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    Baggage compartment tie down?

    I did similar to Andy. I tied nylon cord cross wise to the eyelets and put some loops along each cord. I use carabiners to attach ditty bags, tool bags, snack bags, etc to the loops on the cords. this gives me multiple points for attaching the various things. Don't want anything to get into the aileron linkage behind the plexiglass dividers.
  2. Runtoeat

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    A tip for installing new tires on Matco wheels. After using clamps to squeeze the tube and tire and bolting up the rim, I take off the clamps and then run my fingers around inside where the rim halves come together, between the wheel and tube to verify that the tube is not pinched between the rim halves. Not a lot of room inside to get fingers into but good insurance that the tube has not been pinched. Question: On the front Matco wheel, where do you usually apply wheel weights? There isn't a good rim lip to put the weights on like there is for the main wheels. I have been putting them inside the wheel. Not very easy to get them inside but they never fall off
  3. Runtoeat

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    Rich, please let us know if your problem was low voltage or was due to one of these - bad circuit/bad relay/bad flap controler. Thanks.
  4. Runtoeat

    Blue LED

    Tip, here's a website I've ordered LED's from. I've actually ordered CREE replacements for my flashlights but not individual 5mm LED's. I see that you have blue LED for your plane? My CTSW has red LED for the fuel sight tube. I think that blue might show the fuel level better than red? I might try the blue. https://www.ledsupply.com/5mm-leds
  5. Runtoeat

    Whoops, deleted topic Ignition!

    Tom, thanks for the info.
  6. Runtoeat

    Whoops, deleted topic Ignition!

    Well Stanley, you've really done it this time! Who will admit they're old enough to know where this quote came from?? Ahhh, but I digress. I sent in a request to Carmo, the module rebuilding company, to send me information on their rebuilding of the Rotax module. ZZ Top posted Carmo's reply to my request here on this thread. I have no idea why this reply ended up on the forum instead of in the form of a emailed reply back to my email address. If ZZ Top is there, I'm wondering if he/she might be the Carmo contact or a person who is associated with Carmo? If you could please clear this up it would help me keep my contacts straight. Also, the post by ZZ Top provided information on the cost and timing of Carmo's module repair. Update: Andy, I happened to have bookmarked this thread before you deleted it and the following link, at least on my computer, shows the old thread thru page 3. I was hoping that it would show ZZ Tops entry but it does not: http://ctflier.com/topic/4523-912-ignition-modules/
  7. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    See the hut now that I put my glasses on. Wow.
  8. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Ed, looks like evidence of water on Mars? This is a stunningly beautiful picture. Are there ever any people up in these locations?
  9. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    Yes, won't work with high back seats. Might be able to put up high on back corners of header where headsets would hang free of seats and be out of the way enough for entry/exit?
  10. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    Yup. That's it. It works OK for stiff headbands like on the older headsets but not too well for soft & wider headbands. Also, it will pop off is someone lifts up on the headset while unhooking the band. It just pops back on to the base if this happens. Might put a small screw into it to prevent this. For the wider/soft headbands, maybe a deeper Command type hook?
  11. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    I bought a couple of 3M Command hangars and modified them. I just looked for the type of hangar I used but don't see them online or in the stores. I don't think 3m still sells these? These are just a 3/4" diameter ball. The "Command" hangars seem to be really secure and have not fallen off in over 3 years. I drilled a small hole at the top of the hangar plate and made a wire "keeper" for the rubber band. The band pushes thru the hole at the top and is then secured by the hidden "keeper" on the back side. It allows the band to be removed easily when it wears out. I put the screw into the ball to hook the rubber band. This is an older picture. I now use Bose A20 headsets which have wider head bands and don't really hang well with these hangars. Perhaps a deeper Command hanger of the right size to hang the wider top of a Bose headset? Or, I might make a new version of this using a deeper hanger which could be fastened to an aluminum plate. Then, the plate would be hung using 3M Command strips. Or, do as Mike did and drill a small hole in the bulkhead to hang it?
  12. Runtoeat

    headset hanger

    I made some hangars a few years ago. I posted these pics a while ago too. The spar pins work well but by hanging on the bulkhead, the headsets remain out of the way and prevent one from pulling the headsets off of the spar pins when you enter/exit the cockpit.
  13. Runtoeat

    Forum upgrade coming

    Thanks for keeping the forum up to date and relevant. Can't imagine how little I would know about my CT if I hadn't become a member.
  14. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Nice - thanks for posting.
  15. Runtoeat

    ADS-B problem

    Wondering if the ignition switch contacts might be involved? Maybe some bleed-thru of voltage into ground circuit? Or, maybe some fluctuating voltage being supplied to the instruments? After many hundreds of cycles, the switch can start acting flaky.
  16. Runtoeat

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Ed, any pics from up there?
  17. Runtoeat

    iFly 740b Install

    Tom, I'm one who has installed the iFly740 but I located this on my left side I/P and not in the center. I made a new LH I/P and moved some of the steam gages to clear a spot for the 740. I kept my Garmin 495 in the center panel and continue to use this for redundant navigation and for operating my TruTrak A/P. Dave, didn't mean to step on your post. I was typing and then entered about the same time as you. I'll stand by to see what is going on with communication radio freq between iFly and Garmin. Didn't know this might be in the works.
  18. Runtoeat

    Prop balance question?

    I know this is an obvious statement but you won't have and answer to your question "is it worth it?" unless you have your own vibration analyzer equipment to to use in order to see the level of imbalance you might have or if you pay some who has equipment to get it balanced. Myself and everyone I know who've had their props balanced have noticed a difference, some notice a significant difference, some notice a small difference. Those who have noticed a large difference probably have saved much more than the cost for balancing by not needing to fix cracked exhaust and failure of other engine components.
  19. Runtoeat

    Fuel starvation

    Ed, I'm wondering if you have a "day job" as a high wire walker that you haven't mentioned?
  20. Runtoeat

    Fuel starvation

    At 12 gallons I'm looking for a place to get fuel but I can take time to find a convenient place. I don't like to let the fuel get below 12 gallons but will do so on occasion if conditions are calm. If it's rough and the fuel is moving making it hard to read but looks like it is trending below the marks, I'll land and get fuel. I'm with Tom and will be on the ground well before total fuel, in any combination, gets down to 6.
  21. Runtoeat

    Fuel starvation

    Lots of comments on the Forum about this. Myself and other Forum members mark our sight tubes during the 2 year wing pull and sight tube replacement. Since the wings have been drained to carry out the wing pull/inspection, some of us put a known amount of fuel back into each wing and mark the sight tubes with the fuel level. Personally, I am looking for a place to land for fuel when my sight tubes show me at my 6 gallon mark. If I'm in unknown surroundings, I'll plan ahead and search for a airport that has fuel when my sight tubes show the fuel level is approaching the marks. We just had a aircraft crash a few miles from the outer boundary of Detroit City Airport. The pilot reported landing gear problems and was circling to check this out. He had taken off from another state, I don't recall which. He planned on having enough fuel to just make it to Detroit but didn't plan on circling with gear problems. 2 dead and one is on life support that was pulled from the wreckage. Fuel starvation incidents occur over, and over and over. Sad.
  22. I am interested in finding a source for replacement major parts such as landing gear legs, front struts, engine mounts, etc. I recall reading that AeroJones USA is now being managed by John Hurst and this organization might now be supplying replacement parts for CTSW and CTLS?
  23. Runtoeat

    Minaret Lake - Steve Fosset's Crash Site

    Keep 'em coming Ed. You sure this wasn't taken by the Mars Rover?!
  24. Runtoeat

    Purchasing Replacement Parts for CTSW

    Chris, thanks for the post. I'm set with my wheel pants on my CTSW. Having the steel washers bonded into the pant is really good. I threw away the rubber washers and have repaired my pants and now use just steel washers which I formed into a bowl shape to fit the surface of my pants. Using two washers, one inside the pant and the other outside to "sandwich" the pant has solved the wear at the bolt attachment. Don't know why i didn't consider bonding the washers to the pant. This is really the way to do it.
  25. Not sure I understand "shoulder harness is the key"? Are you referring to the standard automotive type of shoulder restraint? I recall someone installed a 5 point system with quick disconnect at the chest on his CT. It looked very secure. Not sure how the floor anchor was done but this might be the weak link due to lack of structure on our CTs? I would think ELSA owners might consider this. Although much safer than the present system, due to the liability of approving an untested restrain in their aircraft and the huge cost for testing one, I don't see FD approval happening for 5 point mod in LSA.