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  1. Sorry to inform you we have to cancel for this year. I hope everyone has a fantastic time! Steve and Laura Schroeder
  2. It's been in the mid 90's here in Van Nuys. The airport is down to only one runway instead of the normal two because of construction. Sometimes I have to wait up to 15 minutes in the runup area idling while waiting for takeoff clearance. My cylinder temps have gotten as high as 252 causing my Dynon to alarm which stresses me out. It cools right down after i get airborne and get some airflow. Will this cause any damage and what do you guys in Arizona do when it gets to be 110 degrees plus? Thanks! I have a SportCruiser with a 912ULS.
  3. I'm getting intermittent static on my com radio. I have heard it is sometimes caused by bad grounding. Is there any harm in running an additional ground cable from the engine block to the firewall as an experiment to see if it eliminates the noise?. I have a SportCruiser LSA with a Rotax 912 ULS.
  4. Steve and Laura Schroeder will be attending. See you soon everyone!
  5. I have a SportCruiser with Dynon HDX and a Garmin GNC-255A Nav/Com. I'm having an intermittent problem with my Nav/Com where the automatic squelch breaks with lots of static. Sometimes it happens all by itself and other times it seems to be related to when I'm using the touchscreen on the Dynon HDX. It seems to happen most in the 119.3 frequency range which happens to be the tower frequency at my home airport at Van Nuys. I called the shop that did the avionics install and they thought it might be a bad antenna cable. I did a temporary swap with a new cable and I still experienced the problem. I'm in Los Angeles and the avionics shop is in Texas so I'm trying to troubleshoot it myself. I have heard bad grounds in avionics will cause these types of problems but I don's see anything loose. Just looking for any suggestions. I tried a couple local avionics shops but they're all jammed up with ADSB installs at the moment. Thanks
  6. I have a SportCruiser with a Rotax 912 ULS. I always got a lot of kickback with the prop on shutdown. It shakes the engine mounts pretty good. I try to let the RPM settle as slow as possible with the throttle all the way back before tuning the key to off but I still get the kickback. I stopped worrying about it when someone explained to me it was normal for a high compression engine as the Rotax 912 ULS. Now I m getting a screeching sound as well as the kickback. I have pulled the engine cowling and everything looks good inside. It sounds like a screeching belt on a car but there are no belts on a Rotax as far as I know. Should I be concerned?
  7. Thanks everyone. I will be attending. Got the hotel reservation and Info to John squared away. Steve
  8. Hi all, I would like to register to attend. i'm not sure what is meant when it says send an email to John-Olav through ctflier.com. Do I just post my info up here or is there a separate email. Sorry for the dumb question Steve Schroeder Santa Monica, Ca SportCruiser N577SC
  9. I have the same setup....696 in a Gizmo. Mine does the same thing. If you grab the 696 at the top and pull straight back it will come out. I try not to do it very often because it's a hard pull and it sounds like it wants to break when it comes out, but so far it hasn't broke. I posted online a while back to see if anyone else had this problem and I got several replies that this is "normal". Good Luck.
  10. I would suggest you switch steps 5 & 6 however. it works better if you reinstal the drain plug before you add the new oil. LOL
  11. "Direct To" does not work and sometimes crashes app. I have notified Wing X support. I also don't like the color changes....it's like your stuck in night mode during the day. Seems harder to read to me, i don't get it. I used to think Foreflight was unbeatable but for VFR flying on the fly I now prefer Wing X, or at least I did before version 8 came out.
  12. Thanks to all for your responses...I really appreciate it. I have a couple of questions. Is there a drain on the coolant system I should use before I crack the bottom elbow fitting or should I just remove the fitting and stick a bucket under it. Also when I refill with coolant is there anything special I need to do to get the air out of the system or do I just fill it like usual through the top cap?
  13. I have been experiencing a few drops of coolant leaking after cool down on recent flights. I removed the cowling and noticed it was coming from under the number one cylinder. There was a few drops on the radiator hose so I tightened the worm hoes clamps on the radiator hose but I think I also saw a little coolant around the bottom coolant elbow where the tube meets the flange on the number one cylinder. I was wondering if coolant elbow leaks are common and if there is an easy fix. It looks like the elbow and flange would have to be removed from the engine so you could reseal the elbow into the flange....It looks like the elbow screws into the flange. Any comments, Thanks Steve.
  14. Thanks Roger, I feel better knowing this is normal. The brakes are working fine, and I have carefully examined the brakes and everything seems to be OK otherwise. Guess I will just have to tune it out as you sugggest. Steve
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