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  1. Roger Lee

    CTSW luggage door - green safety / retention line

    More or less just braided fishing line.
  2. Roger Lee

    CTLSi Electrical System Questions

    Lane A&B are separate systems and if they fail then you have your emergency switch power. There are 4 trigger coils and then the battery for power. If all power and the plane is totally dead which as far as I know has never happened in a 912iS engine then the decision has been made for you. You glide to a landing.
  3. You only need to send the chute back. No rocket parts. All new rocket parts are replaced by BRS and then you assemble them. I have done a few and never sent a rocket part back.
  4. Roger Lee

    Self leaning works

    New carb vent tubes can be purchased at Ace Aviation.
  5. Roger Lee

    Fuel starvation

    Just take a look at the sight tubes in LEVEL COORDINATED flight every half hour.
  6. Roger Lee

    Fuel starvation

    1/2 ball out usually keeps tanks equal and 1 full ball out transfers fuel to the other tank and feeds the engine.
  7. Roger Lee

    Prop balance question?

    $200 is cheap. Many are $300+
  8. Roger Lee

    90° hose options?

    I never changed the clamps. I always used the ones that were on to start. I just cut the skinny part off.
  9. Roger Lee

    90° hose options?

    Hi Tom, i cut the narrow ends way back so it is more on the thicker part. I then push the hose way up on each fitting. I have never had one leak this way because the clamp works better on the thicker part. It is usually one of the harder hose to get off if done this way.
  10. Roger Lee

    90° hose options?

    You can’t just put any hose on here if you are SLSA.
  11. Roger Lee

    Another oil temp question?

    I think the huge majority here is flying oil temp and not CHT. Hi Tom, i went back and re-read some post. It looks like some are swapping the conversation between coolant and oil. I would observe most fly by the oil temp since rarely does the coolant hit mas since the radiator is up front and the coolant behind it. Coolant max temps are 248 with 50/50 and oil is 266, but the huge majority use oil temp as their indicator for their engine temp. Coolant temps are usually down below oil temps. Using Evans makes all temps hotter. The numbers can be found in the Operators manual under the section for pressures and temps for the ULS and in the SB912-043. I’ve never had a CT overheat on the coolant, but many times on the oil.
  12. Roger Lee

    Another oil temp question?

    That was my 2006 CTSW and I don’t have it any more. I just took my Drexel tool and trimmed around the opening a little to expose more radiator. It worked well and it was easy to do.
  13. Roger Lee

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    They probably won’t fit. I seriously doubt panels are identically drilled.
  14. Roger Lee

    Another oil temp question?

    Evans boiling point is 375F. 50/50 is around 270-275F. Evans won’t vaporize at 270F, but 50/50 will so Rotax lowered the max temp of 266F to 248F to prevent vaporization and engine damage. If you are at 235-240F on a climb out the Evans temp penalty will take you over max. Rotax does not want Evans used any more.
  15. Roger Lee

    Another oil temp question?

    Because Evans carries a 20-30F temp penalty and when the engine runs hotter so does the oil.