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  1. Roger Lee

    BSR chute repack

    It is a requirement. It is very easy to remove and install. If you have a mechanic you can call me and I'll tell you how to do it. It takes about 15-20 minutes and it goes back in the same way. Is this the 12 year chute and rocket re-pack? Anybody can remove this with just a Philips screwdriver, a 3mm Allan wrench and a 7/16" socket. Maybe a pair of wire cutters if a plastic wire tie is in the way.
  2. Roger Lee

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    The 25 hr. comment is in a SB. Why mix any 100LL at all. You're far better off with just 91 oct. auto fuel. Plus your engine can handle and amount of ethanol from a US fuel pump. So don't even worry about ethanol fuel. Many myths that go around and few ever really do their research. An airport can not legally deny you to self fuel. They can keep you from fueling in the hangar because that's a fire code issue (most of us do it any way). So long as you are touching the plane and gas can you'll be fine.
  3. Roger Lee

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    Nobody with an ounce of sense would go to 100 hrs. on 100LL. That's saved for 91 oct. Remember the books are written for 3 engines and different uses and fluids types. We teach in classes 25 hrs. for 100LL or flight school use. 50 hrs. for normal use with 91 oct. The book does say up to 100 hrs., but I don't know that I have met anyone that does that. The oil is the blood of your engine. If you disease the blood the body will fail short of its life. I met an idiot once that said he had never changed his oil in his tractor for 20 years. After a few of his other foolish comments I refused to work on his Allegro aircraft and no one else within 100 miles would touch it either.
  4. Roger Lee

    Door locking

    The sanding drums that come with most sets come in handy to.
  5. Roger Lee

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    Oil tank is every 200 hrs. on the list. If you use auto fuel I doubt you will ever find anything. The 200 hr. is setup because people in some places use 100LL all the time around the world so Rotax just drew a line in the sand and put cleaning the tank (for lead) at 200 hrs. If you're using 100LL or have a 1500 hr. TBO engine then the gearbox is 600 hour inspection. If you have a 2000 hr. engine and use mostly auto fuel it is 1000 hrs. If you have a 200 hr. engine and use mostly 100LL then it gets bumped back to 600 hrs. Most of us that use auto fuel take it out in 5 gal. cans. If you can get away from 100LL you will be far ahead of the game. Tires are different for everyone. Only when needed. Do not let them get bald. Always balance new tires. No tire is is balance out of the box. Use heavy duty butyl tubes with 90 degree stems on all your tires. Brakes are the same. If you have Marc brakes the pads have no rivets so they can get as thin as 1mm. The thickness of a dime. If you have Matco brake pads then there is a cut out witness mark on each end of the pads. When that disappears change the pads because those do have rivets. Check the stab to see if it has any fore & aft free play. Not up and down. If it has fore & aft remove the stab and torque the two end nuts on each side of the pivot pin to 200 in/lbs. If it doesn't have that free play don't worry about it. Once torqued after a bunch of hours on the plane I haven't seen any loosen up again. The nuts don't loosen per say, but there is wear in that area that allows the stab to move fore & aft and tightening the nuts up removes that wear looseness. Just a note: I have wondered if these loose nuts add to a flutter issue? Maybe not. TBO can at this time be "on condition". It is in the FAA legal department at this time for a ruling, but who knows when or what they will say. If you have any questions you're welcome to call me.
  6. Roger Lee

    Door locking

    I have a battery operated Dremel with a 90 degree head. I use a reinforced cut off blade for many things like the door lock slot. I use the Dremel for all my hose changes on clamps. Screw on ones and snap on ones. https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-426-Fiberglass-Reinforced-Cut-Off/dp/B00004UDH9/ref=sr_1_9?crid=2QA1MPD9QI5YT&keywords=dremel+cutting+discs&qid=1553564373&s=gateway&sprefix=dremel+%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-9 https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-EZ456-2-Inch-Rotary-Cut-Off/dp/B000FBLRVK/ref=sr_1_10?crid=2QA1MPD9QI5YT&keywords=dremel+cutting+discs&qid=1553564426&s=gateway&sprefix=dremel+%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-10
  7. Roger Lee

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    Remember with over 5 million run hours and more than 50K engines out there there is a reason Rotax says 25 hrs. Lead gets into and adheres to many things. They didn't just pull these numbers out of a hat. Failing things like a 600 hr. gearbox inspection because of 100LL use vs the 1000 hr. gearbox inspection with auto fuel will cause the overload clutch to not function in the gearbox because it's gummed up at about 800 hrs. There is no way a pilot would know this unless they tore the gearbox down or he has a prop strike and it fails to function and he twist his crankshaft which means a new engine. Bottom line is, Do you want a healthy engine or one you can't trust or will have a very expensive repair bill on? Your choice.
  8. Roger Lee

    Decalin RunUp and Oil Changes

    Oil change does not change. Every 25 hrs. with 100LL. Decalin helps, but it is not a cure all. No issues with Decalin either. Many of us just toss the plugs at 75 hrs. They are only a couple of dollars. Gap them between .023 - .027. I tend to use .025 only because it's in the middle. If you gap them at .027 then they will just get wider and more out of the best spec range.
  9. Roger Lee

    Glider tape question?

    No sweat on your hinge rivets. Lay the tape on the top so the edge of the 1" tape only covers 1/2 of the rivet and this will allow the right amount for the overhang to the other surface. Then take a razor blade and just go around the tape covered 1/2 rivet. Now all the rivet shows. It looks good and no wind can get under the edge of the tape that would have been held up by the rivet. It takes maybe 3-4 minutes to trim the taped rivets.
  10. Roger Lee

    T Coupler

    That's the way they used to do it on those models.
  11. Roger Lee

    Glider tape question?

    Just use the Bowlus 1" tape for everything. This is the same tape as gliders use and it won't hurt your plane. There is no need for 1.5" or 2". I have been using the 1" tape which works just fine for the trim tab top and bottom and the wing root gaps. The glue residue on the tape comes off easily with Goo-Off. $10.75 for a roll that will last you for years. Keep it is an air tight zip lock bag. http://www.cumulus-soaring.com/bowlus.htm p.s. Some tapes used have been known to pull paint off when removed. Don't make things more difficult when KISS is right in front of you.
  12. Roger Lee

    T Coupler

    It is mounted on all the other CT's in the rear center part of the belly.
  13. Roger Lee

    The Ignition Module Gremlins Visited Today!

    This may be just a loose connection the the plastic plugs and when you put something on top the modules it moves it and like magic it works. I would pull on every wire in the 4 plastic plugs coming out of the modules. Don't be bashful. Usually if the starting circuit is bad in one it stays bad and doesn't get better.
  14. Roger Lee

    T Coupler

    The picture above is like all the other CT's. Jacques, yours looks like it is sideways in the picture? We had this discussion back in 2007 and FD said it was to face forward. The dam (raised side) on that port is supposed to face forward. Any other direction affects the readings. Most that I have ever seen all face forward.
  15. Roger Lee

    Wheel Fairings Weight

    The weight isn't enough to worry about. Remember they are hollow. I don't take mine off because I don't want to throw up rocks and dirt or sling water all over the plane