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  1. Darrell, I'm always interested in a statement such as this. How many is many? Where do you get your information? This is good stuff to know if one is shopping and anyone would like to see hard facts and the source.
  2. I went to the FAA AD data base and didn't find the AD. Can you cite a reference, please?
  3. Does anyone know if Appendix G, FAA Order 8130.2j applies, and if so, what has been your experience with obtaining the Operating Limitation? "7/21/2017 8130.2J Appendix G Appendix G. Limitations for Operation of an Aircraft With a Door Removed Figure G-1. Sample Limitations for Operation of an Aircraft With a Door Removed"
  4. I went to the MATCO web site and found all the information in less than 5 minutes.
  5. The government indirectly subsidizes corn production but the government does not directly subsidize ethanol production. (And for what it's worth, I'm one of the 1% of farmers who refuses to accept any government money of any kind, including subsidized crop insurance, disaster payments, cost share of conservation projects, ...not one penny of government money). Many state governments set standards which make it difficult to buy gasoline without ethanol (which could come from cellulosic, sugar beet, etc. sources except that corn is more cost-effective). I have no trouble in Iowa buying 91 octane mogas without ethanol but I understand in some states that's more difficult. In fact, I routinely by 93 octane nonethanol gas for my FD. But I'm happy to burn 10% ethanol in my cars and trucks - save the hassle of adding isopropyl alcohol in the winter. There is a lot of misinformation out there about ethanol and subsidies - rather like the misinformation extant on Covid-19.
  6. Ethanol was introduced as an alternative to MTBE which was used to meet clean air standards. Get rid of the clean air standards and ethanol will go away. Yes, I am a corn farmer. Should we start a separate thread to discuss government subsidies and corn production?
  7. I don't have Tundra fairings, only small fairings. It's a main reason I'm thinking of going back to small tires.
  8. What is the latest info on the subject tire? Are they reliable? I I have had larger tires installed because I fly off grass most of the time, but am now thinking of looking for speed mods and putting the smaller tires and wheel pants back on. Thus I'm trying to get up to speed on what used to be a sore spot, bad results from the mains. I see Desser sells them in 8 ply. Their 6 ply is sold out. Reviews appreciated.
  9. ELSA CTSW. Considering replacing the landing light with something brighter and with a longer aiming point. I am willing to modify the cowl. What do you know for a better drop-in bulb? What do you suggest for a 14V light that may require a modified installation in the same general location?
  10. I said I'd buy one, you said you wouldn't. I think both of us have said that several times. It's your turn.
  11. My experience is that AirNav Mogas is 87 octane unless specified differently. Great for a A65, not OK for a Rotax 912.
  12. Who says it's not as good? I'm after value as I define it, which is very likely not as some others define it. Anyway, I'm not defending or arguing a position, I'm simply making a flat statement, I'd buy an alternate engine to Rotax. An engine with a Rotax form factor has obvious advantages. I'm not trying to persuade you or anyone else.
  13. Anything that breaks Rotax' monopoly is worth supporting.
  14. I'd buy a Chinese Rotax in a heartbeat.
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