP, Willow Run airport near Ann Arbor, MI. You are welcome to stop by my hangar and take pictures and measurements of the TruTrak A/P servos on my 2006 CTSW.
  13. Recycling wheel balance weights?

    Hi John. Just seeing your post. I use 3M foam tape. This is about 1/16" thick with a green peel off. It results in almost the same foam tape that the weights come with. I scrape off the old foam tape, clean the weights with acetone or carb cleaner, and the apply a new piece of foam tape. I clean the wheel the same say and then apply the weight, pressing in place for a short while. I try to place the weights on an inside surface so they have centrifugal force pressing them into the wheel. On Matco wheels, there is a nice rim on the outer diameter of the wheel which keeps the weights in place. This has always securely fastened the old weights to my wheels and hasn't let go.
  14. iFly 740b Install

    I downloaded the program with reservations just for the reasons Ed and Andy state. I don't want to to have my head down and want to be able to use my natural abilities to navigate. I have basically a steam gage cockpit with Garmin 495, iFly 740 and TriTrak A/P and this suits me well. I do have AHRS with the SkyGuard being coupled to the iFly 740 and this provides amazing attitude capability but the types of flights I typically make don't require me to use this. My relatively simple setup is easy and safe to use and helps me go where I need to go. I'm a flat land fair weather flyer. The SynVis will not be used much, maybe not at all, but I am curious to see how it functions.
  15. iFly 740b Install

    The iFly 740 is versatile in regards to what ADS-B devices it can be hooked up to. It also has Android and iPad programs. I just downloaded SynVis. Free Beta.