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  1. Yes, I know. Kherson is in the province of Ukraine adjacent to Crimea. Quite a bit of pro-Russia agitation going on there, from what I hear. So even if we aren't in the market for a new CT, we might be affected by the situation. Current CT owners could have difficulty obtaining airframe parts if the situation deteriorates further.
  2. I notice this thread hasn't been updated for a couple of weeks, but events in the Ukraine have certainly moved on in that time. Do we have any further information about the FD factory?
  3. Ours sat unused for several months, so that could not have helped. It sounds like we were already well beyond the expected service life in any event.
  4. After the coils sounds like good news, if it works out that way. How long should a battery be expected to last? If the CT battery is anything like automotive batteries, this one has been in service a long time. Hard starting = more drain under load. Age = not holding a charge as well.
  5. Complete hub, back plate and hardware for Neuform prop, removed from 2006 CTsw for sale. Make offer!
  6. One of my gigs is Director of Operations at the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula (CA). For many years every first Sunday of the month the airport has held an open house; for the last 15 or so the event has been coordinated by the museum. Every month we bring in a group to display, usually cars or airplanes, on the taxiway next to the museum. First Sunday in August is open. We could probably tail-in a half dozen or so CTs. Not sure we have that many Southern California CTs. Any interest in spending the day at KSZP?
  7. This will be my third time to try... hope it works out for once. The big issue flying in from So. Cal. late September thru February is wind. Chances are better than 50/50 that it will be too windy either going or returning or both.
  8. Perhaps we should put it this way: does anyone else note a flap misalignment issue of this magnitude on their CT? We won't want to attempt an alignment adjustment (not easy!) unless we determine that this alignment is unusual.
  9. The alignment of the flaps on 09W. Is this unusual and does it beg to be readjusted?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. The Griffin PowerJolt seems to have one USB outlet (not an issue), but also the same form-factor as the charger that fried. http://store.apple.c...ffin_technology I don't think Apple sells a car charger. I wasn't able to find one on the Apple Store. EDIT: Griffin also makes: http://store.griffintechnology.com/powerjolt-plus-ipad
  11. The 2.1 amp USB charger I bought to keep the iPad (3rd generation) happy died unceremoniously on a flight other day. Actually it gave off a terrible burning smell that I was trying to identify when I noticed that the iPad wasn't charging any longer. Burning is not my favorite thing to smell in the air! The thing was so hot I could barely touch it. Made by Bracketron. A piece of junk, obviously -- lasted only a couple of months. Has anyone had better luck with 2.1 amp iPad chargers?
  12. I'd think some velcro tape would do the trick. One part around your leg, the other stuck to the back of the iPad.
  13. Also, try a different cable. A good quality USB cable (e.g., made by Apple) may work when cheapo cables will not. All you need to cause the charging to fail on one of these 2.0a devices is a bit of extra resistance from a bad cable or connection.
  14. I never noticed any shake in the nose gear, though the goop was evidently in the tire from the time we bought the airplane over a year before the tire went flat. What really surprised me was that the tire sealer failed so abruptly. Now that tube holds air just fine, like nothing was ever wrong with it. Not that it's going back on the airplane. It will remain on the hangar wall as a reminder, of something.
  15. Just picked up on the flat tire thread (or is that tread?). Last summer on a return from an overnight trip I landed, taxied up to the hanger, opened the doors, waited while some other stuff happened, then pushed the airplane into the hanger. Between the time I shut it down on the taxiway and the time it was pulled back, the nose gear went flat as a pancake. I refilled it, and it went flat again in about 15 seconds. Had the tire tube changed and it had some of that green goop in it. So apparently it was gooped by the airplane's previous owner and it held until it didn't. Not sure why it quit holding. The old tube is on the wall of my hangar, still holding air almost three months later! So, what about the tire goop? Is that a more practical thing to keep in the airplane for emergencies than a couple of tubes?
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