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  1. FAA response to mandatory maintenance intervals

    Directly to Oklahoma. Many I found out are not keeping up there and only 2-3 have kept up. They disbanded the LSA section and spread them out in other assignments. I talked to one guy and he knew less than a newbie. Even the few in the know will not tell you specifics and no use on the TBO because it's in legal and may not come out for 1-2 years. There will be absolutely no reason to carry forward on any debate or even get upset because there are no rulings out as yet and anything further said is just speculation until legal makes the final decision AGAIN. Here is one answer from another person. "You can not apply standard certified aircraft rational to LSA aircraft because of the text found in part 91. Clearly the manufacture of record is the only one who can exempt or change the Rotax mandatory requirement. In part 91 the authority is clearly with the OEM (whomever signs the 8130-15 form) If, as most LSA OEM do, they say follow the Rotax manuals then that is exactly what they must do in regards to the relevant SB and other published data. The OEM is required to send out a Safety Directive on any safety of flight issue and direct the owner to follow the relevant SB. This is exactly the same process that the FAA uses with an AD, in that case the FAA takes on this responsibility on any TC product, they issue the AD of any safety of flight issue and direct the owner to comply with the SB. There are many such cases of this and the OEM of LSA must follow up on all SB and determine the safety risk. This is part of their requirements under the rule and ASTM standards."
  2. FAA response to mandatory maintenance intervals

    There is a new legal interpretation about mandatory SB's. The original said they weren't mandatory. There is a new one coming out and it's already in the system coming this way. That is going to change. The TBO legal was submitted about 4 months ago, but may not be out for 1-2 years. There was two legal interpretations on TBO. The first one said it was mandatory, the second said no it wasn't which is the current one and maybe this new one will say they are again. This is because the FAA handles and rules TC'd aircraft and we are not so the rules may not apply. The other issue is the rules as written do not spell out a continuing maint. program for aircraft under ASTM rules. This may also mean that each LSA aircraft company may have to put out an acceptable on condition maint. schedule since it isn't controlled by the FAA. As it sits right now no one is making anyone do LSA TBO's. Where will the shoe eventually drop? Who Knows. Above my pay grade. p.s. If the FAA does rule in a year or two that TBO's are mandatory everyone agrees including the aircraft Mfgs. that there will be a mass exodus from SLSA to ELSA in the US. p.s.s. For you guys that are already down to ELSA it says in your new limitations that was given to by the FAA when you did that that you MUST comply with ALL time limited parts directed from the MFG. This means the Rotax 5 year is mandatory and the parachute, ect... Whatever has a time limit you must comply with, but at least you can do your own maint. and an annual condition if you have the 16 hr. class. I am presenting seeking becoming an instructor for that 16 hr. class.
  3. Power loss in flight

    The choke has no effect over about 3500-4000 and especially at the higher rpms. Try it. Fly up at your cruise rpm and apply the choke. Nothing will happen.
  4. Power loss in flight

    Carb bowl would be my first look.
  5. CTLS vs CTSW

    It's in the eyes and mind of the owner. What one likes the other may not. They all have good points and some people want to change. Lot's of people would rather have a sedan over a sports car.
  6. New Rotax Service class in Tucson, AZ

    3 weeks left and just a couple seats left.
  7. Amps going nuts

    Typically this is a dirty shunt wire connector issue. There are 4 wires. Take each one and scotchbrite each wire connector and the shunt bar where they connect. Apply a dab of dielectric grease. This should take care of your wild swings.
  8. Control Lock

    Here you go. Always check our forum for answers.
  9. Cabin heat

    Hi Al, Give me a call at home.
  10. White trim tape

    same tape from what I can gather
  11. 5 Year rubber material question?

    No the hose you get will be just fine. Don't over think or try to over engineer this. Your hose you buy from CPS would last you more than 5 years. % years is just a good safe point to replace things. Remember we try to replace before we loose a $17.5K engine and or crash into a neighborhood.
  12. Difficult Tire mount question?

    Here you go. Using clamps makes it easy and far less likely to pinch a tube. I've been doing it like this for 20 years. Matco tire mounting help.pdf
  13. You can't tell if they are in good condition just by look. They may look okay, but in truth they would need to go on a balancer to see what the vibration level is. Vibration can damage the steel engine mounts and cause cracks, muffler cracks, gearbox issues, internal carb issues, ect.... They are supposed to be changed at the 5 year rubber change. If someone doesn't do this and leaves them in until the next 5 year which would then be 10 years they aren't doing you any favors. I just saw a Highlander this last week with a broken ring mount bolt that was snapped off clean right at the mount. The mount is now trashed. Spent this last week in another Rotax school. Learned about the 915.
  14. -12 Degree Flap Microswitch

    The 45 knot stall speed is the main reason that FD didn't use -12. Also when flying at extreme altitudes -12 far less efficient climb. Zero flaps work better.
  15. The engine has to more or less come off or at least swing out far enough to remove the long bolts. Better to just do it during hose change. Otherwise you pay to remove the engine twice.