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  1. Roger Lee

    Carb Heat is difficult to apply

    "My CARB HEAT control is extremely difficult to Pull ON and Push OFF." This may be normal for an LS. It it an LS or SW? If it's an LS the problem could be the cable on the back of the airbox. That LS carb heat is fairly hard to pull and push.
  2. Roger Lee

    No Cabin Heat-SOLVED!

    Hi Doug, I haven't had one I couldn't slide up as far as the radiator which should be plenty far. Try and adjust or flatten the hose on top of the muffler.
  3. Roger Lee

    No Cabin Heat-SOLVED!

    How to fly in short sleeves when it's single digits outside. Finding and fixing heat issues and making the cabin cold air free. Start at the front. The lower air duct opening for the heated air should align with the opening. If it doesn't loosen the two clamps on the muffler and move the duct to a more aligned position. This is usually up more. Make sure when the cowl is on that the rubber baffling around the duct is not in the way of the opening. When you did a hose change the 1 3/4" heater hose should have been replaced because these can get vibration holes and split. Next make sure when you pull the cabin heat knob the trap door in the engine compartment in the air diverter opens and closes fully. If not just adjust the cable. Next remove the center instrument panel and make sure the hose inside for the heat ducting is connected and that the heated air duct that comes out the side of the lower panel by your feet is properly lined up with the opening. I see many halfway blocked due to poor alignment. Next use some clear 3" tape and place this over the openings up by your head on each side of the fuselage. and this includes the fuel sight tube opening. If you block up only one or two air just gets forced out the other. Then take some soft foam and cut it into a "C" or an "O" and put it around the metal spar pins up in the spar box. Plug the front and back of the pin opening. Next go to Home Depot or Ace Aviation and gets some 3/8" soft foam with a sticky tape back. This will go around the door edges. It goes all the way around the out side of the door seal on each door. make sure your doors do not have a big air gap up at the front edge. You can either add a little extra foam or just remove the door and relocate the hinges about 1/8" - 3/16" forward and the door will never leak again. Now your air flow is correct and aligned and the cabin sealed from cold air intrusion and it wall be nice a warm. I can fly easily in the single digits with nothing more than a tee-shirt with good cabin heat. Most of the time it's only open half way.
  4. Roger Lee

    Unequal fuel usage

    You have one. You just forgot about it.
  5. Roger Lee

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    It may be tough trying to get your hands in there to make your connections.
  6. Roger Lee

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    You shouldn't need anything extra. That's quite a rig you have setup. I had to do 4-5 with just a piece of aluminum pipe with that slot cut in it. When you put it is put the spring with the internal guide in a vise and squeeze it way down and then safety wire it in that position. Once installed and secured just cut the safety wire and pull it out.
  7. Roger Lee

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    Doesn't look like wire contact to me either. Even though it's a zoomed video the wires look like they're behind him.
  8. Roger Lee

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    It looks correct. Does the spring have a two part liner that has washer type ends? This keeps the spring straight and from bunching all up. There is an FD SB about this and the spring installation.
  9. Roger Lee

    My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

    It was 1968 for me to. They do my home and all my vehicles.
  10. Roger Lee

    New Ipad mount

    New Ipad mount
  11. Roger Lee

    CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    You ever seen one after a major prop strike. Cut it in half down closer to the hub.
  12. Call your regulatory agency in Canada and get the straight scoop. Hard to see them ground an entire fleet because the Mfg quits.
  13. Roger Lee

    CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    Solid carbon fiber and wood. It's far more solid than most of our composite props. This issue has proven out over the last 20 years with Warp props. Good for off asphalt landings if you pick up a small stone compared to a composite, but bad if you hit something big or more solid. Many people buy warp props for either a lot of dirt landing strips and because they are 1/3 - 1/2 the price of something like a Sensenich or the E-Prop.
  14. Roger Lee

    Power percentages

    Fuel burn is high at 5500 WOT. Usually around 5.8 - 6.2 gph. I don't think Ed has a fuel transducer unless he had one installed later. When we set our props at 5600-5650 WOT and cruise at 5200-5300 fuel burn is about 4.8 - 5 gph. For me the extra couple of knots isn't worth the extra fuel.You might save a few minutes on a trip.
  15. Roger Lee

    My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

    I have USAA and they are taking care of it up front. So far it's about $10K for building and wall. That's the preliminary estimate. I haven't even added up tool damages. It's at least a new toolbox, new vertical band-saw and new drill-press. USAA is fast at work and then they'll deal with the other insurance company. My shop is "L" shaped. She hit the small 12' x 12' side. The 12' x 24' side was untouched. If she had hit the other side it would be a lot more expensive.