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  1. Premier One Aviation offers Rotax maintenance at Tamiami Airport located in Miami, Florida through it's affiliation with Ram Air also located at the airport. Our qualified, trained and certified A&P can maintain your 4-stroke Rotax engine at Tamiami Airport. For additional info please contact Premier One Aviation at (786) 293-1440. Anthony Perea Chris Benaiges Tim McDougall
  2. Premier One Aviation based in Miami, Florida has been recently reappointed the Flight Design dealer covering Florida south of Sarasota and Venice as well as the Caribbean islands. Premier One Aviation is also the only FD Pilot Center and flight school operating in Miami Florida offering Sport Pilot training. Of the more than 15 flight schools in the Miami area among 3 General Aviation airports Premier One Aviation is the only one that carries LSA's and offers Sport Pilot training. The flight school currently has 3 well equipped CTLS and students are able to train for either Sport or Private Pilot in these aircrafts. For additional information please visit Premier One Aviation at www.premier1aviation.com or contact us at (786)293-1440. Anthony Perea Chris Benaiges Tim McDougall
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