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  1. Hi Darrell. Missed your post. Do you have a link for this expo?
  2. Those who opt for the Desser 6.00x4 "monster" tires are probably those who will really want to check the wheel balance. I am one who uses these tires. They are very heavy and probably will need balancing. If your tires are out of balance, you will notice a shake after lifting off which can be cancelled by momentarily applying the brakes. I'm trying to stay away from purchasing anything Chinese but purchased the Harbor Freight balancer before my change in attitude. Roger Lee has provided information on the balancer he uses elsewhere on our forum and I would recommend this.
  3. Chris, best to follow Matco's instructions for working on the Matco wheel and especially reinstalling the wheel. The Matco bearing is different than a standard bearing. The bearing has a rubber dust seal which is supposed to stay with the bearing and remain stationary on the bearing and allow the wheel to turn around this stationary seal when the wheel rotates. This requires one to tighten the bearing retaining nut tighter than a standard bearing is tightened so the seal is held stationary to the bearing. This is done to increase the life of the seal. Matco bearing install.pdf
  4. I'm thinking your wiring might be incorrect? I believe that the resistance of the TruTrak AP can be set from very light to very pronounced resistance. You might be set for a very light resistance and possibly the AP button on the control stick is stuck "closed"? The stuck AP button on the stick might be operating the AP all the time and when the breaker is "on" or "off", this is controlling power into the AP?
  5. Have you tried changing sources (gas stations?) as your source for the fuel?
  6. This will happen and has been reported on other CT's if the tire pressure isn't maintained. Especially on the 4.00x6 tires. Thanks for posting. Good reminder to monitor tire pressure.
  7. Hi Blackie. GrassStripFlyBoy lives in Sanilac county and there are two of us who own CT's here at Willow Run airport. Other forum members also live in Michigan. Would like to meet you some time. Maybe the "Michigan" flyers could meet for breakfast this spring? Phil, the other CT owner here at YIP flew many years for a major company and also flew helicopters in the military and is a tremendous resource when it comes to flying our CT's. My phone number is 734.512.3467 and email is reh3335@yahoo.com. Call me or send me an email. I'm always available to talk about our planes. Hi Isham. I would change the filter as soon as possible. Probably not an emergency but should be done.
  8. Had to keep the speed below 70kts. Too much wind buffeting.
  9. Hi James. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Good point about it being "us". I'm as guilty as any others for allowing this to happen. Like "boiling the frog". Gradually at first but over the last 20 years, Americans have supported the loss of our manufacturing might. We have allowed big Pharma and important industries to sell out to the foreign countries by allowing our universities and industries to accept huge sums of foreign money to allow intellectual robbery by the foreign students and workers. I feel it's time for myself and all Americans to be prepared to pay what will be a huge bill to incentivize manufacturers to come back to the U.S. and to secure our universities and critical industries in order to regain our independence. I understand competition is what a free market needs but there is no free market when foreign countries run state funded businesses whose business models are based on accepting losses that are passed on to the masses for as long as it takes in order to take over the markets. When profits are finally made after take over, these go to crooked highly paid top members of the State. U.S. companies share profits to the workers.
  11. Gotta put in my 2 cents. I totally agree with Darrell. I'll do whatever it takes to "buy American". If this means driving further or spending more, so be it. I have been guilty of not paying attention to where products are manufactured in the past but the Intellectual theft and industrial espionage being done by foreign countries must be stopped. The last company in the U.S. to make a simple aspirin went overseas in the 1990's. I am actively sending my legislators requests to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. We all not only have a political vote but we can also vote with our dollars. If Rotax wants to expand, they need to bring this to the U.S. I'm thinking we're one of their biggest markets when marine and off road UTV's are included. Our freedom depends on our independence.
  12. Andrew, I'll look for my old post but the full flap take off procedure is basically as Kent and I have described here. Taking off under full flaps on our CT is like going up in an elevator. The rise off of the field is very rapid but forward speed is slowed by the drag. As long as full power remains, and the airplane is kept near the ground until 15 flaps and 60+ knots are achieved, all is good. Before 60 knots and 15 flaps, if power is lost, be near the ground and ready to set down. There are published instances where our Rotax 912 has stopped running on take off but if the CT is properly maintained and one insures that there is sufficient good quality fuel on board, this is rare. Whether doing hi flap take offs or standard take offs, one must always be prepared for engine failure and try to have "plan B" should this occur.
  13. I've posted my technique for using full flaps for takeoff on our forum. This is a useful exercise to do with our CT's and was taught to me by my CFI. Many aircraft don't allow this but our CT's have adequate power to do it. The full flap takeoff is highly usefull "tool" to use for rough or high grass fields and is fun to do. Full power with full flaps allows much shorter distance needed to lift off the ground which results in less stress placed on the landing gear, especially the front strut, in rough terrain. Be aware though that the airplane is under a hi drag configuration. Should there be a loss of power just after lifting off, a stall is very likely to occur. As KentWein has advised, to protect for this, one should keep forward pressure on the stick to keep the nose down and stay near the ground until speed builds sufficient for 15 flaps. This will occur quickly. Once 15 flaps are achieved, pitch for normal climb speed and continue climb out.
  14. Darrell stopped by my airport and I checked out his panel. I had same take as others here but seeing it in real life is even more impressive. Looks totally professional.
  15. Almost forgot about John Vance in Indiana. Think you might be able to join us John?
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