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  1. cdarza

    Did anyone see this?

    I had to re watch over and over again. What an amazing rescue. Plane crash then train ?? WOW. Only in the movies do we see this ? Nope ... again, WOW!!
  2. Congratulations - Looks awesome !
  3. I had a double whammy last week - I hit the wires on the wing of my ultralight and as i stepped away in pain from that one - walked into the CT wing. lol
  4. Crotch ? LOL BTW - That is a sweet ride you got there - mirror finish too.
  5. Saw this on a post and thought it was a great idea - for those who still smack their heads on the wing. lol
  6. NOT a Rotax part and didnt wanna start a new thread - but WOW !! Swift EGT probe was $25 back in 2018 and now 2021 $56 !!!! dang
  7. I pulled a wing without support on the other side (complete duh moment ! DONT DO THIS). The spar hit the roof as the wing dropped and I consider myself to be EXTREMELY lucky there was no damage. Almost heart attack moment lol
  8. ive been using the newer, more expensive black rubber gaskets and i find them quite difficult to "seat" properly. Kinda like a hit and miss. Just did a carb bowl check last week and had to reseat the gasket a couple times to get no leak.
  9. Just curious (in case i have same problem) How did you get wheel on to the scooter ?
  10. This happens to mine also - but it was happening when it was still new 12 years ago Although, i have the opposite problem. With age, its not as easy to remove the key anymore
  11. HI Ken. I used the telescopic "selfie stick" and attached it to a suction cup mount for the front part and then attached it to the tie down bolt at the back. The back is a washer with a bolt attached to the ring of the tie down bolt. I used a InstaOne camera for this however i was having problems with it shutting down on me - Good camera but not sure i would recommend it. The software it comes with for editing is easy to use but you need a newer phone to edit smoothly (iphone 8 was not good... iphone 11 or better should be fine) If you need more detail just lemme know and i will try to help as best i can chris@hlhuillier.com Note; i used it a few times and after awhile, unless you are really into editing and posting, it just becomes a hassle. - But thats just me. I just use the iphone vid now for most of my content; shameless plugin: follow me on insta if you like; captazrad
  12. cdarza

    100 unleaded

    Im not sure on the specs and I get more confused when I try to educate myself … to avoid the ethanol I’ve been using 100 unleaded here in the Philippines for over 12years and 1000hours and it seems like it’s all good… Product is Petron Blaze 100
  13. I thought the same, and was confused why there was power to cig lighter with the master off - the plane came wired this way. I suppose I could have it wired to be depowered with master off but I just pop the 12v breaker when not in use.
  14. In my case it was a faulty cig lighter/usb. The usb was hot to the touch and it totally drained my battery - beyond saving (i tried)
  15. She is making a stop relatively near me in the Philippines- looking forward to meeting her and checking out the aircraft.
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