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  1. O Ring for CTLS fuel cap

    Hello, CT_MATT is right. O-rings for SPRL 65mm fuel cap (CTLS) are 57x3 and 6x2, metric, Viton. Is there are signs of fuel leaking, also check the epoxy used for fuel cap socket fastening in place. Regards, Alec
  2. Softstart additional starter button

    Bullyhawk/Connair module. I need to isolate only one magneto circuit on starter ignition and I don't want to introduce breakers on magnetos circuits (this could be another variant). In order to do this I need to change the ignition starter from key (module pos.4) to additional button (recommended procedure by Connair).
  3. Hello everybody, Can somebody help me please with the connection of additional starter button to the existent key ignition module (Kraus&Naimer CAD11 - CTLS 2008)? Ignition relay cable is in slot 6, but I'm not very sure which one is the other contact slot to be used. Thanks, Alec
  4. EGT probes

    EGT, 0.75-1.25" Hose Clamp 10-01844 https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/dynonsensorsdynon.php
  5. EGT probes

    My both EGT probes failed, left one aprox. 400h/5years, the right one 450h/6years. Consider consumables. Alec
  6. Fuel cap o-rings

    Maybe someone else will need the info below. OH kit SPRL 65mm fuel cap (CTLS 2008), info from Rob, original designer http://www.newtonsprl.co.uk/: 57x3 and 6x2 Viton. 10.32 nuts.
  7. Fuel cap o-rings

    Thanks for your answers. Sorry, I've forgot: it is a CTLS 2008 with SPRL 65mm. I've tryed some different orings with 53x3/3.5mm, but the fuel continue to drip. With the correct/original size in hand, I can find the replacement faster locally , and cheap (btw, the transport from US is 40usd - the lowest one, and about 4 weeks freight time).
  8. Fuel cap o-rings

    Hello everybody, Could anyone give me the exact dimensions for O-rings please? I'm looking for 222 size and seems to be too small (37.70mm ID) compared with the real dimensions of fuel cap o-ring seat (cca.53mm). Can anyone confirm that is 222, with 37.70mm ID? Also, what is the original size for the small O-ring under the axle,under the nut? Thanks, Alec PS I think will be better if admin will move this topic to maint section.
  9. Can anyone give me please a simple rule of external charging for PowerSafe SBS8, something like: - above X volts - no need for charging; - below Y volts - batt must be charged. Thanks, Alec
  10. loss of bagage door

    maybe is useful, if you didn't see it: http://ctflier.com/index.php?/topic/2003-ctls-baggage-door/
  11. Cup/Bottle Holder?

    I have 2 of this fixed in 1 screw each between seats (CTLS). http://www.ebay.com/itm/BICYCLE-WATER-BOTTLE-CAGE-bracket-aluminum-RED-ANODIZED-bike-cycling-/370908340755 Sorry, no picture
  12. Engine and aux fuel pump in series

    Rich, I think that you must check this, the engine must working properly with at least one pump, but also with both - is not desirable to use it in flight (electric one) and don't know what is happened and what parameters to expect. Ref. serial vs parallel: I have a friend with a non-CT low wing airplane but Rotax, that have had some problems with serial configuration because of...electrical pump failure (in off-line status, the cvasi-broken electrical pump in serial with mechanical one had restricted the fuel flow for full throttle). I don't know your exact configuration for engine+pumps and if could be applicable a similar above situation... Regards, Alec
  13. High EGT reading at low rpm

    If you didn't find the problem yet, order a new sensor and change it, is more simple and fast this way for an amateur (like me for example). If everything is fine - that's all, if not - you have a spare one, and must continue to investigate. Could be the wires and not the sensor itself, and if is so, is more tricky to find the exactly problem because you'll have random results after various tests/movement of wires. Regards, Alec
  14. 25 Hour Inspection

    Hello Rich, Page no.4 in section 05-20-00, MM Ed.3/Rev.0. Same as for 100h inspection. Regards, Alec
  15. Garmin 496 Updates?

    https://fly.garmin.com/fly-garmin/portables/ first you must sign in and connect GPS to computer.