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  1. Cost of insurance

    Kevin, Off topic, but I had a SR 20 and I'm looking at the FD. Can you please elaborate on the significant cost reduction in flying. You can either PM me, or start another topic, as I'm very interested. Thank you
  2. Fuel Control for Take Off and Cruising

    If your in Indonesia, does your CT have a adjustable prop? here in the US, we only have fixed pitch props.
  3. CTLS near San Antonio

    Eric, What are the average operating costs for the CTLS?
  4. CTLS near San Antonio

    PM sent.
  5. (I'm not sure where to post this so mods can move it if they wish.) I have relocated to San Antonio, Texas and would like to look at and fly in someone's CTLS. I am a PPL who owned a Cirrus Sr 20, but would prefer the more cost effective CTLS. Speaking of cost effective, what do most people pay for their annuals? How about insurance? Thanks, John