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  1. Runtoeat

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    I've now got over 3 hours with lots of landings. The tire that Desser sent to me is very round and based on the balance of the assembly I did, it has virtually no imbalance. The two quarter ounce weights were 180 opposite the valve stem. It is a very stiff tire. A big change from the old Aero Classic. I inflated it to 35psi to make sure it was well seated in the rim. All tar strips and runway imperfections are felt. I will probably reduce the pressure to 32psi (or more) to see if this reduces some of the harsh ride. I almost believe that in the event of getting a puncture out in the bush, this could be run with no air pressure and the tire would still be OK, except it would probably turn on the rim and pull the valve stem. Ideally, this design in a 6 or even a 4 ply tire would be best for our CT's but is not offered. I forgot to weigh the tire before mounting it. I estimate it weighs at least one pound more than the standard tire. The tire I received is accurate for roundness and balance, the rubber composition looks to be tough and IMHO I think it's good looking. (Uh, oh, I'm going to get flamed like Ed did with that last comment!)
  2. Runtoeat

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Installed new Desser tire on my CT today. It took less than 1/2 oz. weight to balance the wheel.
  3. Runtoeat

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Thanks Roger and Corey for verifying going easy on the toque is correct. Much easier than trying to fit correct length spacer inside the wheel. Just got the new Desser tire. Looks very different than the standard 400-6. Going to install new bearings and the new tire. I hate installing the tire/tube on the Matco flat rims. Always worried about pinching the tube. I do clamp the tires to keep the beads together to hold the tube off the rim but still........it's a PITA! My order says tire was checked for roundness and balance but no marks on tire to indicate where to line up with valve stem. Also no "chevron" on my Matco wheel for line up with valve hole. I put the rim on the balancer and found the wheel heavy spot which I'll set 180 opposite where the valve is located. Painted my own chevron showing where the rims line up
  4. Runtoeat

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Yes, as Roger says - Matco provides spacers to go between wheel and fork. I've looked at the assembly drawing. No spacer shown between the bearings. There is a spacer between the bearings on the Marc wheel. With the front end supported and off the ground, I can control the amount of free spin of the wheel, depending on how much torque I give to the axle nut. With a lot of torque, I can put enough side load on the bearings to keep the wheel from turning. As LSBruce points out, this side load can cause bearing failure. The Matco wheel is a strong cast wheel and probably doesn't flex like the thin stamped Marc wheel and the bearings are large. This design is OK with light side loading. I will go with my current procedure of: "tighten the axle nut to the point where it is takes up all axial movement but short of binding the bearings". I'm guessing this is what Matco intended?
  5. AG, ignore the "ups and downs". I really never really knew they were there until you mentioned them. I'm enjoying reading your comments. It is reassuring and enjoyable to hear from yet another person who has had no experience flying a CT describe the "ah ha" moments when the unforseen capabilities of the CT are being discovered. This used to be a best kept secret but less and less now every time a new owner comes on board.
  6. Runtoeat

    New Floats from MS

    Mad, good investigative work. I too am surprised by MS response to your thorough and careful comparison of the floats which is corroborated with data from other sources. If this were an automotive issue, perhaps one might take a chance and use the MS floats after recalibrating the float level, due to the cost savings. Not so with an aircraft. Lot's of people watch this forum for all things involving Rotax engines. MS might notice low sales rate for their floats (and perhaps for other carb parts if there are other choices).
  7. Runtoeat

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Hi Roger. I see your reply to my email. Thanks! As you mentioned, the old Marc nose wheel did have a spacer. Since the Matco nose wheel also has sealed ball bearings same as the Marc wheel, I'm thinking a spacer would be good to have to prevent side loading the ball bearing when the axle is torqued. Matco has been doing this for a long time and must know what's best.
  8. I installed a Matco nose wheel some time ago and I am putting a new tire on it. After taking the wheel apart, I'm wondering if there should be a spacer on the axle inside the wheel, between the bearings? I'm thinking a spacer should be there to keep the side loads off the bearings when the axle nut is tightened. I have tried to find information on the assembly but can't find anything. I know if I tighten the axle nut it will start to bind up the wheel bearings so I don't put a lot of torque on the nut when I tighten this. Makes me think there should be a spacer. If you have any thoughts, please let me know.
  9. Runtoeat

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    I have a similar cable for the steering on my boat. The name for this cable is "teleflex". It is normally a sealed unit with teflon lining and sealed telescoping stainless steel ends where it attaches to the rack and pinion and the motor. These cables are very durable and last for many years on boats exposed to salt water. The cable Eric has referenced for our CT's looks to be more robust that the teleflex. I would think this would be a lifetime cable and wonder how this would ever need replacing? Was there any indication that the cable you replaced was damaged or improperly installed Eric? Has anyone else found one that needed to be replaced?
  10. Runtoeat

    New Aero Classis 4.00-6 Tire @ Desser

    It looks like whoever the entity is that manufactures the Aero Classic 4.00-6 tire realized there was a need to improve the quality and has come out with an upgraded tire. Jose told me that the new version is a "smooth 2 rib" design which has a new rubber compound to provide longer life. I do not believe this tire is listed on Desser's website. If ordering a tire online, Jose told me to include a note indicating the order is for the new design 4.00-6 and to reference Jose Murillo's name. Instead of ordering myself, I asked Jose to draw up the order for this tire which he was happy to do. I'll know more when I get the invoice in my email. Making calls today, there are no other sources for this size tire. Desser appears to be the only source so I called to order the old 4.00-6 tire. During my call to order a 4.00-6 tire I asked Jose if concentricity and balance could be checked. Out of the blue, he offered the new design tire. I was so happy that there might be a better quality 4.00-6 tire that I forgot to ask about whether this is checked (and marked?) for balance. Might call back to request this or if someone orders a tire please ask and let us know. Jose is the person at Desser to contact for this. Addendum: Pretty sure that this is an 8 ply. Not sure if this is going to be too stiff of a tire but figured it's worth a try if it offers improved wear and better construction (ie., it's round and doesn't have any bulges).
  11. Just ordered a new design 4.00-6 Aero Classic tire from Desser. This is supposedly an upgrade to the older 4.00-6 Aero Classic. Smooth 2 rib design with more durable rubber compound. Contact is Jose Murillo @ X-305.
  12. Runtoeat


    If you buy from Desser, do have them check the balance. I asked them to do this last time I bought a front tire but not sure they did check it. No marks on tire to show heavy spot and it took a lot of weight to balance it.
  13. Runtoeat

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    Must be a great feeling to be physically challenged and able to pilot an airplane. Watching the video I believe that the throttle is not modified? Wonder if there might be a possibility for moving the throttle to the rudder handle? Maybe like a twist grip on a motorcycle? One hand on the control stick controls pitch and bank and the other hand controls rudder/throttle. Wishing a safe and successful flight to the participants.
  14. Runtoeat

    New to Forum. New to CT Land

    Hi Gary. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Runtoeat

    Charlie Tango got published

    You've spent a lot of time and take risks to get these shots. Glad to see your unique and beautiful photos are getting published.