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    I have an aging Shorai LFX18 battery in my REMOS. I'm thinking about replacing it with a Shorai LFX36 which will fit in the original battery box. What's the down side (other than cost and weight) with putting in a higher rated battery? Would there be a problem with the Rotax charging system?
  2. Anyone using a Avmap EFIS?

    I put in a Garmin G5 https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/514383 You can fly using just this instrument...Ground speed, airspeed, altitude, attitude, turn and bank ball. It has its own GPS and you can use it for autopilot if you buy the garmin servos. Lighted for night flying and 4 hour backup battery. Works great and installs easily into the front of the panel. I replaced my electric attitude indicator. Power source was from the old electric attitude indicator and it required a little bit of plumbing for the static and dynamic lines off the airspeed indicator. I got my fittings and tube from Home Depot Aircraft Supply. I love the 21st century!
  3. Worth every penny. You only learn basic Rotax service but enough to do your annual inspection. The course paid for itself for me in the first year. I replaced my prop, installed an autopilot and replaced my nose wheel strut. Plus there are smart folks on forums like this that are willing to provide answers and guidance.
  4. Going to E-LSA

    Not exactly. An LSRM can work on the aircraft using approved procedures (Maintenance manual, A/C Operating manual, AC. 41.13.1b etc.). The LSRM can't change the design of the aircraft without a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the manufacturer. Like changing the prop type or avionics that are not specified in the aircraft technical specifications document would require an LOA. Some LSA manufacturers are easier than others to get LOAs from. Also if the manufacturer goes out of business you might have to convert to ELSA.
  5. Low Cost ADS/B solutions

    Does anyone have experience with the Salus-3?
  6. 912 ULS will not maintain full power

    Thanks. I tried one. The gas hole is on the side of the fuselage so the funnel doesn't work very well, I'm going to try to modify it so I can use it on the REMOS.
  7. 912 ULS will not maintain full power

    Cleaned both carb bowls, flushed fuel line from tank to fuel distributor block, drained and refilled gas tank. Problem corrected. Went flying 20 minutes at full and cruise power.
  8. 912 ULS will not maintain full power

    OK I'll give it a try. A guy in the UK on the Rotax forum has the exact problem. International gremlins.
  9. 2007 REMOS G3/600 Rotax 912ULS 750 hrs on the engine, 60 hrs on plugs Engine will not develop full power. I went on cross a country over the mountains, engine worked great. Got home, put in 10 gallons auto gas from local gas station that we always use. 92 octane no ethanol. Next day did a normal run up, engine would not go above 4200 rpm. Drained some fuel. No water, gas looked good (a little blue from previous 100LL fill up before the 10 gallons of auto fuel) Replaced throttle cables, replaced carb return springs, replaced fuel filter, and balanced the carbs. Normal run up. developed 5000 rpm+ on the ground. Took off, and at about 300 feet AGL there was an abrupt drop in engine rpm to 4200 rpm at full throttle. I Landed. On the ground I shut down the engine, I let it sit for a minute with the electric fuel pump on. Started up, normal run up, developed 5000 rpm+ on the ground, but after brief taxi it would only go to 4200 rpm. HELP. What say you Roger? Bad gas (not likely)? Bad float? EGTs are about balanced. Maybe 100 degrees hotter on right front.
  10. Ventral Fin...Required?

    Dorsal fins and "underfins" are common of aircraft with skinny bodies (boom tube fuselage) because there is little cross sectional area to help stabilize.
  11. Regulator Rectifier (longish and techie)

    I replaced my Ducati with a Schicke. Works great. The problem is they are not easily available in the US. I got mine from the REMOS dealer. They are pricy ~ $200.
  12. BRS Parachute News

    I used to be against them until I installed one, now I am for them.
  13. Alternator Light on again

    Almost 2 hours into a cross country to Reno I got an intermittent charge warning light. With anti collision strobe on it was intermittent and with strobe off the light was constant. I turned around and flew back home the KRLD. Removed the voltage regulator (VR), cleaned all the contacts and reseated the 30 amp VR fuse and the problem cleared. My bird is a 2007 G3/600, 912 ULS with original VR. Roger...how long to VRs last? Should I replace it or do you think it was just a loose fuse or oxide on contacts? Voltage was steady at 14.2v (measured at the cig lighter) at all rpms for over an hour after I did the maintenance.
  14. FAA Amends ADS-B For LSA

    What's the least expensive, portable way to go?
  15. MRAs and when they are required

    My understanding is: Deviations from the design and equipment information for your particular serial number aircraft specified by your manufacturer requires a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the manufacturer. If you do maintenance or modifications that are not supported by your Maintenance Manual or procedures issued by the manufacturer, then you need an LOA. Interfacing with the FAA on configuration management, design or equipment changes is the manufacturers responsibility. Or am I missing something??