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  1. Easy to polish. Just buy some polish from Ace Hardware or the auto parts. I've seen several people do this. Polich $3.50, lights $350+.
  2. Both Dynon's must have the same software to operate correctly. Same for the Dynon autopilot if you have one. Updates are free, but I doubt you'll ever see another one for the D100 and D120
  3. 1/8" aluminum will bend. It takes a pretty good pounding to pop the gearbox off. p.s. Don't tighten down the bolts that join the tree pieces together. They need to be able to move so you can line up the screw holes on the puller and gearbox.
  4. Homemade gearbox puller. Then you can use either an all thread 18" bolt with a 5 lb weight or just go to harbor Freight and buy a cheap slide hammer. Homemade Gearbox puller1.pdf
  5. My gearbox puller looks very close to Jacques. My only difference is my slide hammer part. Mine is a slide hammer I got from Harbor Freight.
  6. The one from CPS is $90 and you may only use it once ever unless you do it for a living. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I go to the field of my homemade one. It cost around $30 for everything and was easy to do. Just a bolt together setup with some 1" angle iron and a slide hammer from Harbor Freight.
  7. We had a nice talk on the phone and a far better understanding of what was happening and all the other details. I misunderstood the first post. What he has is normal.
  8. 250F is way to far out. There are several things that could cause it. Normal is anywhere from 15F - 80F. Rotax considers anything at the 15F mark the same temp. When temps are up in the 1250F - 1500F 15F is nothing. Give me a call. Brett's my go to guy for odd and weird problems.
  9. The huge majority of engines with multi cylinders will not have perfectly even EGT's and it will always vary with throttle. The EGT's aren't a fixed number and they are a range to fall in, but shouldn't exceed 120F separation. Since the advent of digital split hairs panel info we tend to look at them as absolutes and should realise it's okay and normal to not be an absolute, but between ranges and then we try to fix things that really don't need fixing. Our EGT's are just that and they are only one indicator of what the engine is doing. We care usually only when they are way too high or low or have a significant split that wasn't there in previous runs. Some things are designed certain ways for a reason of which you will never know and designed for longevity. Plus of course playing with these things may only cost $18.5K if you screw up. Just a drop in the bucket. This has been played with now for a few decades and it remains the same. Just a new batch of people.
  10. When I did my wing seal I took a small space heater and got some 4" OD clothes dryer aluminum flex tube. Safety wired it onto the front of the small heater and then brought it up to the open fuel bulkhead port and It was a perfect fit. Then I removed the gas cap. The air flowed from the bulkhead through the tank and out the fuel filler opening. Then I turned the heater on low and let it cure for 3 days. Worked out well.
  11. Re-sealing the tank is fairly easy. When I had my small wing leak on the bottom I just sloshed some Kreem Wiess in the tank and all was well. It was fairly painless.
  12. Thermostat controllers are all over Amazon. I just bought one a month ago for a heat lamp in my water treatment shed. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=thermostat+controler&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 Then there is the the SwitchBox controller. https://switchboxcontrol.com/
  13. I sent you an email with your questions answered.
  14. Rotax 912 ULS has been running just fine for 30 years and over 5.5 million run hours. Why mess with it? Many have over 3k-4K hours on them. Don’t make a problem just because you think there is one.
  15. If anyone needs carbs overhauled you can send them to me. I'm about $150-$200 cheaper than Lockwood or the others and I only have a 1 day turn around.
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