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  1. Maybe there is something in the main menu that needs to be set? Like maybe a time out or sleep mode turned off?
  2. But Rotax service centers like Rotech in Canada and the ones here in the US do wrap exhaust because they come that way from certain aircraft MFG's and they are not allowed to remove it so when they take it off they are required to put it back on. Thousands of Rotax have wrapped exhaust. When done correctly it does not cause an issue. When done wrong like anything you you might do it can cause an issue. Doing anything wrong on any engine can cause an issue.
  3. A couple of things you can do. One if they fall off your shoulders put a chest strap on them that just clips together. For the slipping loose sew on some Velcro or add some metal clips. Our CTflier site has some pictures if you search for them.
  4. Myself, Rotech and a couple of people had this conversation on Rotax-Owner.com owned and run by Rotech. They said the same thing about the SI. I reminded them that thousands of owners have header wrap and without issues. I told them the same about over wrapping and that's what most likely caused the pipe issues in their pictures which I have brought up here too. I bet I have wrapped at least 70-80 Rotax engines and never had a single issue. Then when Rotech said something about not doing it I reminded them that they work on Stemmie motor gliders and that is only one Mfg that wraps at the factory and that Rotech works on them and that Rotech also wraps those pipes. They never said anything else after I reminded them they wrap headers too. It's like anything else, do it wrong and you can cause yourself issues. It never hurts to make a phone call to someone and find out the tips, tricks and in's and outs.
  5. It takes me a little less than an hour to do it. Just make sure you DO NOT over wrap each wind more than about 3/8". An over wrap of about half will retain too much heat and can cause a problem with the exhaust pipe.
  6. AD's are usually for certified aircraft and SD's are for LSA. Plus a company like Rotax can not set the requirements over and above or under what the FAA regulates in the US.
  7. Hi John, what air pressure are you running?
  8. This should help you on carb bowls.
  9. You don’t need to remove the carb. Just loosen the clamp on he rubber mount then loosen the clamp and slide the air intake off the carb. Then push the carb back out of its rubber socket. Now you can lift the carb up high enough to drop the bowl. While the bowl is off weigh the floats, check for debris and remove the idle jet and rod it out with a single strand of 18 ga. Or smaller wire strand. The jet hole is right next t the main jet and comes out with a start tip screwdriver. To raise a main wheel place a 6’ ladder with a flat pad on top under the wing next to the tie down. This will raise the wheel off the ground and won’t hurt anything. I’ve been doing it this way since 2006 and never an issue.
  10. Numerous articles from aircraft Mfg’s and credited experts on the internet say if the checking goes down to the cords it should be replaced. They all said if it was more superficial and you could not see the cords then at that time it was okay.
  11. Rotax has a checklist in the Line Maint. Manual and FD has one in its Maint. manual.
  12. Car tires and aircraft tires use the same tire technology in manufacturing. Dry rot is dry rot on either. Aircraft tires aren’t anything magical over car tires. Your choice is pay $250 - $500 when this happens for tires and tubes or pay big bucks if you’re wrong and you’re stranded with a flat or trashed wheel pant or plane. The first is cheaper and easier.
  13. Ozone also does it and constant exposure to dry heat like in the Southwest. Dry rot causes weakening of the tire. Tires aren’t like that right away. It usually takes years and in the southwest US you see these many times with blowout’s. Out here people don’t drive on those tires especially on trailers. It is a sign of deterioration and there is no way to determine how bad it is under the rubber. Why gamble. I have articles too. https://palmbeachgarage.com/tire-dry-rot/ https://www.wetrytires.com/tire-dry-rot/ https://worldtirereview.com/tire-dry-rot/
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