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  1. Anticept, First I never use garden hose cerrated hose clamps. Old school and not keeping up with the times. For some it's hard to let go of tradidtion. They are too easy to over tighten and strip and aren't always great at a good 360 degree seal. Plus they cut into the rubber. When Wurth Zebra clamps, fuel injection clamps and Oetiker clamps are used PROPERLY then they will not come off. I have tested these on fittings clamped in a vise and the hose ripped off and never moved on the fitting.
  2. Under ASTM standards they do not have to have END DIP on them. It isn't actually RTV and using RTV is a major mess and PITA to deal with later if applied wrong like 90% of the people do. END DIP which is about $375+ per quart and once dipped they need to sit overnight to dry. That's why very few people ever use it. There are other acceptable methods like END WRAP. The coating or wrap is only there to prevent fluids from going up or out in the fire sleeve. The fuel Injectioin clamps on the hose are perfectly okay and come that way from FD. These are not the cheap crappy serrated garden hose type clamps. These are used in cars in fuel injection hoses with ratings to 100 psi when properly used. When used correctly these clamps will stay on a barbed fitting like the thermostat right up to destruction when you try to pull them off. p.s. You're right that the oil hoses on that thermostat should have had nothing to do with vibration mount replacement.
  3. Good question. I don't think so or at least right away, but if it did it would take some time.
  4. I'm not critisizing just reflecting. I used to take off and land over a barbedwire fence and under some power lines on a road. The power lines should run parraleel to the road and if one crossed the road there is a poer pole on each side of the road from each other. Plus there was a Highway next to the landing site and two open field areas like football or soccer parks. Plus even more wideopen roads to the west.
  5. I'm not being critical, but why not use the roads to land? Looking at the map there were plenty to choose from.
  6. Bill Kemper. A 2008 CTLS 08-04-10. From Hendersonville, NC
  7. Call Airtime Aviation in OK for used parts. Call South Mississippi Aviation Ronnie Smith for the same. I would bet Ronnie would have one.
  8. I've had two failers.Time for a new 406.
  9. Look at the back of the switch. It has some adjustments anda locking type ring. It may beworn or just needs some help.
  10. Roger Lee

    13,2 volts

    If you know they read .5V low then it isn't a problem because you know whaever it reads is .5V higher. It's just the system that's installed they we have to live with..
  11. Just unscrew the cap offthe wire. It is only held on by a threaded prong. (Test question) Then trim the wire back 1/4" to 3/8", apply a dab of dielectric grease to the tip and screw the new cap back on. Then replace the small wire tie. Screw the cap all the way down until it stops. You can buy the caps on Amazon for a fraction of what Rotax charges. Plug caps can become loose on the plug over a long time, but usually because people don't pull the straight off and wiggle them side to side.
  12. This could easily not be vapor, but just a loose connection.
  13. Hi Tom, Sorry my mistake. I re-read the original post. I screwed up and thought it was fuel pressure. I agree it could just be bubbles in the line especilly if there has been any maint. upstream or the red cube.
  14. The VDO fuel sender has two bolt on spade connectors.
  15. Pump? Very doughtful. I'm still leaning on a connection then the sender. Do the cheap and easy things first. Squeeze the sender connectors with pliers.
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