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  1. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    I put some fender washers on the back side. Never had any issues with the iPad vibrating.
  2. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    The overall length of the arm is 6 inches. The 2008 CTLS has been sold. I am going to miss it.
  3. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    I think it is a 4 inch arm but I will check.
  4. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    A couple of photos of the iPad mount as requested by Sully209
  5. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    Don't use it often but occasionly check my position with a VOR and like to fly ILS approaches in case I ever end up in the fog and can't see the airport.
  6. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    Will take some photos of the iPad mount the next time I go to the hanger. This is the third location I have used and it is by far the best. Tried suction mount off of the door window and a goose neck up off of the floor. This mount off of the side of the "mushroom" is perfect.
  7. 2008 CTLS for Sale

    Selling my 2008 CTLS with 370 hours TT. Located in Marana, AZ. Contact - Dick Johnson, 520 572-9571 2008 CTLS - $95,000 370 hours TT 2000 hour TBO Dynon 100 EFIS Dynon 120 EMS Dynon HS-34 PM 3000 Intercom Garmin 496 GPS with terrain, XM weather, TIS traffic display Garmin SL30 Nav/com radio Garmin GTX 330 transponder with TIS traffic displayed on the GPS TruTrak 2 axis Vizion autopilot with auto level and altitude select Backup analog airspeed and altitude Hobbs hour meter Neuform 3 blade prop BRS parachute Bruce cover Matco wheels and brakes upgrade Passenger side foot rest SPOT position reporting system Hose replacement 10/2013 BRS parachute repack 10/2014 100 hour Rotax inspection and airplane annual due at 386 hours. Will be completed by June 1.
  8. Possible Trim Tab Flutter at 135kt

    This article describes what you might call conventional flutter particularly of a wing. Mass distribution, stiffness and aerodynamics all play a role. Swept wings in particular have coupled bending torsion modes that can be susceptible to flutter. Flutter does not require "two modes with the same natural frequency" as the article states. I have seen leading edge slat flutter involving single axis deflection of the slat basically resulting from inadequate stiffness of the support arms. I have also seen loss of most of a vertical tail that involved not only the tail but single axis rotation of the rudder and interaction with the rudder actuation system. Flutter modes can be simple or very complex involving multiple axis deflections.
  9. Possible Trim Tab Flutter at 135kt

    There are many forms of flutter. Control surface flutter normally does not involve any twisting of the control surface. Usually just deflection of the control surface against the control system or the supports.
  10. Possible Trim Tab Flutter at 135kt

    I have seen flutter in the wind tunnel and in flight test. It appears you are experiencing limit cycle flutter where the damping, aerodynamic and structural, is sufficient to prevent divergence. Once the damping line is crossed catastrophic failure is just a few cycles away. I agree with Fast Eddie. Do not fly until you figure out the problem and get it fixed.
  11. Headset Noise

    Will check the root tape, cycle all of the avionics and run the flap test applying a little pressure on the ground to see if that causes the hum. Am leaving for a week so won't be able to run theses checks until early next year. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  12. Headset Noise

    I have a Lightspeed ANR and a conventional headset and both pick up the hum.
  13. Headset Noise

    Switched head set to the passenger side, no effect. Turned off the com radio, no effect. Turned off the intercom, no effect. With the intercom and radio shut off I don't understand how the headset can be getting any input. Will tackle the temporary fuse next. Might just be able to reach into the console in flight and disconnect a lead to the existing breaker.
  14. Headset Noise

    Shut off the alternator today but still had the hum.
  15. Headset Noise

    Does not appear to be any way to pull the flap circuit breaker in my CTLS. It is a push button on the center console that can only be moved if the breaker trips. I did check the wiring and found no areas that appear to be rubbing. Also opened the breaker on the VHF radio and the intercom and hum continued.