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  1. Runtoeat

    Altimeter Check

    Ed, what do you do about oxygen?
  2. Runtoeat

    Going Experimental

    Concur with Andy. I never noticed that the FSDO in Arizona made a mistake and rewrote my Airworthy document as "Experimental". I never noticed this when I bought my airplane from it's original owner. During my yearly conditional two years ago, my mechanic, being a very thorough person, noticed this. I had to go thru a lot of hoops to get my CT re-certified back to a SLSA. Luckily, my mechanic knows the FSDO inspector and I was able to prove there had been no deviations or modifications from the Factory build configuration with my CT. I would not go Experimental if I had even the slightest notion I "might" go back to SLSA in the future. Even if the local FSDO inspector says the Experimental designation can be changed back to SLSA, he may not still be around and a different FAA inspector might be in place who has different ideas about this.
  3. Runtoeat

    Decals & Pin-striping

    EB3, I have removed some of my decals and it was a long and difficult process to peel a couple of the smaller decals off. I tried hot air from a hair dryer, alcohol, solvent including acetone, goof-off, etc. I finally used a piece of plexiglass that I formed a putty knife-like "blade" which didn't scratch the paint and some heat to raise parts of the decal where I could start to peel it off with my fingers. It constantly ripped and I would have to start over with lifting a corner in order to pinch it with my fingers to lift it up. I'd like to hear if there's a better way because I also would like to eliminate some additionsl decals on my 2006 CTSW.
  4. Runtoeat

    ADS-B out / TailBeacon installed

    Jeffrey, you started this thread showing your UAvionix ADS-B Tailbeacon. Thanks for providing the pictures. This will be a popular ADS-B unit and I'm sure others appreciate your input. I haven't talked to recently and hope your father is doing well. Give me a call when able to let me know how things are going.
  5. Runtoeat

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Yup, computer color matching is the way to go. Most auto and paint shops here in U.S. have the scanners. I would imagine U.K. has these too. As Mike says, bring in a part from your CT and have this scanned. I did this and had the shop mix up auto enamel paint and put this in a rattle can (spray can). If you're good using a airbrush or sprayer even better. I had two rattle cans filled and the left over put into a small paint can. If you can't find templates online, I would remove the instruments from the panels so the panels can be laid flat and then trace their outlines, including bolt hole locations. You mention that you're organizing the instrument panel, this is a good time to do the panels.
  6. Runtoeat

    CTSW flying @ 22 below zero!

    Ed, recent flying in Michigan with temps around zero F. I need to cover about 75% of my radiator to get the oil temp up to 200F on 5200 rpm cruise. Do you find almost 100% coverage needed for -22F? Fantastic photos!
  7. Runtoeat

    Port Clinton 2019

    Hi Tip. I'm in. Probably Phil too. A CTSW owner is now at Ann Arbor, Jeffery Boyd. I'm sure Jeffery would want to join in. Phil Wade, myself, John Vance, OLarry and Jeffery are part of our Southern Michigan group so we could have 5 from here. Another CT owner, Jim Luttinen, is also local here at Howell airport but I don't see him often. If someone is coming from further West, there's lots of room to park at my home base of Willow Run airport (KYIP) with new hotels close. A little over 1/2 hour flight around the West end of Lake Erie to Keller (KPCW) from KYIP.
  8. Hopefully your insurance will cover things. Glad you weren't in your shop at the time. That little angel on your shoulder is watching your back.
  9. Runtoeat

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    Hi John. Something I hadn't thought of....I'm sure that no one has copied this though........
  10. Runtoeat

    NEW propeller for CT

    Good info on E-Prop. Thanks. If this prop is demonstrating improved performance combined with a safe history being used in Europe perhaps FD USA will approve the MRA for install of this prop on U.S. CT's.
  11. Mike, totally agree. Although I've never run the fuel down this far, the minimum fuel I will fly with is when the combination of both tubes show 6 gallons. I'll be on the ground refueling at this point.
  12. Your ability to make it to touch down with engine still running eventhough both tubes showed "dry" 12 miles out make me think there is a good amount of fuel remaining in the "system" below the sight tube point. Even if this is true, this doesn't do much to alleviate the "pucker" factor!
  13. Runtoeat

    NEW propeller for CT

    Roger, what is you opinion of the E-Prop? I don't think that you have tested this prop but curious what you think based on the testing you did and the comments and published data about the E-Prop performance. Madhatter or Jacques, not sure if you guys are experimental? I believe that Jacques states that FD now offers the E-Prop. Is this only for Europe? If only for Europe, has FD USA given any opinions on whether the E-Prop can be installed here in U.S without authorization or if it will require CT owners to request a MRA?
  14. Runtoeat

    2014 Bristell crash, Lakeland Linder Rgnl (KLAL)

    A low hour student pilot who was in his late 50's. I can relate to learning to fly at the same age and send his close friends and family my condolences.
  15. Ed, I recall draining my fuel tanks during one of the wing removals. I drained until I couldn't see fuel in either sight tube and stopped the drain. I then opened the drain on the gascolator and timed until all fuel stopped draining. I recall going for well over 5 minutes and perhaps close to 10 minutes before the fuel stopped draining, albeit the flow became a trickle towards the end. I also recall seeing a damaged CTSW which had the pillars torn apart. I recall the fuel tubes inside both of the "A" pillars were not just a 5/16" diameter but were large (about 3/4"?) diameter tubes. This, combined with the fuel remaining in the lines from the firewall to the engine provide a good amount of time before fuel starvation occurs. Perhaps this is intended to provide added capacity for emergency fuel and may be a reason the engine continues to run even though one (both in your case!) sight tubes show "empty". I am not totally sure all I've said is accurate and would welcome comments from someone who is familiar with the "A" pillar structure and/or who has timed how long it takes for the fuel to run dry after showing "empty" on the sight tubes.