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  1. Roger Lee

    What are these three wires for?

    Those are ground wires. Put them under the head of the screw at the ignition module.
  2. Roger Lee

    Too much oil a bad thing?

    Hi Tom, "Roger, I am Rotax trained, and know how to do an oil change." I wasn't being derogatory about you just making a comment for some that may not know and that's why I posted the video link. It was more for the original poster. Sorry if you took it wrong it wasn't my intention.
  3. Roger Lee

    high oil temperature reading at startup

    Depending on the type of oil and OAT and engine block temp the oil pressure can many times be any where from 65 - 80 psi, but should come back down to normal as it warms up. This can also be influenced by the type of oil pressure plug screw, oil pressure spring and whether you have the ball bearing or the mushroom style oil pressure regulator.
  4. Roger Lee

    Too much oil a bad thing?

    I have used all 3 liters of oil for 20 years and never been over filled. You must burp the engine before you drain the oil (this is taught in class and on the videos) to get as much of the crankcase oil back to the tank. If you fail to do this then yes the system can get over filled because of the left over oil in the crankcase. Remember that the oil filter is empty and that will take some of the oil. We teach in all our classes to use all 3 liters which should only put it up to the top of the flat area. If you only use 3 quarts that usually puts you right around the half way mark on the stick. If you watch the video from Rotax Owner shown below it says approximately 3 liters. The flat area on the stick used to be lower, but Rotax was worried about some of the older oils foaming and then introducing air into the system. So they raised the level on the stick by 30% to make sure you were always only getting oil and no foam. If you ever do over fill the tank can handle a little extra and is of no concern, but there is a point that too much will just cause it to come out the vent tube when the engine starts. The difference in oil volume between the lowest flat part and the upper flat part of the stick is .95 pint. https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/videos-topmenu/expanded-video-instructions/39-exp-si-27-010
  5. Roger Lee

    Hull Coverage - do you have too much?

    Hi Tom, Years ago I ask 3 insurance companies if I bought a plane for $80K if I could insure it for $100K. They all said no. If you could do this what would prevent all of us from committing insurance fraud by falsely marking up your planes value and then totaling it and making more money than you spent.
  6. Roger Lee

    Replace my CTSW with a CTSW or a Globe Swift?

    My friend at my field has a red Swift. I think a CT will perform better on a hot day at your elevation. It will cost less to maintain and it doesn't have 50-60 year old parts.
  7. Roger Lee

    Hull Coverage - do you have too much?

    You can only insure your aircraft for what you paid for it. You have the option of reducing its value, but that may also be a can of worms your don't want to open.
  8. Roger Lee

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    You could adjust it at the rodends. Either out at the aileron or inside the inspection port.
  9. Roger Lee

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    You have pitch up next to the throttle, you have the aileron trim down by your hips in the center console and you have the rudder trim back by the parachute handle. The aileron trim down by your hips on the center console moves left and right with the wheel. It can be harder to move than the other two trims, but that's normal in most CT's.
  10. When you get up into the 20 & 30's you'll find zero flaps and keeping throttle in around 2500-2700 to give you prop wash over the tail section for control over the wind and will be easier.
  11. Roger Lee

    Plane for Sale

    922 HT HT stands for Harold Thomas
  12. Roger Lee

    Engine quit in flight

    This isn't a new subject. We have been discussing this since 2007.
  13. Roger Lee

    Engine quit in flight

    What Tom said. Since the left tank drains faster start flying your longer flights with the ball 1/2 out to the left. This will equal your overall fuel flow. As Tom said if you get low on fuel and one tank is empty and your are out of coordination to the right tank some then the fuel will move away from the inner wing root and out towards the outer part of of tank away from the fuel pick up. If you want to transfer fuel from the right wing to your left fly 1 ball out to the left. All this is a function of a flat fuel tank. Some certified aircraft have the same issue. You will not have an rpm drop on a CTSW with carb heat and especially on the ground.
  14. Roger Lee

    Carbs Rebuilt

    There is nothing in writing for a carb overhaul. I'm usually good for around 800 hrs. or 6 - 8 years provided they have had good maint. all along and sync well. I charge $400 plus $25 for shipping with a 1 day turn around. The Service centers charge $550 and up and definitely NOT a 1 day urn around.
  15. Roger Lee


    The only ones that can change are the ones built right about May - June of 2006 or later. The earlier 1500 hour engines can not go to 2000 TBO because they have a different crankcase. You could replace the crankcase, but that's cost prohibitive. You must look at the serial number if you're close to May - June of 2006.. If you do have an engine that was built right around July 2006 or later then yes you qualify, but you not only have to change the oil pressure plug screw, but also the spring. This is spelled out in the literature.