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  1. Runtoeat

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Procharger, I have considered doing as you recommend but I am so paranoid about blowing up a module that my plan would be to make a grounded fixture for left and right side which the 2 plugs on each side would be screwed into. Have you ever tried to start the engine on just one module?
  2. Runtoeat

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Andy, I went back and read your comments on sending your modules to Lockwood. The failure of a module to shut down isn't something I would think of and it's a good example of why it is best to let the experts test the modules. Perhaps I'm a good case for someone who thinks his modules are OK but in reality, they may have some issues. I'd like to see if a owner like me, who isn't an expert, might be able to do some basic diagnosis of the modules. I'd also like to determine if trying to start the engine with a single module requires a rpm that is beyond the capability of the starter as Joe at Lockwood indicates. And, I'll be curious if the engine shuts down if I am able to get it started! My Conditional inspection is coming up and I should get a chance to try to do the single module start then.
  3. Runtoeat

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Appreciate the "P" lead 101 class Corey. Andy says Joe @ Lockwood says one module won't start the engine because only one set of plugs won't do it. Roger indicates that one module will start the engine and when the "no start" happens it is because both modules are toast. I guess this calls for a test.
  4. Runtoeat

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Thanks for replies. I was considering disconnecting the "P" leads. I think this might be easiest. I'm thinking this is a test that owners or their mechanics can do instead of sending the modules in to Lockwood. Obviously this isn't for a "no start" which means both modules are bad. It is to provide warning that the start is only being done on one module. Looking back on this thread, Andy indicates that Lockwood (Joe) says that starting on only one module requires the engine to be turned at 1,000 rpm to get a start. This means there is probably a noticeable difference in how the engine starts with one module working? Question for those who work on Rotax - does the engine start a lot different when only one module is working? (I will probably be able to answer this when I do the "P" lead test.)
  5. Runtoeat

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Hi Tip. I did buy the "twofer" special and these modules have been sitting on my bench since purchased. Based on reported problems with 2006/2007 I decided to buy them with the thought I'd certainly be needing to install them. Probably will jinx myself but my 2006 factory modules are still working. Without separate ignition switches on our CT's, I'm trying to figure out how to check to see if my current module's start circuits are working. I know that these modules don't live long or at all if they are energized but not allowed to send voltage thru the plugs. Is there any harm caused if I completely disconnect one module to allow me to determine if the other will allow a "start"?
  6. Runtoeat

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Has anyone sent in their modules for rebuild at the Carmo company (in Netherlands?). This company was discussed on the Forum last year. I looked up the Carmo website. The website says if the potting material is "soft", then the module can be repaired. I guess we have soft potting on our modules because forum member, DEK, said he sent his 912 modules in to Carmo and they repaired them. It appears that this company is well established. Link is below: https://www.carmo.nl/index.php&main_page=page&id=26
  7. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    See the hut now that I put my glasses on. Wow.
  8. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Ed, looks like evidence of water on Mars? This is a stunningly beautiful picture. Are there ever any people up in these locations?
  9. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    Yes, won't work with high back seats. Might be able to put up high on back corners of header where headsets would hang free of seats and be out of the way enough for entry/exit?
  10. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    Yup. That's it. It works OK for stiff headbands like on the older headsets but not too well for soft & wider headbands. Also, it will pop off is someone lifts up on the headset while unhooking the band. It just pops back on to the base if this happens. Might put a small screw into it to prevent this. For the wider/soft headbands, maybe a deeper Command type hook?
  11. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    I bought a couple of 3M Command hangars and modified them. I just looked for the type of hangar I used but don't see them online or in the stores. I don't think 3m still sells these? These are just a 3/4" diameter ball. The "Command" hangars seem to be really secure and have not fallen off in over 3 years. I drilled a small hole at the top of the hangar plate and made a wire "keeper" for the rubber band. The band pushes thru the hole at the top and is then secured by the hidden "keeper" on the back side. It allows the band to be removed easily when it wears out. I put the screw into the ball to hook the rubber band. This is an older picture. I now use Bose A20 headsets which have wider head bands and don't really hang well with these hangars. Perhaps a deeper Command hanger of the right size to hang the wider top of a Bose headset? Or, I might make a new version of this using a deeper hanger which could be fastened to an aluminum plate. Then, the plate would be hung using 3M Command strips. Or, do as Mike did and drill a small hole in the bulkhead to hang it?
  12. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    I made some hangars a few years ago. I posted these pics a while ago too. The spar pins work well but by hanging on the bulkhead, the headsets remain out of the way and prevent one from pulling the headsets off of the spar pins when you enter/exit the cockpit.
  13. Runtoeat

    Forum upgrade coming

    Thanks for keeping the forum up to date and relevant. Can't imagine how little I would know about my CT if I hadn't become a member.
  14. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Nice - thanks for posting.
  15. Runtoeat

    ADS-B problem

    Wondering if the ignition switch contacts might be involved? Maybe some bleed-thru of voltage into ground circuit? Or, maybe some fluctuating voltage being supplied to the instruments? After many hundreds of cycles, the switch can start acting flaky.