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  1. Kneeboard recommendation

    What kneeboard works well in a Flight Design? I'm looking for a clipboard to hold paper to wear on my right leg.
  2. Is it possible to follow a "from" VOR radial using a Garmin 296? The CTSW I will be taking lessons in has a 296. When flying over LAX one of the routes I would like to fly requires following the 128 radial from the Santa Monica VOR. The 296 manual doesn't discuss how to do this. I have figured out how to fly directly to a VOR or have a series of VORs in a route. If I can figure out the "from" part I can have the auto pilot keep me right on course. Thanks, Tom
  3. The 5th Annual 2011 Page, AZ Fly-In

    How did our visitors from Flight Design Germany and the crew from Loop magazine like the fly-in?
  4. Following the Fly-in via SPOT gps

    Here is the SPOT track link to follow Roger Lee at the Page Fly-in. http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0AvaI1rlZrsiSHpAmA4WO25eB0VkBu5Iv
  5. In route right now to page, autopilot "no gps" help

    Hi Al, On page 16 of this TruTrak Installation Manual it has all the settings you need to make on the Garmin 396/496 so it will talk to your autopilot. http://www.trutrakflightsystems.com/documents/DigiflightIIInstalManual1.pdf Tom
  6. I ran across a flight school in Southern California, Inland Empire area, that is looking for a Flight Design. They would like to try it out with a leaseback first then possibly purchase one later. If you know of any interested FD owners please have them PM me.
  7. Big Bear Air Fare

    Hi Eric, I plan on making the drive up the mountain on Saturday to meet you and check out your plane. The Air Fair web site had an incorrect link to your business. It was pointing to a non-existent page on the Marine's web site. I was going to call you to let you know about the error but I saw you were in the air over Quartzsite. I called Air Fare and they corrected the link. Tom
  8. Is there some information available on the web that can be used to educate flight schools that offering LSA aircraft and instruction is a good thing to do? I just spoke to the owner of the flight school where my son is flying. He has a large fleet of old Pipers. His opinion is that LSA are only for old people that can't renew their medical and for flying around the traffic pattern. He said one in twenty people that contact him about instruction are inquiring about LSA and he turns them away from LSA. He doesn't even view LSA as another path to getting a PPL. I will be meeting with next week to discuss a video I'll be filming for him and I would like to give him some good reasons to consider LSA.
  9. What is the best training course to use when getting a Light Sport license? The bug has bitten me and I am starting to look into all the details. The local FBO, that has a CTSW available for lessons, uses a piece meal curriculum they have put together. If I'm going to do this I want to get started on the right foot.
  10. CTLS down in South Carolina

    Do you still have the link to the the Randy "Buzz" Lightyears website?
  11. I know the "In furtherance of a business" has been discussed on about every LSA forum on the web but I haven't ran across this situation yet. Here is an hypothetical situation... Bill, fake name, flies his LSA and takes a picture of a mountains. Photography is Bill's hobby. Later Bill uploads some photos he took to a stock photo site and one of the photos is the mountain photo taken from the airplane. Months go buy and then someone downloads the picture and Bill get $1 for it. Is this breaking the "In furtherance of a business" rule? Bill is not running a photography business for profit, just for fun and there wasn't a paying customer for the flight. The IRS has a clear line drawn between a hobby and a business and what Bill is doing is a hobby.
  12. Can you legally mount a camera on the outside of an airplane? I'm seeing more videos with LSA "wing cams" and the show "Flying Wild Alaska" has them mounted all over the airplanes. I enjoy filming flying but I've never explored sticking a camera outside the plane.
  13. How does a Flight Design perform when flying to higher altitude airports like Bryce Canyon? My in-laws have a cabin at Panguitch Utah which is about 14 miles to the West of Bryce Canyon airport and I live in Southern California.
  14. What are the capabilities of a two-axis autopilot? The 2006 CTSW I looking at taking lessons in has one and I didn't think about asking when I saw the plane. The plane has steam gauges and a Garmin 296. Below are the specification for the CTSW. LSA Flight Design CTSW 2006 composite construction w/ Rotax 912ULS Garmin SL-40 com with intercom Garmin 296 two axis Autopilot 34 gal capacity with less than 5 gph burn 375 pound payload BRS parachute system
  15. Went and looked at a CTSW that I may begin taking lessons in. I was looking over the plane and noticed the tip of the right wing had a small amount of fiberglass scraped off. The amount missing was triangular in shape about 3/8" high and an inch long. Is this anything to worry about or a common occurrence?