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  1. cdarza

    Carbs Rebuilt

    Sorry, being a bit lazy here and couldnt find the document stating how many hours until carb rebuild is necessary. So, 200hrs is for removal and inspection --- how many hours until a rebuild is required?
  2. cdarza

    Humphreys close up for Mike

    Amazing as always.
  3. cdarza

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    OMG that is horrible news (glad not hurt) but that still hurts alot emotionally. YIKES. Hope the coverage gets you back in the air soonest.
  4. Just a quick flight to this beautiful volcano. Lovin the CT to fly up here.
  5. cdarza

    Mactan Cebu to Sicogon Is

    Late reply - All fit in the baggage - Gotta love the CT ... loads of space and more so, fantastic that the board which is quite long also fit.
  6. cdarza

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    by this account - i must have the slowest CTSW then. Cruising @1500ft in a tropical environment is 100-105 ias kts (5100rpm) The only time i have seen anything close to 120kts is when im in a inverted spiral nose dive double twist.
  7. cdarza

    Prop inspection

    I bought a new prop (Sensenich) and kept the Nueform as wall decor. Cant justify the 1k inspection/repair.
  8. cdarza

    FDM Gust Lock

    Nice to have a gust lock as you have shown. For a simplified version though, bungee cords work really well for me.
  9. cdarza

    CTSW flying @ 22 below zero!

    Spectacular as usual - quite surreal
  10. cdarza

    Mactan Cebu to Sicogon Is

    This trip was just way too awesome, i had to share some photos. Kites and kiteboard all ready to go.
  11. cdarza

    Decals & Pin-striping

    Originals have lasted great over 12 years however some are starting to fade. I wouldnt mind replacing them at this point to get a fresh look.
  12. If anyone is flying solo and wants a passenger, i would love to hitch a ride and pay for expenses.
  13. cdarza

    EGT question for the experts?

    So i finally installed 2 egt probes and my readings show 1100 and 1200. @5000rpm. Most of you have mentioned 1400 is better. Am i ok in the 1200 range or what could be wrong.? (note the probes were installed correctly 3.9 inches from flange) Roger mentioned the lower temps indicate a rich setting. So if i adjusted the pin to a leaner setting would that also increase my oil temp?
  14. cdarza

    Dynon slow startup

    update on this. I got it fixed by Dynon last August 2018. I don't what the fix was but it did work until now, Jan 2019. Sadly, problem has comeback. My last flight the EFIS was totally dead but I still went for a quick flight. Around an hour into the flight the EFIS decided to power up. Unit is going back to Dynon for a check up. I guess I might be looking for the skyview in the near future. Can anyone start me off with basic dynon Skyview equipment. They list the 7" at around $2600 but do I need other stuff or can I use what was connected to the D100?
  15. cdarza

    want to buy CTLS

    The typos created a chuckle or two