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  1. Philippine Flying

    Had a wonderful flight this morning I just had to share. Mt Kanlaon, Negros, Philippines.
  2. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I had cracks on my Neuform a little different than yours and I wasn't too sure if it was just the paint. I decided it was not worth worrying about and went for the Sensenich props. (Note; it was going to cost me almost the same to have it sent in, examined and repaired so it clearly wasn't a tough decision) and the Neuform didn't go to waste. Hanging happily on bedroom wall.
  3. Sudden Power loss

    I still have the stainless steel fuel connector on a CTSW 2006. Have not had any problems with this until today. I recently completed a rubber hose change and a couple of flight hours after the change, the connector started leaking in flight. Luckily no power loss, no vibration and the engine performed perfectly for the 1 hour flight except that my passenger and I noticed a very faint smell of fuel that got us a little concerned. Upon landing I had a noticeable fuel leak with fuel dripping from under the cowl. (I estimate 4 to 5 drips/ second). Initial findings; the connector was loose, and required some tightening. After some tightening there was still a small drip and we had to redo the attachment making sure the connector was aligned, seated properly and tightened. Ground run ups seems be good now but I will be checking on this much more. Are the older CTSW's still using the stainless steel connectors or have most of you splurged and moved to the Teflon hoses? Seems the complete Teflon fuel hose change would run $2k ?
  4. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Mr Vance, i too have had exactly what you described above. I could not figure out what/ where it came from. I have also had corrosion on the floats bowls. This was a big concern to me so I replaced the bowls only to have the same thing happen on the new ones within the first few months. I make it a habit now to check the bowls every month. (using non ethanol mogas)
  5. Power loss in flight

    Carb bowls as Roger stated. That would be the first place to look.
  6. Observing turbulence being created

    You can rename the area on the right "Rotor City"
  7. Control Lock

    Bungee cords work for me ...

    Yes it is not from the radio. After some cleaning and cleaning and cleaning - it has not come back for the last 2 flights --- fingers crossed ! thanks

    Trouble shooting - I have been having a intercom noise (squeal) that comes and goes . I can go 10-30mins inflight without a problem then it comes on and only when intercom is activated will it go away - comes back few seconds later when intercom is not active. Like when you talk, the intercom is activated and the squeal goes away and few seconds later when intercom is not active anymore - the squeal is back. I switch the intercom off then back on and sometimes it will go away and sometimes it wont. I have tried cleaning all the contacts i can think of. Any other ideas or anyone have a similar problem? PM3000Model PS Engineering
  10. YEAH !! I am still waiting for him (Roger) to take a trip to the Philippines and work on my aircraft
  11. 912 ignition modules

    Update. I made a temporary connection to a slightly larger battery (than the PC310) and it starts perfectly.
  12. 912 ignition modules

    How to jump start ? I suspect, or rather I am convinced my battery life is over as I do not get enough of a crank spin to start the engine. (battery has been fully charged). I attached jumper cables to my car and got a bit faster crank but still very slow and not enough to start. Even with cables attached it acts like the battery is too weak. I do not intend to fly with this weak or dead battery however I am curious why I can't get the start even with jumpers. My only thought is, does the jumper cable lose current from the car side to the aircraft side resulting in very little electrical current provided to the weak battery? (am using regular jumper cables you buy at the car shop) note battery is a odyssey pc310 - sadly this is only 2 years old
  13. Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

    Congratulations!! - i can see the joy in receiving your new toy and what a awesome aircraft it is !
  14. Wheel pants vibration

    Old topic revisited - for the CTSW Tundra Wheel Pants ; are your wheels pants rock solid in flight or do you get a little shudder? I estimate mine shudder at least a few mm and usually it is not that noticeable but am curious if i should be trying something to get them to not shudder at all. (noted as Roger mentioned that it is normal for them to move a bit - but does anyone have rock solid wheel pants?)