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  1. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    You can get an LOA for a Sensenich 68" 3 blade for an LS or SW. If you want a Sensenich prop I'm and OEM and can get you a discount. Model: 3B0R5R68C
  2. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    You live in Georgia. That's enough to cause anything to crack. Usually when I see this it's from being stored outside. I know that isn't the case here. How about before you bought the aircraft? I would also bet that vibration has played a part. Vibration which you can only feel bad vibration may still be there and you can't feel it. Things like this usually come from owners not syncing carbs, props out of balance and gearbox's that need shimming. I know these may not be an issue on yours, but should be ruled out. Then there is it just may be a bad prop and you had nothing to do with it.
  3. Kennel Storage?

    If a dog does well in a car they would most likely be okay after a couple of flights. many dogs do fly, but usually up front and not stuffed in a baggage compartment. If you wouldn't stuff your 4 year old kid in the baggage compartment then why would you do a dog or cat this way.
  4. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    They are in fact stress cracks. I have seen these cracks in a few Neuform's. The only sure way to tell is to send it up to FD and let their prop guy take a look. If you have to put another prop on put a Sensenich 68" 3 blade.
  5. Kennel Storage?

    This may be pretty stressful for the dog. Sitting up front looking out the window is one thing, but other ideas may produce a lot of anxiety.
  6. Low Fuel Pressure

    Put a mechanical gunge in line and try again to confirm it is a real low pressure and not the sender or anything else. I have to do that tomorrow to check an abnormally high oil pressure and fuel pressure.
  7. Low Fuel Pressure

    Hi Sid, I would run it and even fly it a few times. Most likely air in the system. If it wasn't having an issue before the hose change this is the most likely answer unless you tugged on some wire too hard. Usually a bad connection like at the sender causes high fuel pressure alarms.
  8. Make good landings either type work just fine. Out of the 1800 CT's world wide most have aluminum. Drop it in from too high and you'll break either set. Even if you have over engineered leg struts you'll break the next weak point. The SW will usually just bend, the LS may not only break the strut, but the fuselage to. Why worry you all make good landings right?
  9. Low Fuel Pressure

    This isn't an issue for the huge majority of CT's. You need to ask yourself why me? None of my guys are having issues and we live in either or both hot or higher elevations.
  10. Jerrycan

    There are a number of plastic tank fuel totes around that either use a hand pump or some air pressure to flow fuel from the tote into the tank via a hose. A google search should show a number of them.
  11. Low Fuel Pressure

    Your SB is only revision 1 and there is a revision 2. That low short term pressure is only on installation on first start and many times because of air in the system. This should not be a recurring problem on a regular or extended basis. SB-912-063R2 This paragraph is only after the first install start and says it must stabilize at normal pressure. "Low fuel pressure indications are possible and allowed. But the pressure must stabilize to the operating limit within 5 seconds. If not, the cause should be determined and rectified. Due to the technical design and installation conditions (construction of the return line, etc.) pressure fluctuations, at the fuel pump part no. 893110 are possible. These pressure fluctuations within the specified operating limits are not considered to a problem." Reaccuring pressure fluctuations like what is in the first post is a problem some place. If it isn't rectified by squeezing the connections on the sender and loose wires have been ruled out the just pop in another $30 sender. Many times the sender is the culprit. I always have a couple on hand.
  12. Low Fuel Pressure

    Corey, What bulletin says this drop is normal and okay?
  13. Low Fuel Pressure

    Hi Sid, If it is a VDO sender take a pair of pliers and squeeze the connections on the fuel pressure sender even if you think they are firmly on there.
  14. Rolls in a CT?

    Remember our weak point is the stab. That is what will most likely fail first.
  15. Hi Dick, I tried to call the other day. I'm at home all day today so call me. If the tire is clean then I have never had any black residue on a wing. I used my "Oil Eater" degreaser to clean it. The tire is so stiff and the wing's weight is so little it doesn't really compress the tire much. Tom's way would work well. Cut a few inches off the bottom for the smaller tire CT's and add a little more cushion on the larger tire CT's.
  16. It would make it easier because wing height on the smaller tires is different on the larger tires. I have the lift on one side, but only a 6' ladder on the other. The ladder is okay for the lerger wheel aircraft, but a little too tall for the smaller wheels. Yes two lifts would be better.
  17. The ladder is okay, but with the smaller tires it makes a wing pull re-alignment a little more challenging because it's almost too tall. Using the hoist allows you to align the holes fairly easy when by yourself.
  18. I like my lift because then there is nothing in your way while working. I tried other jacks at the axle and leg strut, but these thing were just in my way. Plus it doesn't matter if I get a 6.00x6 or a 4.00x6 tire setup in the shop.
  19. Tucson - San Francisco trip

    I've made this flight 3 times. I stopped in Big Bear once, but prefer Apple Valley more. Lower altitude and more runway choices. Even Victorville isn't bad just nothing there, but a long long runway and Million Air FBO for fuel with a small restaurant. A straight through flight is 6 hours and add an hour for your stop. Being this time of year start at sunup and you'll get to SF at a decent time and miss the hotter part of the day Mnt. thermals. Go through Tehachapi Pass in CA through the Mnts. It isn't high or long. p.s. Try to make the trip on a calmer vs windy day.
  20. Nothing in your way this way. I did a wing pull with this today.
  21. Drip Tray and the new cylinderheads

    It's definitely the gearbox. I have heard it many times. It should go away as the box breaks in and the wear points are established.
  22. Wheel pants vibration

    Always balance tires. Wheel pants will vibrate, but you can fix that. Remove any rubber piece on the backside of the wheel pant. Place a large fender washer on the backside between the wheel pant rod and the outside of the wheel pant. This will sandwich the wheel pant and keep it from moving and vibrating and letting the threads on the screw eat the hole out larger. Tighten that wheel pant screw tight. The pant should not be able to move. I have done this on every single CT that has come through the shop. Do the same for the front wheel pant. Place a large fender washer on the left side and the right side, but on the right side add a plastic or metal bushing about 3/8" long because there is a space there and you don't want to squeeze down the pant in an un-natural position. The spacer goes between the wheel pants and the spacer and the spacer is against the front wheel axle. Make sure these screws are tight. I find these screws too loose way to often. This will cause vibration, but more importantly cause the holes to wear out and cause the hole up inside the front wheel pant that sits over the positioning pint to wear out. With washers on both sides of the wheel pants and NO rubber make sure all these screws are tight. Between the tire balance and the fender washers on the inside of the pants the problem will go away.
  23. As Tom pointed out the easiest way is to clamp the fuel hose.
  24. You can lift up down by the gear leg, but there is an easier and safer way that it won't fall. I'll take a picture Monday and post. I take my engine hoist and put a small metal bracket on top of the hoist end above the hook. Then I put a 12" sq. piece of plywood and then a 6.00x6 tire with a tube in it inflated to around 3 psi. This now fits nicely under the wing right by the wing tie down where it's the strongest and then jack it up until the tire is off the ground. I use this to also pull the wings. Then I can lift or lower the wings at will to align the pin holes when re-installing the wings. During the tire change process or brake job most people have to leave the wing jacked in the air and then fuel transfers to the other wing and many times it will over flow. I can lowerthe wings level while I do the work after the tire is off.
  25. Cost to replace/overhaul the engine.

    Yes and for the last few years.