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  1. Fuel Sight Tubes

    With my engine hoist mod I can do it by myself. I will say having the second set of hands does make it easier and faster.
  2. Door Lever Guide Plate

    Ibjet, Looks like you are now a new parts supplier. I have seen a number of these broken guides.
  3. Door Lever Guide Plate

    Hi Tom, there is no down side to applying a dab of silicone on the metal door handle in the area that contacts that plastic guide. It won’t hurt a thing. I’ve been doing it on every single CT since 2006 That’s a pretty good track record of no issues. I’ve been lubing the door pins with it to since 2006 with zero issues. Silicone doesn’t belong everywhere, but here isn’t an issue. It keeps from wearing out and breaking other parts which are far more expensive and harder to deal with.
  4. Door Lever Guide Plate

    I have always put a dab of silicone paste on the metal handle where it slides and contacts the plastic guide. This helps keep the metal handle from wearing and grinding down the plastic and makes it operate more smoothly with less drag. Remember the key to usually not breaking these and to stop wind from coming in the front edge of the door is to adjust the door position up at the hinge mounting. The door can be moved. The top of the door where the hinges screw in to the fuselage top plate has a metal strip so the screws / hinges can be moved forward. if you have a lot of drag on the door pins which make it hard to latch the door the pin holes can be slightly enlarged to reduce the excessive drag which reduces pin and hole wear.
  5. Fuel Sight Tubes

    It is easier to have one person hold the wing especially when putting them back in. That person out on the wing tip when both wings are fully in can raise or lower the wing some which helps align the spar pin holes. I use a modified engine hoist to raise and lower the wing to align holes since I’m usually by myself. Makes it easier to line the flaps up to.
  6. Fuel Sight Tubes

    Trying to change the fuel sight tubes with the wings in place is not only a challenge, but a royal PITA. I wouldn’t do it either. The opening to the sight tubes is too small and at the wrong angles to make this a viable solution. Like everyone said just do it at the wing pull and then it’s easy. Wing pull: Drain all fuel out the gas collator with the bottom cup of the gascolator off. You need two wing supports. If you allow the wings to fall it will damage your roof. You can use two 6’ ladders with a thin padding under each wing BEFORE you pull the main spar pins. Remove the nut and bolt to the ailerons just back behind the wing spar channel on each side. The ailerons will fall unless someone holds them or you slowly let the swivel bracket down with your fingers. Remove the fuel hose that comes out of the fuel bulkhead just below the fuel sight tube. Remove the wing spar pin retaining caps. Now make sure the ladders are in place and have someone hold the flaps because when you pull the pins and slide the wing out the flaps will fall. So long as the ladders are in place or at least someone is holding the wings up you can pull the spar pins. Now you can slide each wing out. Some slide easy and some need to be wiggled and pulled harder. As you pull the wings have the person holding the flap guide the wires out and any tubing so they don’t get hung up and you break them. Now you can let the wings sit on the ladders. They won’t fall off so long as some of the spar is in its channel that will keep the wing from twisting and falling. Now do your inspection and change the sight tubes. Then reverse this process. Have someone lift the flap up to guide it into its slot. Have someone lift the aileron up in position when ready to. this should get you through it. There are other little tips, but aren’t really needed for your first time. Your welcome to call me if you want more help.
  7. Fuel Sight Tubes

    Use different hose. Mine never have pinch points and I use Ace Aviation poly. If yours has a pinch point cut a new piece 1" longer.
  8. Fuel Sight Tubes

    I haven't had any issues. I have found if you have a slight pinched down spot it is caused by the length of the tube you cut. Usually too short. That said a slightly restricted spot isn't an issue since this just shows a gravity induced level and not a flow. and always install it in the direction of the tube coils natural bend.
  9. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    The real Madhatter has been on Xanax since the book came out.
  10. Door Lever Guide Plate

    Pick what you want to be sacrificial in use and what is harder to repair or replace. That should lead you to the plastic use. Most of these door guides broke due to hard closing doors. Fix that and you'll fix the breakage.
  11. Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    Yep he will fail again. He shouldn't have mixed engine parts.
  12. Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    He said it in the end. He ignored others advice. A 23 year old engine, bumped an 80 hp to 120 hp. Lots of issues played into this and yet the engine ran for 23 years. It was never ever designed to be 120 hp and those stresses. At 23 years it certainly wasn't an Mfg defect.
  13. Door Lever Guide Plate

    If you make it out of aluminum then the handle lever will wear and it gets more stress when opening and closing and will break. Better to keep the guide a softer material. It is easier to replace. This guide should not break unless the lever is forced too much in the wrong direction. Better to fix the door alignment so the pins slide smoothly. I re-aligned my doors and they both were very smooth and no air gap up on the front door edge.
  14. Note*** When you call California Power Systems to sign up make sure you tell them it is for the Tucson, AZ class in October so it isn't confused with some other class..New Rotax 912UL/ULS & 912iS Service ClassConducted by Rotax Instructor Roger Lee in Tucson, AZIn conjunction with California Power SystemsCome join us for a new and exciting Service class. Lots of hands on so don't miss it!http://www.cps-parts.com/catalog/rtxpages/912service-inspclass.phpOct. 6th & 7th, 2018(Saturday & Sunday)This class is a must for an Owner, LSRM or an A&P mechanic to develop their 912 series inspection skills and knowledge.This class will focus on a hands on approach to completing a 100 hour / annual condition inspection. The class will differ from other Service rated classes as it will spend less classroom time and a lot of hands on time with a live engine performing a 100 hour / Annual Condition Inspection. You will be able to ask on the spot questions and solve problems on the live engine while developing and expanding your 912 inspection skills and knowledge base. We will have classroom in the morning Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 6th & 7th) and spend both afternoons doing an annual inspection on an in-service and operational 912 engine. The afternoons will be spent in the hangar and everyone will be turning wrenches and performing task. You WILL understand a carb sync at the end of this class. We will have the Maintenance manual out and will follow the inspection procedures. At the end of this class you should be well grounded in the performance of a 100 hour / annual condition inspection. You will receive a Rotax Service certificate for successful completion of this class.Our classroom is air conditioned and comfortable. Maximum student limit of 10. The class size is limited to make sure everyone gets to participate so don’t procrastinate and sign up now. Class times will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Fly into Tucson International Airport (TIA) or fly your own plane into Ryan Airfield. Classes are Saturday and Sunday. All rental cars are on site at Tucson International Airport or Enterprise will pick you up if you fly into Ryan Airfield. Several hotels are just hundreds of yards down the street at TIA. Ryan Airport (KRYN) is only 10-12 minute drive. The entire experience is convenient and comfortable.For additional information or to sign up call Brain Toepfer at CPS in CA at 951-549-7786 ext. 302 or email bryantoepfer@cps-parts.com. For additional class details call Roger Lee in Tucson, AZ at 520-574-1080.CLASS OVERVIEW:This is a two day 16 hour class that qualifies graduates to maintain 912 series engines under ASTM standards as set forth by the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) regulations. Passing a written exam is required for Rotax certification and graduates will be issued an IRMT (Independent Rotax Maintenance Technician) badge and service number valid for two years.This course will supply attendees with the following information and skills:· Rotax History and Product Familiarization· Senders and Instrumentation· Gearbox : The internal workings and maintenance· Propeller considerations, adjustment and its effects on your engine· Hose inspection, maintenance and considerations· Oil System workings, maintenance and considerations· Cooling System workings, maintenance and considerations· Fuel System workings, maintenance and considerations· Carburetor workings, maintenance and keeping them in sync· Ignition Theory· Compression and why it’s important, what it tells us and performance of a real compression test· Troubleshooting· Scheduled Maintenance· Maintenance DocumentationMATERIALS:All tools, reading materials, and supplies will be provided, however you should bring a laptop or tablet to view the manuals or do any research. A free WIFI connection is available in the classroom.http://www.cps-parts.com/catalog/rtxpages/912service-inspclass.php
  15. Desert Flying

    They shouldn't be an issue at altitude and the air conditioner is on at that altitude. i.e. 9K plus
  16. Desert Flying

    I live in Arizona. Plenty of hot summer days. We tend to fly early at sun up to miss out on those wonderful thermals. That said if we do fly in the middle of the day it is up high where the temps are cooler. If your engine temps are okay on take off then no problem. If they do want to climb over 245F then take off flatter with more speed to get better air flow. Other than that no special issues. Make sure your WOT is at or above 5500 rpm in level flight. 5600-5650 is the best balanced rpm. Lower rpms will cause engine temps to climb and poor performance in high DA situations.
  17. Heater control Removal

    I just cut the old brass crimp off and slid the cable out the hole. Then I used a cable stop with a set screw. You can also just crimp a new cable stop on and then use a cotter pin. Just push the cable into the eye of the cotter pin and then put the cotter pin through the hole. Then the cotter pin / cable can be removed any time. I posted pictures of this years ago. This makes it easy for future removals. This is in our pictures section.
  18. Shaft bearing

  19. 406 ELT Antenna Installation

    Hi Tom, The ones I have seen done did put them in the same place.
  20. All wheels should be balanced. I have never found a wheel to be in balance without weights. II would check your front end on your plane. This check is in the maint. manual for each inspection and a good practice during pre-flights. Grab the prop right up by the spinner and lift the nose wheel up about an inch or so and then let the plane nose down firmly. There should be no free play up or down. If there is the red polyurethane spacers may need replacement. Recently I also found the nut on the main bolt inside extremely lose. Then have someone hold the tail down with the front wheel off the ground. Wiggle the nose wheel left and right. It should be firm or at least no more than about a 1/4" play. More than that it needs the front suspension guide pin replace as it or the slot it rides in is worn. Leaving this side to side motion in will get worse and could lead to more expensive repairs,
  21. Glide Ratio

    I've landed many times full dead stick. I haven't noticed any real difference in a glide. It may be there, but too small to be noticeable. There are more things that affect the glide far more than this. Things like you have to land in a specific spot so wing, OAT, aircraft weight, pilot skill and speeds, ect... glide is there, but don't depend on any specific number. In an emergency all bets are off and you deal with what' you're dealt.
  22. 100LL questions

    And I can't wait see Andy and Bill again.
  23. 100LL questions

    Confucius say: I'm an equal opportunity teaser. Life's too short not to make other people smile. Was I a serious type when I first met you and Andy? If someones a perpetual grump they aren't going to like me and that's okay. Too many nice and fun people in the world to let one influence your life. Happy Camper til the end..
  24. A long time ago I recommended that before you have a flat tire in the field or just needed to change it at home that everyone lift the front wheel pant and see if it cleared the axle. If not I recommend that you take your handy dandy Dremel tool with a sanding drum and lower the notch up at the top where it contacts the air frame so the wheel pant will clear when needed. This only takes a few minutes to do and is well worth doing.
  25. 100LL questions

    That's always the issue with black and white text. No emotions, facial expressions and voice inflection. So people take things the wrong way. Plus people that have never met do not know the individual. I always joke and NEVER get upset. But I do like to have fun with people who do get upset.