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  1. Coolant system pressure leak test

    This sure sounds like the normal heating and cooling cycle at the coolant pump and drips through the weep hole. I get calls on this all the time. It happens more often as weather cools down. If it's just a tablespoon or two I don't think you need to do anything and it may be very limited and not do it all the time.
  2. Coolant system pressure leak test

    Hi Ed, Check right around the 90 degree aluminum coolant tubes on top of each head. Look right where the tube screws into the flange. If they aren't clean and have some residue then you may have found your problem. These are only threaded in place and sometimes the Loctite breaks down. Also put a wrench on the fittings on the coolant radiator. They may be hand tight, but wrench lose. Make these tight. A 7/8" wrench works. I never have to pressure test to find a leak. They should be viable and there isn't, but a few places to leak from. If the leak looks to be at the back of the cowl and at the rear of the front tire then it is the water pump seal. This can leak 1-3 table spoons of coolant during cooling cycles due to differential metals and the ceramic seal. this is normal. It may come and go. If you have a big puddle then it would need replacement.
  3. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    You don't want more regulation to hold people back, but you're using them now to hinder people and their education that may save them from being stranded. I guess you have never been stranded with no help available. You're still forgetting the thousands of experimentals that can do what they want and others worldwide and no one is twisting anyone's arm. Do or don't do. Knowledge is king when the chips are down and you're by yourself. These people here are smart and want knowlegde and I know none that would be afraid to help themselves. Why do you want to hinder them? You can sit on the sideline and cry and complain or stand up and act. The choice is yours when things go wrong. If I worried about regulations and rules I probably shouldn't drive a car or do anything else since I tend to break rules everyday.. I'm sure you break rules too in some form. People break rules every day. I'm not sure why you chose to single this one out and try and berate me. If this video is so upsetting why aren't you one the Rotax Owner forum. They have a bunch of how to videos and so does the EAA.
  4. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    And the A&P must be present all the time on an owner assist. . The owner can not work on an aircraft if the A&P isn't present. I confirmed that with the FAA. They said he isn't supervised if the A&P isn't there. How many times have you seen an owner by themself. A bunch.
  5. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    "But I've seen junk work from LSRMs too." Absolutely. Wait until I post the last two entries from planes I just saw. What are people thinking or not.
  6. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    "but some of this stuff is hard to stomach" My medical training says Pepto Bismol or Prilosec will help.
  7. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    I usually don't get into heated or vehement debates, but I'm passionate about doing to right maint. at the right time and keeping my friends and clients as safe as possible. After being a firefighter 30 years and having to bail people out from not very bright decision making and from what I have seen coming from other shops I'm pretty biased anymore..
  8. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Hi Andy, Regulations get made to protect people from themselves due to poor or uneducated decisions and to protect others that fly with them. If there had never been issues through history we wouldn't have as many regulations as we have now. If more people do foolish things we can expect more regulations. The ignorant few that hurt themselves and others due to their actions or inactions have laid the way for all the regulations that we now have. Judging from what I see weekly some certainly need those regulations and some are certainly wise enough to not need them, but a governing agency needs to draw the line in the sand because they can't oversee every decision so they make some of these regulations for the not so wise people. It's the way it's always been and I'm sure those few people will cause more regulations to be heaped upon us. How do you decide who is smart enough and trained well enough to make those (at times) subjective decisions that may put other people at risk. If there is a foolproof way to weed problem people out I'm sure everyone would like to know and get onboard. When drawing a line in the sand for safety decisions you try to error on the safer side vs the oops I waited too long side.
  9. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    This is such a sore subject matter to me because I see so much poor and wrong work done by supposedly "trained mechanics". They have all kinds of excuses. I don't know where to get manuals, what checklist, what SB's and I don't know where to find them, I don't usually see a Rotax or CT, if I don't write it in the logbook they can't get me if something goes wrong, why can't I do what I want, it takes too long to write all that in the logbook, and the list goes on. So you want to give these same people the authority to decide for someone that a hose is good or bad? No Thanks. The video is not meant to target just CT owners. That's thinking in the box. Experimental guys can do that without an issue. A lot more people have experimentals than SLSA. There are over 50K Rotax engines out there and most can do their own work. "I am also not an advocate for needless regulation." Needless regulation has usually been caused by mechanic and owner failures in history. So the government tries to protect those people and all the others that may fly in that plane unknowingly of what someone may not have doner correctly that may have put their life in danger. If you want to stop more regulations then help educate everyone and stop people from making bad decisions that cause the rest of us more regulation. Who decides if a hose is at an on condition state? The same people that can't get the other very basic things during an annual right. How do these people see under fire sleeve? How do these people see under clamps and inside the hose and under those clamps? How do you know the clamp wasn't applied too tight from the last guy and has been cutting into the inner liner? Most mechanics can't tell you if a hose is collapsing under the fire sleeve. happens a lot on a CTSW on the hose out of the cooler and back into the oil pump housing. Some one had to draw a line in the sand from past hose failures and past mechanic and owner failures to recognise a potential problem. So these people that caused these initial issues had this 5 year replacement decision made for the rest of us because of their failures so we all get regulated. Hose companies help make these decisions. They were made in a vacuum. Too many would like to make maintenance reactive and not proactive. If there are problems with the maint. it should be blamed on a 5 year replacement program, but directly on the mechanic for failing to do a good job and not just a mediocre job. The human factor is very unreliable because many let the wallet rule and fail to take preemptive safety precautions. An owner that can change oil, spark plugs and other FAA owner approved maint. and If that person has been shown the way to pull the carb and look for debris they can be more qualified than many mechanics that don't have a clue. I see that proof in the pudding every week from A&P's that know less than the owner. I just did a pre-buy on an SW and because of the A&P mechanic it needs about $900 worth of repairs. I trust A&P's less than most owners. An owner will seek the correct way because they don't know. A mechanic does it without a clue anyway because he's been doing maint. work for 20-30 years. Following the rules can be different than following regulations. The Rotax 5 year rubber is a rule by Rotax and aircraft Mfg's. A regulation for the same is making it legally mandatory. On the carb debris issue I have a call into the FAA on their take on the procedure. I had to leave a message, it's Friday. I don't think bowl removal will be considered carb disassembly.
  10. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    I think we should regulate more mechanics while we're at it. They don't know what the correct plug gaps are, they rotate the prop to get more oil out after the system has been drained, they use the wrong type of clamps, they don't know how to check the gearbox for friction torque, they don't know what a magnetic plug is or when to check it, they have no clue where the fuel filters are, they rarely ever balance tires, they don't know how to set a prop pitch. They have no clue where to find SB's for the aircraft or engine and they have no clue where to find nor do most use a maint. manual or checklist so they miss half the items. And don't even get me started on the 2-3 liner garbage logbook labels. The FAA considers those the bottom 1%, but legal. How unfortunate for the owner. Most engine and aircraft issues are "MIFs". Mechanic induced failures. So we don't need to abandon and disregard good and best maint. practices. We need to educate mechanics and owners to proper procedures. Just had a CT in and looked at the logbooks. Looks like the last two annuals were nothing more than general maint. on just 3 items. You don't even know if it was the annual for sure. That mechanic is hanging in the wind. You can regulate everything and we should start with all the above with the mechanics.
  11. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    " it should be made a Safety Directive" So you're proposing more regulation to protect people from themselves. I don't see it that way. There are many "Best Maint. practice" items that aren't flight issues, but should be done. With this Safety Directive thinking why not make oil changes, plug changes, gearbox friction torque test, brake pads, ect.. mandatory at a specific hour. If left long enough they can cause engine issues and bring a plane down. Why change tires, why not wait until one goes flat. Smart and intelligent maint. practices should be common sense and not need more regulation that affects everyone else to make some sloppy owner or mechanic maintain their aircraft from hurting themselves and someone else. Why do helicopters have timed maint. Because some idiots would go until more fell out of the air and killed people. You shouldn't have to mandatorily regulate good maint. practices into someone's head. A few people will always cause the rest more aggravation from being over regulated because they just don't get it. Why do we have so many laws and regulations in everything we do with more coming everyday. The few cause the rest of us grief. "It is absolutely amazing to me that there is a video on the internet showing pilots how to perform maintenance" Then you should be really offended by all the Rotax owner videos. Have you EVER watched any video on maint. they you were to preform? " Any pilot who performs the procedures shown in this video on an SLSA that he/she just landed in a field due to power loss should take a serious gut check because it is highly unsafe, and correspondingly, completely illegal." With this thinking you think owners are too dumb to dump a bowl and not be left stranded? You're right you could just sit there and do nothing and or let another non educated mechanic that knows nothing about your Rotax try and figure it out. Your plane and you could sit at some oddball airstrip for days when 30 minutes of your time puts you back on your way. You can be proactive and educated or just another helpless victim. I know many of these pilots here and I fully believe all of them are smart enough and proactive enough to handle this minor situation. No Thanks. There have been many that have self rescued themselves on continued on home. Dumping a carb bowl isn't rocket science and not an invasive procedure. You do what you need to do when things aren't in a nice neat package sitting at your mechanic's shop.
  12. Take your classes and when you're done with those NEVERr be afraid to make a phone call and ask advise. It's far cheaper and easier than the alternative and shows good common sense and furthers education. We're all here in the same boat and willing to help.
  13. School is a good start, but you'll have to continue to learn. Then there is absolutely no substitute for experience which is harder to come by if you only work on one plane a year. I'm not trying to talk you out of it just go in with your eyes open and all that it may entail. Once out of the Rainbow and Rotax classes learning anything else falls on you and how much you dedicate yourself to furthering your education.
  14. Hi Dave, Give me a call. Too much to discuss and write about here. "do you feel you learned enough that you can exercise confidently those things allowed by this rating?" Short answer, No. It will make you legal. It is a necessity if you want to start your education on the mechanical side. This is like getting out of grade school and you still have to go to middle school, high school and college. They cover so much stuff that is required by the FAA and a lot of it won't be pertinent to just you and your CT. Then you have to go to Rotax school. All this said if you have a desire to learn you can sit down after classes and read all 5 Rotax manuals and at least 3 CT manuals. Then you'll be up to a senior in high school. It will all boil down to you investing a lot of your timer after these classes. This is what will make you good at what you want to do.
  15. FAA response to mandatory maintenance intervals

    No. Insurance companies agree with and abide by the FAA's stance. That's already been researched.