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  1. Radiator Cap

    The older .9 bar cap shouldn't even be available any more. You should only be able to get the 1.2 bar (18 psi) cap. If for some reason the cap you get is only .9 bar send it back. I didn't even think they had these on the market for rotax any longer. When the CPS operator pulled up that old part number it should have redirected her to the new one.
  2. Rotax Service Bulletin

    Only planes Mfg after June 2016. No 912 CTSW's or CTLS's. Maybe 1-2 CTLSI's. Then if you had new pushrods installed which I doubt there are any.
  3. Hi JWS, You'll like the Dynon digital panel better and gives more helpful info. It's easier to read and reads in small increments to help any diagnostics.
  4. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    I've had a few calls from attendees worried about using 100LL. For the amount of 100LL you'll use for this trip it isn't worth a worry. If you use 91 Oct. most of the time when you're at home then this small amount won't be an issue in the run time of the engine. Use Decalin with the 100LL and that will help mitigate some of the lead. This single trip's 100LL use amounts to nothing. Just go have fun and don't overthink everything. Wish I was there!
  5. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Those not in the CT group don't get a discount either.
  6. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Some may have just signed up as an outside tourist and didn't tell them they were with the CT group.
  7. Carb Debris (a new source...)

    Moisture can come from a poorly sumped fuel delivery tank or almost any source. 100LL will not suspend water so it sinks to a low point. Ethanol fuel will absorb moisture and it just runs through the system. You may see however a small corrosion in almost any carb bowl. I see it all the time. It isn't a big deal unless it is some quantity to it or it starts to pit the bowl.
  8. Carb Debris (a new source...)

    The corrosion is usually water that has been sitting. Unless it gets really bad it won't hurt anything. Most carbs I see have a small spot of corrosion. If it is more than a spot then it can be cleaned up with a scotchbrite pad. I tend to see more of this with 100LL. The 91 oct. with ethanol tends to keep the water in solution and passes through instead of sitting. I had one set of carbs come in from Florida for a rebuild and they were totally thick with white powder. Totally destroyed. I removed all the white powder and the carbs were seriously pitted. The causes was lots of water that sat for a long time.
  9. Ignition Switch / Source

    Have you tightened all the screws on the back of the switch? And check the nuts on the starter solenoid.
  10. elevator trim tab

    Hi Andy, Yes there have been, but mainly to the LS models.
  11. elevator trim tab

    I agree with ED. If it has always been good and it isn't now then what has changed or what maint. has changed it. If you need to adjust the tab then use the two rods that connect it on the back under surface. Turn the rod ends just 1 turn each then test fly.
  12. New AD on Ameri-King ELT's

    The manual says Duracell
  13. 2018 CT’s

    You could call FD USA and get the real scoop and pricing.
  14. Rotax mandating a fuel return line

    This fuel restrictor is in all CT's. No action required. It has been a standard with Rotax for almost 20 years, but they finally changed the language in the manual. Back in the earlier days with the 912 most engines were open air engine mounts. Now days they are in a tight cowl which helps retain a lot of heat.
  15. Emergency landing

    Sounds just like carb debris symptoms. Here's all you have to do and be back in the air in 30 minutes.