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  1. John, are you in a rural location in Oregon and could this be a factor for long delivery times? I'm also wondering if you may have hit a bad period due to illnesses and vacations? It took BRS from 9/3 to 9/27 to turn the 'chute around, about a week longer than their original estimate of 9/20. Then, it took Fed-Ex 10 days to ship it back to you, from 9/27 to 10/7. Doesn't sound like a huge delay either at BRS or Fed-Ex . Animosity, you "overnite" shipped to BRS. Not sure if it came back also "overnite"? If I read correctly, your time from receipt at BRS to receiving it back was 10 days. So, 4 days shipping to BRS + 10 days (includes time at BRS plus shipping back to you?) = 14 days? I'm trying to schedule a time this winter to get my 'chute repacked which will keep me grounded for a minimum amount of time. I'd like to start a new entry on our forum "Total days for BRS 'Chute Repack" to see what others are experiencing for the BRS repack.
  2. Darrell, I'll give you a call. Phil and I are always going flying. I assume your strip isn't shown on the chart? What is nearest charted airport and how far and direction are you from this? AG Lyme, I mistakenly said the plant built B-17's. It built B-24's. The Willow Run bomber plant turned out 8,685 B-24's at a rate of one per hour which is an amazing build rate . There were over 40,000 workers who ran the plant on a 24/7 schedule and the planes went down two parallel one mile long assembly lines. The plant was demolished a few years ago but the Yankee Air Force was able to save the final assembly building and is making this a museum. They have a B-17, a B-25 and a C-46 which they give rides in thru the year. Jack Roush also keeps his Mustangs here and occasionally flies them. There have been times that I have been able to fly along with the B-17 in my CTSW when it takes passengers up. I'll go high and watch it majestically cruise over the countryside which allows me to reflect on all those Great American heroes going on their bombing missions during the war. The sound of these old bombers with those huge P&W radial engines is unmistakable. Here's a good video of the plant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2zukteYbGQ
  3. John, not clear if hold up on receipt by BRS was due to them not being in shop to receive the 'chute or if Fed Ex was slow in delivering? Wondering if UPS may be a better choice? Is UPS able to ship our 'chute? Has anyone used UPS?
  4. Hi Darrell. Welcome. Not far from you at KYIP in Ypsilanti, MI. I've got a CTSW and my friend, Phil, keeps his CTLS here at KYIP also. Give me a call sometime and maybe we could stop by and visit your grass strip! Or, stop by and see us. KYIP is a good sized airport but not used much and ATC people are friendly. The bomber plant built B-17's here for WWII. 734.512.3467
  5. My insurance went up $300. $1080 last year and $1302 for new policy. AIG with Chris Wolbert. 1M with $90K hull. I called Chris and asked "why" with over 1,070 hrs. in my CTSW with no claims. Chris said that all insurance companies raised rates for 2020 and my quote is the cheapest of the 3 quotes he looked at. One quote was over $2,500. Someone here said the insurance companies decided to make money. Probably as simple as that. Insurance companies are cash generating entities and when they need to fatten their reserves (and profits), they just up the rates. Warren Buffets immense wealth is a case in point.
  6. 🤙for using both loctite and torque seal John. I also do both. The other thing is don't use the rubber washers. Throw them out and bolt solid with large stainless fender washer on inside and outside of wheel pant. I form the washers to fit the surface of the pant.
  7. Tim, nice PDF. Does this give proper sized decals if just printed out? Thanks.
  8. Andy and Tom, this situation with the 'chute is similar to engine TBO. Tom is correct in that we have no equipment list in our AOI for our CT's. Another section we do not have is a Operating Limitations Section. The ALS is a section that can be found on many certified aircraft which contains "mandatory" parts replacement or maintenance which has been approved by the FAA. Once an aircraft has been certified, there can be no changes made to the ALS, or if there was no ALS when originally certified, there can be no ALS added without FAA approval and/or a FAA AD issued which mandates the maintenance or change. This change, if made, cannot impact those aircraft already certified but applies only to aircraft certified after the changes made to the ALS. IMHO and based on research I've done by contacting FAA in Washington, D.C. the parachute repack, rocket replacement, rubber change, wing inspection, etc., are "recommendations" but are not mandatory. We do have the option to use "on condition" maintenance on our SLSA aircraft which is done by a certified A&P or LSRM. For the parachute, I totally agree that it is best to follow the recommendations of the experts regarding this piece of equipment and I will comply with the repack and rocket replacement recommendations. I believe that the Yearly (or 100 hour whichever comes first) conditional inspection is required by the FAA in the LSA rules and is something the owner/operator of a FD aircraft must carry out.
  9. Found this online. https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?p=flight+design+spare+parts&fr=yset_ff_syc_widemail&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsky4buy.com%2Fimg%2F2007-FLIGHT-DESIGN-CTSW-LSA-AIRPLANE-PROJECT-OR-FOR-PARTS-262272876774%2F0.jpg#id=4&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsky4buy.com%2Fimg%2F2007-FLIGHT-DESIGN-CTSW-LSA-AIRPLANE-PROJECT-OR-FOR-PARTS-262272876774%2F4.jpg&action=click This is 2007 CTSW. Looks like it still has vertical fin with rudder and the horizontal is off plane lying on ground behind CT. If above link doesn't work, the webpage shows sky4buy.com as a contact for this.
  10. FWIW, my 2006 CTSW weighs 738 empty. With no fuel and no other loading, my arm is 12.75" If loaded with a pilot @ 190 lb. only, the arm goes to 14.34". If a 190 lb. pilot flies with 24 gal. of fuel (assuming 6 lb. per gallon) total weight is 1072 lb. and C.G. is 14". The published referenced "loaded" CG range for my 2006 CTSW is 13.28" to 18.70". Running thru different loaded scenarios, I agree with Andy's comments about being able to always stay within the allowable C.G. range, no matter how much fuel or how one may load the CTSW, providing loaded amounts are kept within recommended limits at all stations. It must be noted that the baggage area can cause a failed C.G. if one places a load up to the max allowed of 55 lbs. per side rearward from the curtain. Caution: Insure that loads placed in the baggage area are SECURED and not allowed to shift!!)
  11. Hi Tip. I have always had some light colored "floaters" in the fuel when I sump my CT and inspect for water . These particles have become less and less over the years and now they're mostly gone. I always wondered if these were flakes or shavings of composite left in the tanks during build of the plane. Every CT built has had holes drilled for the fuel fillers. Maybe the drilled plug rolled away and couldn't be found by the guy doing this and then moved back. Do I see some shavings laying around the plug in your picture of it inside the wing? Due to your discovery, I'm thinking this is what the "floaters" are.
  12. Don, although I have ADS-B in/out with iFly and SkyGuard I have followed your installation of the Tail Beacon with interest. FWIW, a friend with a CTSW did an installation of the Tail Beacon by opening up the hole in the tail to accept the body of the Beacon. Just an aluminum adapter plate needed to accept new rivnuts and the hole pattern of the Beacon. I think you could reduce the length of the body of your adapter if you did this but will add some complexity to your simple and effective method. FD USA has approved the MRA for my friend's installation. You have done a nice job designing this in a manner that allows a quick, easy and durable installation. Thanks for posting and for being so helpful sharing this with others.
  13. Good call Bill. The tape can cause an amazing amount of noise due to the "reed affect" as you say. My CTSW was doing this during the winter. Seemed to only do it when the plane was at a lower speed and crabbed condition (i.e., "landing"). Before I had a chance to change the tape, it stopped doing it when the tape softened and stuck to the wing with warm weather. If it starts up this Fall/Winter, I'll replace it.
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