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  1. Which oil?

    AV-9 is semi-synthetic.
  2. Low voltage output

    Temperature really shouldn't be a problem, these parts are rated for -65C (-85F) to +125C (+257F) (and you can get extended temperature versions).
  3. Low voltage output

    I looked on the NTE cross reference and NTE585 is listed as a replacement for 1N5817. The spec you are looking for is forward voltage (also called forward voltage drop, the symbol is VF). Actual forward voltage will depend on current and temperature (the datasheets usually have a graph). The NTE585 datasheet I found only lists the maximum forward voltage, not the typical forward voltage. For a 1N5817 it is typically just over 0.4 volts. So with an NTE585 it will be a maximum of 0.6 volts (at 1 amp).
  4. Attaching documents

    Excel is usually not allowed by default because of macro viruses. You could zip it, convert it to a PDF, share it from Google Docs, or easiest for people viewing - just make it into a JPEG and insert it as an image into your message.
  5. A Banjo nut FYI

    Take a look here and here (scroll down to banjo fittings).
  6. People have climbed Mount Everest (29,029 feet) without oxygen. But, my understanding is that around 26,000 feet is the limit, above this point you use more oxygen than your body can replenish. At this height you're going to be suffering from altitude sickness.
  7. The FAA produced a nice introduction called Tips on Mountain Flying (attached). Also, they produced an older film called Mountain Flying (google video). AOPA has a free online course (required registration). FAA_Tips_on_Mountain_Flying.pdf
  8. Landings.com's flight planning tool has an elevation profile and their charts can be color coded for elevation. For example, here's the elevation profile for KHVC direct to KPGA.