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  1. Wingtip Repair

    Because it was at the end of the muffler almost no difference in sound. If a pipe had broken up by a head then that would be different. It definitely burnt the cowl and all the hot gases were directed inside. If this had gone on much longer it may have had a different outcome.
  2. Wingtip Repair

  3. Wing Inspection

    My personal thought is that removing wings every two years does cause wear. It has to. I tried to get them to go to every 3 years. To my knowledge no one has found any issues unless someone here has heard different. That said some people using the 91 Oct. fuel gets so much brown dye staining in the fuel sight tubes they can become a little hard to read. A flashlight will take care of that. The tubes may get stiff, but they are not bittle. I have a video here on the forum that demonstrates that. I also wish FD would have made that opening where the sight tubes are a little larger so you could get into that area easier and swap tubes without pulling the wings. I know you can get to them, but it's a royal PITA to do it.
  4. Wingtip Repair

    I just need the coolant bottle and exhaust pipe. There is a rivet in the bottom of the exhaust pipe that needs to be drilled. I would highly suggest that a new stainless rivet be put back in its place otherwise there is nothing here to keep history from repeating itself.
  5. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    The FAA says you can go on condition. I have talked to them at nauseam about this and there are publications out there. It is the same for other GA aircraft not under special rules. The FAA stance is that Rotax nor any aircraft MFG can set policy either below or over what the FAA has approved. The FAA approves on condition at either the hourly TBO or the yearly TBO. Tell the facility to do their due diligence and call the FAA head people or do their research on line.
  6. Replacement Seat Belts

    I don't believe the lap belts come loose. Just the shoulder harnesses. My lap belts or others I know stay tight.
  7. Wingtip Repair

    It will be Randy the owner. I got the plane ready this morning. You'll be shocked. I'll give him the phone number.
  8. Replacement Seat Belts

    Lap belts should be snug on the hip bones and not the belly. On the belly during a crash can and will cause internal abdominal damage. Shoulder harnesses can be a tad looser, but should have something like a strap or whatever to keep them drawn towards the middle of the sternum and not falling off your shoulders. If you have the seatbelt across the pelvic bones then contact with the roof should be near impossible.
  9. Call Eric Swisher of Copperstate Aviation. he's here on the forum. ( He's a lot lighter than me :)) His number is 520-266-0515 .
  10. Wingtip Repair

    CTLSi will be up to see you guys Saturday.
  11. Radiator Cap

    An SB many years ago told people to remove that .9 bar cap and not use them any more.
  12. Radiator Cap

    The older .9 bar cap shouldn't even be available any more. You should only be able to get the 1.2 bar (18 psi) cap. If for some reason the cap you get is only .9 bar send it back. I didn't even think they had these on the market for rotax any longer. When the CPS operator pulled up that old part number it should have redirected her to the new one.
  13. Rotax Service Bulletin

    Only planes Mfg after June 2016. No 912 CTSW's or CTLS's. Maybe 1-2 CTLSI's. Then if you had new pushrods installed which I doubt there are any.
  14. Hi JWS, You'll like the Dynon digital panel better and gives more helpful info. It's easier to read and reads in small increments to help any diagnostics.
  15. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    I've had a few calls from attendees worried about using 100LL. For the amount of 100LL you'll use for this trip it isn't worth a worry. If you use 91 Oct. most of the time when you're at home then this small amount won't be an issue in the run time of the engine. Use Decalin with the 100LL and that will help mitigate some of the lead. This single trip's 100LL use amounts to nothing. Just go have fun and don't overthink everything. Wish I was there!