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  1. I fly out of a large airport and the heat generated from the cement on a hot midday can really pump up those thermals. I once flew my open cockpit ultralight in these conditions and got this blast of hot air on my face along with what felt like a super charged elevator ride up even with the stick so far forward. I dont do ultralights midday anymore lol.
  2. Oh yeah ! So thank you again for the link - you saved me some $$$ and at least a month extra downtime. Gracias!! (i think i also got the last hose in stock- after my order it went to backordered.
  3. It looks like the leak is coming from the metal line where it goes into the fitting (not where the crush washer is into the carb) Thanks very much for the parts and lead where can order. It takes a close to a month just to get from USA to here
  4. Whilst trying to stop a very minor leak on the fuel connection (stainless tube to carb), I tried to re seat the stainless tube and tighten the nut - I seem to have made it worse and can't get it to stop. I think I give up and am gonna order the new Teflon hose. Question though. My fuel cut off is in the off position yet there is a small amount of fuel continuously dripping from the unconnected stainless fuel line. Does this mean my fuel cut off is not good (leaking)? Looks like I'm gonna be grounded awhile -hose not available until mid July.. The hose (as listed on CPS 874-911) is just the hose correct? I also need to order the attachments like banjo bolt, gasket ring etc etc. ?? Anyone have a list as I wanna be sure my order is complete... ? Thanks
  5. I checked maintenance manual on how to increase tension for rudder... I'm thinking my still problematic yaw to the left might be too loose. How do you check or verify the 25.9lbs tension as listed in the MM ? (I might have asked this years ago but forgot)
  6. Ive got a nice cushy movable lumbar support that might help a little in this scenario.
  7. Good question. I really don't know the correct answer however, as of today my decision would be to not pull the chute and i would risk the water landing. I would gladly listen to opinions on this. The worry of this water landing is the plane flipping over and/or being knocked unconscious long enough that drowning would be cause of death
  8. Glad to hear pilots safe - so sorry for the CT loss. Look forward to the inspection results. As to the landing, from the picture that looks like a engine out haven - but as was already mentioned, looks can be deceiving. I fly in the tropics so i typically dont have any fields at all - My engine out option is 99% gonna be in the water.
  9. The one thing to learn from all this is use the proper chargers/cables. I dont like paying for the "real" waaaaay overpriced ones, but i have learnt that the cheap ones cause more trouble. Just stop losing them and should last you years
  10. Yes, i too have eyeballed the tire pressure - looked possibly low but thought it was fine and felt a bit lazy to check - but posts like these are reminders to not take the 'shortcut' and to do the preflight properly. Thank you.
  11. OK thanks for reply. Yeah i had read about the few fuel leak problems and mine being CTSW 2006 is of concern. I recently noticed a couple of tiny paint blisters under the fuel tank and started inspecting the area in alot of detail. I noticed an area no bigger than 5-7inches that looked a little different and when pressing on the skin it was a little softer than the surrounding area and entire wing. Note it was hard but just ever so slightly softer. Same on both wings Left and right. The mind went into overdrive thinking that this might be the beginning stage of a fuel leak problem. (note: no fuel leak, no staining as of now). After reading and re reading this thread, im thinking its just the "access hatch" thats been discussed here. Hope my concern was just a pointless freakout. :) Getting ready to do the overdue wing inspection so i will take a look inside too.
  12. Can i ask for some clarification regarding this "access port" or hatch/patch that has been mentioned on this topic. Is this 'access port' on the bottom of the fuel tank? If so, why is there a access port? Is this access port visible (borescope) on the inner part of the tank (closest to fuselage) or closer to the fuel refill cap?
  13. What size are the tubes and recommended place/brand to buy from ? I didnt keep track where i bought mine 4 years ago but its still clear as day 1 (rock hard though)
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