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  1. Why not now. You and Bill like storms and hurricanes. LOL You should be used to them by now. Plus you can make you 5 day trip into a 3 weeker. LOL
  2. Hi Bill, Nice to hear from you to. It won't make any difference since your only moving it out of the rubber socket and then turning is sideways. It is the cable sheath that would need to be changed and not the inside cable itself. p.s. Can't turn the SW carbs with the stainless steel fuel tube to the carb because it's too ridged, but you can lift it enough to clear the trays.
  3. Hi John, Leave the drip trays alone. They break easier on those narrow tabs. Since everything on the carb is moving together nothing else should be affected. I've been doing it this way for 20 years and never had any issues.
  4. Hi Andy, Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well out there. Look forward to seeing you and Bill again one of these days.
  5. Okay I'm back and the story of my demise was greatly exaggerated.😂 It was Fly Monkey had my evil twin lock me up so he could catch up on post numbers, but I've escaped 🤣 Hi Andy. Just kidding. The carb bowl check in the video works for either the SW or LS. It is actually easier on the LS because instead of the early SW stainless steel fuel tube the carb is fed by the Teflon hose which is very flexible and allows you to turn the carb a lot more. All you need to do on the LS to have more wiggle room between the carb and air intake socket is take a 10mm wrench and loosen to the last 2-3 threads the 10mm nut in the center of the airbox with the rubber isolator on it. Takes 10 seconds. I use this method on LS annuals when I check the carb bowls for debris and weighing of the floats.
  6. Do not disregard this. Read if you have had a hose change on your 912iS engine. This is from me and not a factory alert. It's a hard core FYI. Due to a difference in hose 9.5mm and fitting 7.5, Oetiker clamps shouldn’t be used on the 912iS engine fuel supply hose that attaches on the fuel rail fitting. It could come off. The Oetiker for that size of hose does not crimp down far enough. We are not talking about the Band-It clamp on the fire sleeve. We are talking about the clamp on the rubber hose. I would highly advised before the next flight that if you have had a hose change on your 912iS engine that you remove the top cowl and pull on the right side top fuel hose that attaches to the fuel rail. It may slide off. If you have an Oetiker clamp on the rubber hose remove it and install a Band-It clamp which can compress the hose more and prevent it from coming off.
  7. You're comparing apple and oranges. Your old CT is not like your new one. It's just different and you're not used to it. Start all trims at a zero mid point. Then once in level flight trim the pitch first, then the ailerons and then the rudder. It should be fine then. Don't try and make permanent adjustments in the trim controls until you fly it a while and reset the cabin trims. I can't tell you how many Ct's have come in and they think their trim adjustments are all out of whack or their plane won't trim. Follow the order above and you should be good. Stick pressure is going to be different because it's a different build CT.
  8. Get too big becomes cumber sum. Just use the standard Ipad.
  9. 10.5 going south and 11.5 going north. There are 6 corridors. They are named on the Grand Canyon map. You can put the GPS coordinates off the map in your aircraft GPS and know exactly where to enter or exit. It is quite easy to do and follow. We have flown these corridors many times at the Page, AZ Fly-In.
  10. We are not certified aircraft. Just have an avionics shop do it for you and put a label in the logbook.
  11. he only got pale. Reach over and shut the engine off and watch them cry.
  12. The mechanical pump has rarely ever failed. If it were to totally fail it fails open. Yes gravity feed makes a huge difference and no the engine will not quit. You may only be able to get 4900 - 5000 rpm out of it before it wants to cough, but you can still fly wherever you want. The engine will run just fine below the 2.2 psi minimum. I know this because I tested the system just for this.
  13. Tighten the 5 main grounds, squeeze the fuel pressure gauge connectors with a pair of pliers to make them tighter and if these fail replace the sender. Most likely has some old fuel clogging up the tiny hole in the sender.
  14. 50 knots at 30 & 40 for me to. At this speed I can land in 1K ft. and less all day long. If you try to shave every last knot off one day you may be posting picks here of your smashed gear. There isn't enough to be gained by trying to shave a few knots off.
  15. If for any reason my computer runs a bit slower than normal I run CCleaner (free download) and clean all history & cookies from begining of time ( it won't hurt your passwords). I also run Malware Bytes and Rouge Killer once every two weeks. I never have computer problems or any malware. These items keep my computer fast and clean. Learned these easy and simple tricks from CT4Me. If you've never used a cleaner then you probably have thousands of cookies and trackers on your computer. I let Microsoft Essentials and Malware Bytes run in the background all the time for security. p.s. I never ever open any email or attachment if I don't know what it is or did not go personally looking for something on a secure site. Opening an attachment gives your computer permission to allow whatever is in the attachment access to your computer. Now days Ransom Ware is a major issue and you could lose everything on your system.
  16. I CTLSi crashed a few days ago (pilot error) as it veered off the runway and hit a hole which caused it to be totaled. No injuries. This was at some airport around Las Vegas.
  17. https://www.fox5vegas.com/boulder-city-plane-crash/image_62b02b36-7139-11e9-b204-f3df0e316117.html
  18. https://bouldercityreview.com/news/news-briefs-may-9-52190/
  19. Replace the engine compartment fuel filter and then inspect the gascolator screen. That should take care of your problem.
  20. You are propped well at 5600 and I would leave it alone. If you coarsen the prop you will lose some fuel economy and climb. Eco mode usually starts above 5300 rpm. You can stay under 5300 rpm to cruise for best fuel economy or cruise at 5400 and go a couple knots faster, but burn a lot more fuel. Enjoy it the way it is. It is setup properly.
  21. Hi Ed, What was your flap setting when the wind pushed you over?
  22. New place to fly this year. Just north of Mexican Hat town which is just north of Monument Valley is Valley of the Gods. It's a must see.. Just north of Mexican Hat.
  23. 15-20 minutes is only to pop the cute out.
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