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    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Ed, does this mean that insurance will repair if estimated cost to do so is less or equal to 70% of what the hull is insured for and will "total" if repair will be over 70% of what hull is insured for? .
  2. Runtoeat

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Bill. it would e nice to meet you. Florida and the Southeast U.S. certainly has had severe weather the last few years. I'm hoping that you haven't suffered injury or serious damage to your personal property or Ct. Ed. my short experience flying has taught me that surprises happen at the most unexpected and inopportune times. Personally, it is always humbling to learn about other's misfortunes. These remind me that regardless how much I try to be careful and safe piloting my plane, there is the good possibility an unexpected mechanical or weather related event will put me into a situation I find difficult or even impossible to deal with.
  3. Runtoeat

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Yup, Buckaroo gives the perfect example. Thanks for your thoughts. I've often thought about making the trip out West. Just such a long way especially when there's the need to go over those "bumps" in the terrain that you take such beautiful pictures of. My friend, Phil Wade, has gone to Page twice in his CTLS N816W and has offered to go again with me.
  4. Runtoeat

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Ed, BIG Bummer. Just takes a totally unexpectedly strong gust and our little lightweights must go with the flow. My take away is If it can happen to someone like you who's had hundreds of hours experience in these types of conditions, I don't see myself tempting fate by ever flying where you dare to go. Glad your OK and hope you'll be back in the air soon.
  5. Runtoeat

    ADS-B out 2020 best solution?

    Blueyonder, not sure what you refer to when you say "self installed"? My understanding of an approved installation for an non-TSO'd ADS-B such as the SkyGuardTWX which was installed in my CTSW, is as follows: To meet FAA's 2020 LSA rules, the ADS-B must meet 3 criteria. 1.The manufacturer of a non-TSO'd ADS-B unit that is being installed must certify the ADS-B unit is recognized by the FAA as "meeting the performance requirements of TSO-C154c" and "The FAA has approved the installation in an Experimental or LSA aircraft". 2. The aircraft manufacturer must approve and issue a MRA in order that the ADS-B unit can be installed into the aircraft. 3.The ADS-B unit must be "permanently" installed by a LSRM or A&P who is required to sign the MRA document verifying the equipment was installed IAW the MRA instructions and who also must provide a aircraft log entry for this installation. "Permanently" installed means the ADS-B unit must be securely attached to the aircraft and must derive it's power from a dedicated, fused, power source which uses the aircraft's electrical power system.
  6. Runtoeat

    ADS-B out 2020 best solution?

    I'm same as Ben2k9 with SkyGuard TWX transceiver (978 "out" with both 978 & 1090 "in" with AHRS) coupled to IFly 740. System works great. IFly 740 has synthetic vision and is compatible with FD autopilot. FD USA provides the MRA for "permanent" installation into a CTSW or CTLS which insures the SkyGuard TWX is FAA approved for LSA for 2020.
  7. Runtoeat

    Glider tape question?

    Bolus looks fine on CTLS if applied straight and smooth as Tom says. Looks a little funky on my 2006 CTSW because of bumpy surface due to hinge pop-rivets but don't have a choice. Still, if it's done right and maintained, it looks decent on CTSW.
  8. Runtoeat

    Wheel Fairings Weight

    The pants are amazingly durable ILO their minimal weight. Only place that's weak is the rubber washers that come from the factory eventually allow the attaching holes to open up. Throw away these rubber washers and buy some larger diameter stainless fender washers to sandwich inside and outside the pant. If the holes are eaten out repair pant then install washers. Tighten washers so they securely "pinch" the pant and don't allow movement of it.
  9. Ed, do you see much traffic up where you've taken the pictures? I would imagine that there are high priced fast aircraft coming and going and GA checking out this area for the beauty and/or to take pictures but wonder how busy it gets?
  10. Great pics. Not quite what I see when i fly over to my mechanic's shop here in Michigan.
  11. Runtoeat

    Battery and jumping it

    Nice video. Thanks Jacques. Keeping the engine warm is the key for preventing kick-back but warm starts aren't always possible when away from the hangar in cold WX. How about connecting the lithium emergency start battery at the hanging wire to supplement the onboard battery for cold starts?
  12. Runtoeat

    FDM Gust Lock

    You might go into business with that. Looks pretty professional. I assume by your comment about "printing" and the clean design of the ends means the ends where formed by a 3D printer.
  13. Runtoeat

    New CTSW Owner

    Hi Skunkworks. Welcome. I'm a Michigander and see that Mackinac Island (note the spelling) is in your travel plans. Your CTSW should be a great aircraft to travel in and Mackinac Island would be a beautiful place to visit.
  14. Runtoeat

    strobe lights CTSW

    Hi Bill. I don't fly at nite so my landing light basically compliments my strobe lights for daytime use. I did replace the factory landing light with a LED landing light and control this with a GROTE "wig-wag" box that provides either pulse or steady operation of the light, same thing motorcyclists do. I know that improvement is needed for the anemic light output of our small round landing light if one flies at nite. I am not sure what FD is installing now for landing lights? At one time the rectangular landing light was being installed but I have had no experience with this.
  15. Runtoeat

    strobe lights CTSW

    I had this Whelen wing/tail strobe/position light kit installed on my CTSW in January. Extremely bright. Easily seen during the day and well engineered so there's no radio RFI. FDUSA (Arian) approved an MRA for my CT. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/microburstIItailwhelen.php?recfer=7863
  16. Runtoeat

    do I need to filter mogas?

    I've used MoGas with 10% alcohol for last 10 years. I buy from large, clean gas stations and the only filtering I do is when the fuel goes thru the coarse screen at the bottom of my funnel. Never had a problem and my gascolator screen never seems to have dirt or foreign debris at the yearly inspections.
  17. Runtoeat

    Decals & Pin-striping

    Nice job. If I was in your area, this would be where I would go for decal work. I'll have to look into the type of wheel that can be used to remove the decals. After my experience removing some small areas by peeling by hand, I wouldn't even try to do this for a large area without some sort of mechanical help. Or, probably best to just pay to have a shop like the one that did yours do it.
  18. Runtoeat

    Altimeter Check

    Ed, what do you do about oxygen?
  19. Runtoeat

    Going Experimental

    Concur with Andy. I never noticed that the FSDO in Arizona made a mistake and rewrote my Airworthy document as "Experimental". I never noticed this when I bought my airplane from it's original owner. During my yearly conditional two years ago, my mechanic, being a very thorough person, noticed this. I had to go thru a lot of hoops to get my CT re-certified back to a SLSA. Luckily, my mechanic knows the FSDO inspector and I was able to prove there had been no deviations or modifications from the Factory build configuration with my CT. I would not go Experimental if I had even the slightest notion I "might" go back to SLSA in the future. Even if the local FSDO inspector says the Experimental designation can be changed back to SLSA, he may not still be around and a different FAA inspector might be in place who has different ideas about this.
  20. Runtoeat

    Decals & Pin-striping

    EB3, I have removed some of my decals and it was a long and difficult process to peel a couple of the smaller decals off. I tried hot air from a hair dryer, alcohol, solvent including acetone, goof-off, etc. I finally used a piece of plexiglass that I formed a putty knife-like "blade" which didn't scratch the paint and some heat to raise parts of the decal where I could start to peel it off with my fingers. It constantly ripped and I would have to start over with lifting a corner in order to pinch it with my fingers to lift it up. I'd like to hear if there's a better way because I also would like to eliminate some additionsl decals on my 2006 CTSW.
  21. Runtoeat

    ADS-B out / TailBeacon installed

    Jeffrey, you started this thread showing your UAvionix ADS-B Tailbeacon. Thanks for providing the pictures. This will be a popular ADS-B unit and I'm sure others appreciate your input. I haven't talked to recently and hope your father is doing well. Give me a call when able to let me know how things are going.
  22. Runtoeat

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Yup, computer color matching is the way to go. Most auto and paint shops here in U.S. have the scanners. I would imagine U.K. has these too. As Mike says, bring in a part from your CT and have this scanned. I did this and had the shop mix up auto enamel paint and put this in a rattle can (spray can). If you're good using a airbrush or sprayer even better. I had two rattle cans filled and the left over put into a small paint can. If you can't find templates online, I would remove the instruments from the panels so the panels can be laid flat and then trace their outlines, including bolt hole locations. You mention that you're organizing the instrument panel, this is a good time to do the panels.
  23. Runtoeat

    CTSW flying @ 22 below zero!

    Ed, recent flying in Michigan with temps around zero F. I need to cover about 75% of my radiator to get the oil temp up to 200F on 5200 rpm cruise. Do you find almost 100% coverage needed for -22F? Fantastic photos!
  24. Runtoeat

    Port Clinton 2019

    Hi Tip. I'm in. Probably Phil too. A CTSW owner is now at Ann Arbor, Jeffery Boyd. I'm sure Jeffery would want to join in. Phil Wade, myself, John Vance, OLarry and Jeffery are part of our Southern Michigan group so we could have 5 from here. Another CT owner, Jim Luttinen, is also local here at Howell airport but I don't see him often. If someone is coming from further West, there's lots of room to park at my home base of Willow Run airport (KYIP) with new hotels close. A little over 1/2 hour flight around the West end of Lake Erie to Keller (KPCW) from KYIP.
  25. Hopefully your insurance will cover things. Glad you weren't in your shop at the time. That little angel on your shoulder is watching your back.