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    13,2 volts

    You changed the VR and battery so it shouldn't be them. The 13.2 doesn't bother me, but the continued drop in battery voltage does. If you have a shunt unscrew the 4 wires and use a scotchbrite pad on each terminal and surface to clean and then ere-assemble with a tad of dielectric grease on each connection. Just has to be a wire or bad connection. Tighten all the grounds inside the engine compartment and instrument panel. Measure the two yellow wires going into the VR for AC voltage and the white wires coming out of the VR for 12 volts.
  2. Roger Lee

    13,2 volts

    Since the voltage fell like that and you replaced the VR and battery I would start checking wires. I believe you have a bad connection. Start at the VR with the AC voltage input from the trigger coils, then measure the VR output and so on through the system. I think you have a bad connection somewhere, but you won't know for sure until you check some voltage outputs.
  3. Roger Lee

    13,2 volts

    The Dynon usually reads a.5 volt low so it's probably 13.7V. Amps usually fluctuate between 0-5 amps which is normal. If it turns to only a negative draw then there is an issue.
  4. Todd, Why is there a limit so long as there can get a room someplace?
  5. Hi Adam, I take it you were flying when this happened? This happens to many due to the flat tank design and the imperfection of the alignment of the instrument panel and the instruments. Not only in a CT, but in some certified too. Mostly speaking about the ball centering. Next time take a manual dipstick fuel measurement. Then do your flight with the trim ball 1/2 out to the left and that should take care of your problem and make the tanks drain more equally. If you ever get really low in the left tank you can fly one full ball out to the left and that will not only feed the engine, but transfer fuel to the left tank. The hoses are approximately 5/16" US equivalent (7.9mm) (7.5mm is 19/64" most likely for you) so it takes a while, but it does work. I'm sure many will weigh in here. Remember: The fuel follows the ball. Ball out to the left fuel transfers left. Ball out to the right and the fuel transfers to the right. A half ball out left makes things more equally in your situation.
  6. The 912iS engine already has two 33K capacitors mounted inside the fusebox.
  7. Someone must have replaced the original fuel pressure sender because FD never used those back then. If it was working then I guess you could just get another one, but if your plane is an SLSA still then it isn't supposed to be there. The VDO 360-043 was the original one and most of us still have them. The fuel sender where FD put it downstream of the fuel shut off is a PITA to get to, but it isn't super terrible. When I do a hose change I relocate them upstream of the shut off right behind the panel to make it easy to inspect. If it's too hard to get to people won't check them. You can leave it there or while you're doing this relocate it. If you have any questions on how to do these things give me a call.
  8. Fuel flow depends on several factors. prop pitch, cruise rpm, heavy floats, K factor in the Dynon needing adjustment, fuel filter starting to glog, climb vs cruise, air filter cleaning just to name the most common.
  9. I've jump started many with a weak battery. If it's totally dead don't. You can try and charge it overnight and it may or may not work.
  10. Hi Ron, I have numerous questions to ask before trying to pinpoint the issue. You're welcome to call me at the number below. I'm in Tucson.
  11. My money says replace the sender.
  12. Does that mechanical gauge have any kind of a pressure sender or is it live fuel right to the gauge? That would seem odd. If it has a sender of some sort replace it.
  13. Was it crushed or just the wrong one?
  14. Butttttt, did it leak? Inquiring minds want to know.
  15. There is some poor advice in that publication.
  16. You can clamp them either just inside the cowl on each side for an SW or just inside the instrument panel on the left side before the valve or filter as it comes through the firewall.
  17. https://www.pfeifferer-shop.de/druckluft/pneumatikventile/strom-sperrventile/pneumatik-2-2-wege-kugelhahn-k-mi-6400-1-4-22-ii-msv-e-handbetaetigt_107411_9026 https://www.lenkering-shop.de/kugelhaehne/mini-kugelhaehne-serie-k10/standard-minikugelhaehne-k-mi-6-serie/36187/k-mi-6400-1/4-22-ii-msv FD just popped the top of and screwed the lever on it.
  18. If your sure it isn't the hose then the valve needs to be replaced. Make sure when you re-install the hose you DO NOT over tighten the clamp.
  19. Hi Tom, I don't have any pictures of this and the plane isn't here.It's more or less just an extra beefer support bracket I made.
  20. You may not have tightened all or the right grounds. These would be the only common denominator for more than one high set of readings.
  21. Go to these sensors in the engine compartment and if the wire connector moves easily squeeze it with a pair of pliers to tighten them. Also you probably need to tighten the ground and that's the bolt on the top right side up above the white engine mount that goes through the firewall. There are 5 grounds that emanate from the battery terminal. Tighten those too. Call me for a more detailed explanation.
  22. I had to re-seal mine in 2007. It's actually fairly easy. The long part was letting it sit and cure 100%.
  23. His SW does have the PC310 and you're right the battery charger is killing it. Wrong type.
  24. My guess is you may have a leak up forward and the fuel is running back to this area. Do a wing pull and make sure all fittings, nuts / bolts are tight. Check and rubber hose attached up by the fuel sight tube bulkhead. If this is a 912iS engine then remove the header cover above your head and check the hoses and fittings un in that area.
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