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  1. S3flyer

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Wonder if your modules were 2007?
  2. S3flyer

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    I think the web consensus was that the 2006/2007 batch of ignition modules were 'bad'. Don't think it's a CT thing -- I've heard failures from most of the major LSA manufacturers for the '06 an '07 model year. If I didn't already have the 'new' modules, I'd buy 1 to keep as backup for when they start to fail. YMMV.
  3. S3flyer

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Both my 2007 modules failed. I was able to take advantage of the Rotax special at the time -- two for $900. I was down 5 months waiting for the back order. Andy -- were these the original modules?
  4. S3flyer

    Tantalizing new engines

    38% increase in engine cost but only 3% increase in total airplane cost assuming $345K for a new Tecnam P2010. Benefits are unknown other than what Roger hypothesized. Given Rotax's track record, I'm sure we could count on at least 100lbs in increased useful load which could tip the scales for some.
  5. S3flyer

    Tantalizing new engines

    I dunno. If we're talking new Part 23 aircraft then an extra $10K is a very small percent increase. Also, this amounts to around $65/month if you assume a 2000hr over 15 year TBO.
  6. S3flyer

    Rotax Upgrade to iS?

    Badass Power Sports is the North American distribute for Edge Performance Rotax upgrades. They have an fuel injection, big bore and turbo kits: http://badasspowersports.com/badass-shop/ Looks like the FI package is around $5700 and the big bore around $4300 (taken from the Edge Performance Facebook page). No idea on the labor required to install.
  7. S3flyer

    Max rpm or?

    5170 rpm was just the cruise setting I was using. I have it set for 5650 rpm WOT at 6000' MSL.
  8. S3flyer

    Max rpm or?

    Warmi -- FYI. I was seeing a steady 110KIAS at 4500' MSL/6100' DA at 5170 RPM in my Sting S3 today in the Dallas area. Probably 200lbs under gross.
  9. S3flyer

    LSA rules changing??

    What is the part number for the BRS? The BRS products specifically tagged for LSA claim max weights between 1331 and 1350 pounds(https://www.leadingedgeairfoils.com/engine-airframe-accessories/ballistic-recovery-parachutes/brs-6-1350-vls.html) . They also have products for 1600 and 1800 pounds.
  10. S3flyer

    iFly 740b Install

    Andy -- I spoke with the iFly folks a couple months ago and one of their 'top' things to do was to be able to talk to a Garmin COM radio and allow the setting of the standby frequency via the iFly device (like the Garmin x95/6 portables). Has this been implemented yet?
  11. Had this happen in Brownwood, TX which has long and wide asphalt runway in central Texas with a large tarmac around the FBO. Landed with temp at 105F and taxied to the ramp. Got out and the tarmac felt squishy as we walked to the FBO. We had a quick lunch and when we came out my Bellanca had depressed the asphalt a 1/2 inch or so. I felt like I was leaving tracks all they way from taxi through rotation.
  12. I can't comment on the long-term structural effects of the sun on composites -- that's a question you should ask FD. I once saw a SoCal-based StingSport (carbon fiber low wing) in for maintenance that was tied down outside for around 8 years. Paint no longer had the sheen (of my hangered Sting S3) and the plastic covers over the exterior lights was opaque. The covers had to be replaced to remain airworthy but was not a big cost. The mechanic did not seem overly concerned on the structural wear-n-tear, though. YMMV. As to putting covers on/off in the heat of summer. I had a Cherokee 180 tied down outside in Houston for several years and never thought about it being a bother.
  13. S3flyer

    Another oil temp question?

    I must be missing something. I get that coolant temp and oil temp are related -- after all we're talking about temperature readings on the same physical engine albeit in different locations and different engine systems. But oil (Shell Sport plus 4) is not going to vaporize at 248F since it's flash point is ~440 F (The Aeroshell Book, Edition 19) so I can't see how 50/50 coolant boiling point matters to the max oil temperature, even though the CHT will definitely impact oil temp. I would think that the allowable maximums of the two engine systems would be independent. The 'Rotax Fluids' SB has a note that engine oil temps should be at 250 or below for MOST of the flight. This implies that exceeding 250 oil temp but below 266 would be acceptable for short period -- like climb. Also, the latest Operator's Manual (November 2016), Section 2.2 Operating Limits 912 S/ULS clearly states the oil max temperature is 266F and coolant max is 248F. Section 2.1 is for the 912 UL.
  14. S3flyer

    Garmin 797 Update

    Yeah -- around 4 years ago Garmin came up with relatively reasonable pricing for database bundles on the Aera line. The 2,3,4 hundred series were not included for some reason.
  15. S3flyer

    Garmin 797 Update

    Nope. Literally just bought the US Bundle annual subscription which includes Nav, Flite Charts, obstacle, terrain, IFR/VFR charts, Safe Taxi, AFD and AOPA.