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  1. Jeremy Zawodny

    Bruce's Custom Cover for CTsw For Sale

  2. Jeremy Zawodny

    Practice Maneuvers

    Practice approach and landing with different flap settings than your normally use (including no flaps or negative flaps). Otherwise, one day when your flaps decide NOT to move, you'll be doing it for the very first time (in a while). Been there, done that.
  3. Jeremy Zawodny

    Left handed and eyed CT pilots

    Oh, when I did my Instrument Rating a few years ago, my instructor got on me for that... and, wouldn't you know it? After a few hours of landing with my left hand on the stick I stopped thinking about it. And now I almost prefer it that way. It wasn't nearly as hard to adapt as I expected.
  4. Jeremy Zawodny

    Left handed and eyed CT pilots

    I learned to fly in a Citabria, so I wanted the trottle in my left hand and stick in my right. So after about 20 hours in our CTsw, I switched seats with my wife and flew it almost exclusively from the right (even solo). Jeremy
  5. While cleaning out the hangar, I came across our very rarely used (less than 7 days TOTAL) Bruce's Custom Cover (cockpit and prop) for our old 2005 Flight Design CTsw (RIP). I'm willing to sell it for $250 shipped OBO. Unfortunately, it has our old tail number on it, but hey you're getting a good deal on a basically new cover! See attached pictures.
  6. A few years ago my wife did training with Brent Neville(?) who was based at Cameron Park is Northern California to transition to our CT, N722VJ. Since then a new owner has the plane (but it's in the same hanagar) and he's having trouble reaching Brent to arrange training. Any leads appreciated. Or any recommendations for other Northern California and/or Central Valley / Foothills instructors who know the CT well. Thanks, Jeremy
  7. Jeremy Zawodny

    CTsw Logo to use

    How'd the shirt come out? I'd love a copy of the PSD file so I can use it for part of a gift this year (for the new owner of N722VJ). Thanks! Jeremy
  8. Jeremy Zawodny

    Recent contact with Jeremy MacGregor?

    Thanks. I got in touch with him this evening and also found out that his email address changed and I never got the new one. That explained half of it right there! Jeremy
  9. Jeremy Zawodny

    Recent contact with Jeremy MacGregor?

    Excellent, thanks! I was a little worried that something might have happened to him. Jeremy
  10. Anyone been in contact with him in the last few weeks? I've been hoping to get a bit of his time to look at an issue on our CTSW and haven't heard from him in the last few weeks despite several attempts. This isn't normal in my experience and I'm wondering if everything is OK or maybe he's out of town on an extended maintenance trip... Thanks for any leads... Jeremy
  11. Jeremy Zawodny

    7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Looks like we have to cancel. My wife has a conference that is almost exactly the same days as the fly-in. To make up for it, we're going to do our own flying safari to the same part of the country the week before. We'll plan on the fly-in again next year!
  12. Jeremy Zawodny

    7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Excellent. And I'll try to spell Roger better from now on too!
  13. Jeremy Zawodny

    7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Kathleen and I are planning to come again this year. We really enjoyed it last year! I'll call the hotel now and send our details over, Rodger. Thanks again for organizing... Jeremy
  14. Jeremy Zawodny

    6th Annual 2012 Page, AZ. Fly-In

    Here's our best air-to-air shot, cleaned up a bit. This was on the way to Monument Valley, climbing out of Page.
  15. Jeremy Zawodny

    6th Annual 2012 Page, AZ. Fly-In

    Thanks. I guess we have some experimenting to do. :-)