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  1. Yes, it sold....It went to Oregon. I have a battery tender made for the CT's by lockwood I'd love to get rid of.
  2. $$75.00 - gotta have one.
  3. I still have the *CT* battery minder I bought from Lockwood. Anyone interested? If you don't use one, it will extend battery life.
  4. According to https://www.aircraftcovers.com/general-aviation-models/flight-design/ctsw-ctls-2k-and-mcall CT covers are the same. You want the cover? 75.00 prob $15-$20 to get it to Ohio.
  5. Legacy Zulu or Zulu 2....how much are you asking?
  6. Foot rest gone..need to get rid of the rest...$75.00 on the cover, it's brand new. They are 375.00 new from Bruce's.
  7. Thanks John, it's yours. PM me with shipping info. Thanks!
  8. Nav light gone...thanks Craig!
  9. Tie rod Ends (Used) but perfectly fine Pax side floor plate with flip up foot rest. (very nice to have) Remote flap switch. (hard to find)
  10. Red Nav/Strobe (New) Landing light and lense (New) Rotax Oil Filter (New) Battery Tender from Lockwood - specifically for the CT (Used)
  11. Hi rhanson, yes, Bruce's Covers have covers from DC-3's down to the tiny CT's. The one I have weighs about 3.5 lbs and when stored is about the size of a homemade loaf of bread. The new ones off Bruce's website are 375.00 plus shipping. Let me know, love to help ya out!
  12. I've got a New Bruces' Cutstom Cover for a CTSW. This one is the cabin/glare shield cover silver in color **Make Reasonable Offer. Also have (2) front tie rod ends for the steering rods These have the bell crank ends. *make offer.
  13. Awesome outcome and like Fast Eddie pointed out even though it appears there isn't a straight piece of airframe left the "cage" did it's job. Great lil machines. No comment on the maneuver.
  14. Doug, If it don't feel right it probably isn't. Allow for delays. Happy Trails
  15. Just have to chime in and say....DRAMA....you guys crack me up. Happy Trails!
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