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  1. Roger Lee

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Hi Duane, Law Enforcement has to stay at 1320 unless they go to Utility category. I heard this right from the first Sheriff's Dept. folks that had the first CT LE setup. If you put floats on the weight allowance jumps to 1430. The 2 guys from Switzerland weighed in at 1645 with the extra fuel tanks. When I flew my SW with my wife, full fuel and baggage I was 1475 and I liked the way it flew and landed better. I won't say where I heard it, but FD isn't really worried up to 1500. If there is a weight increase a seriously doubt FD will allow any existing aircraft to change. They would have to certify all models to meet ASTM standards.
  2. Roger Lee

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    The 912iS engine is in economy below 5300 and anything at 5300 or higher burns more fuel than the SW. Prop pitch plays a big part here.
  3. Roger Lee

    Airplane Taxes

    Mine was $175. no other fees when adding or removing items and no fees for info on the phone. I guarantee there are p[lanes at your field that are registered in other states and all states say they are supposed to leave and come back, but I have never seen that enforced. Who's to say when it comes and goes.
  4. Roger Lee

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    You throttle back because the extra rpm waste more fuel than speed increase. It isn't an efficient use of the resources at hand.
  5. Roger Lee

    Airplane Taxes

    Register it in Missoula, Montana in an LLC. Cheap and easy. You put put all your vehicles, planes, boats and trailers there. Some plates are permanent and some dirt cheap per year.
  6. Roger Lee

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    "Do you have a power / torque curve / graph?" The power and torque curve graph in the Rota manual doesn't really apply to us. It is predicated on a constant speed prop and other variables. It's only good as a general reference. Plus you have to factor in gauge inaccuracies, elevation differences and temp differences and aircraft differences. 5600-5650 is and will always be the best BALANCED rpm at WOT at your average altitude setting. Anything less than 5500 rpm WOT is over pitched and has zero redeeming qualities. A CT set at 5600-5650 will always be a tad faster than 5500. This was proven during the prop research testing. Flying at 5500 vs 5300 usually doesn't make a 10 knt difference. This is where the human factor (changes in pitch whether you think your level or not and cross controlling, gauge inaccuracies and wishful thinking play a part. The extra fuel consumption and few extra knots usually isn't worth the extra rpm. Unless less someone has four identical planes, 14+ different props and the ability to have only one set up person and take off side by side and fly side by side at the same time the study facts don't lie. These numbers have proven to be good for almost all that have set their system up to these specs. The issue then becomes the human factor. Just like some said early on they could set 150 knts with -12 flaps. Same as before--Hogwash.( I tested that) Bottom line chasing a few knots isn't worth the time effort and is usually faulty due to the human flying. It will always be different because no two flights have the exact characteristics.
  7. Roger Lee

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    "WOT will produce 5,600 RPM" Leave it here. You're in a good spot. Prop pitch should be set up at your average altitude which can be different for other pilots. Some may live at sea level and never really get over 2K ft. and others fly at 9K+ ft. The rpm should remain the same, but the prop pitch will be different. When I did my big prop research project years ago 5600-5650 is the seat spot for a BALANCED climb, cruise, fuel economy and engine temp set up. We will all have days we may fly lower and some higher. Playing with anything more than you already have will just be chasing your tail. Each flight will always give different results. How you take off (flaps vs no flaps) angle you climb at, outside air temps, winds and the big factor is the human at the controls. No one fly's like a machine that does it EXACTLY the same each flight even if they think so.
  8. Does anyone happen to have a left red wing tip strobe for sale? I could use one.. Thanks
  9. Roger Lee

    Tell me about Decalin

    It may help, but I truly don't know if the 91 oct. would mitigate the 100LL lead and at what concentrations it would take. Bottom line it wouldn't hurt.
  10. Roger Lee

    No fuel crossfeed.

    It will flow. The trick is to have ENOUGH differential head pressure from one side to the other. If the pressure differential is marginal it won't transfer.
  11. Roger Lee

    Grounding while fueling

    Use the exhaust. It is grounded to the battery or we wouldn't use it to charge or jump the aircraft. Plus to have a ground like some think you would need to drive a 6' copper rod into the ground and attach that to the plane just like hangars and homes that are grounded. Plus our planes are carbon fiber so it conducts electrical current so it can be grounded through the system. All you're trying to do is help prevent static build up. Food for thought. Let's look at realistic circumstances. There has never been a documented static fire in Tucson. Ladders that you use usually have rubber or plastic feet so it doesn't really touch the ground and you're standing on an un-grounded ladder. . The gas fill neck on the plane is epoxy'd in place so it really doesn't have carbon fiber contact because epoxy doesn't have the same electrical properties as carbon fiber. So the carbon fiber at the neck may not have electrical properties for the ground on the exhaust. So now you're standing on a non grounded ladder, with a nozzle from a truck that isn't grounded into the soil and a plane that isn't grounded to the soil. What's the worry. LOL Just fuel it. p.s. The grounds built into the plane, truck and pumps will prevent or safely discharge static build up. p.s.s. Take a voltmeter and check continuity from the exhaust to the fuel filler neck. I did this. Surprise is in your future. LOL
  12. Roger Lee

    New Floats from MS

    Why even mess with it. Just use the Bing / Rotax floats from the service centers. They have worked the last few years to get it right. If you have an SLSA and had any type of incident then the carbs will be opened up and the MS floats could land you directly in the line of fire from the FAA and any one you may injure during an incident. This would open you up to liability where using the approved Rotax floats wouldn't. Rotax and Bing have already done all the experimenting and fixing and private owners don't have the tools, instruments or knowledge to play with these. No curb to pull over to in the sky or if severe flooding happened because of these and you caught fire I personally know I'm terrible at writing obituaries.
  13. Roger Lee

    New Floats from MS

    The reason the new floats have the inner brass guide cut back compared to the older style where the brass guide was longer is because the new floats weighed too much. Cutting back the brass guide saved weight.
  14. Roger Lee

    Firewall coating

    Yes all CT's were to either have the metallic firewall blanket installed or later on in the LS models it was painted on from the factory. A firewall protection is an ASTM standard. The CT2K's and SW's had the firewall blanket installed. There will be nothing between you and a fire without it except some plastic and that won't last long. Pray your over water and the jump is less than 100'. LOL
  15. Roger Lee

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    You don't need a certified welder. That break is easy to weld. The new cost may be more than you think because they come in pieces and need to be welded and you better pray that welder can get them perfectly lined up. Better to weld the old.