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  1. I had a pin made couple years back. (not sure what the material was) Just recently, had shimmy on my last landing when I would brake hard.. The pin is a little loose again so am gonna give it another try and fabricate another one. I do worry I am doing damage to the shaft and might need to replace that if the gap gets wider.
  2. Another headsup... In the air intake by the carb heat flapper. These rubbery things were loose and might get sucked in to the carb. I just took them off and didn't replace.
  3. Thanks for those samples. Yeah the first 2 vids - Gopro7 and virb were awesome! The one i posted is from a Yi camera (which clearly is not doing a good job). I found some old footage from my Gopro4 and it too wasnt 100% stable. I have a insta360 arriving soon so will see how that does. Really appreciate the feedback - my OC took over and ive been obsessing about this the last few days lol.
  4. thanks for the reply. Yeah I've used the image stabilization and didn't really help much. I thought you might have some special mount but I also have the gopro adhesive mount that you mentioned. I haven't really noticed it much but lately Im starting to think now that my plane has a slight shudder that most of you don't have. Sample of my videos. Either camera not doing a good job or I gotta figure out how to get less plane shudder
  5. Recommendations please for best way to camera mount (Interior) that minimizes shake. Many advances have been made but im still left with not so smooth video. @FlyingMonkey i think this question is really for you as ive noticed your videos are buttery smooth. (I tried sending you a direct message but it wouldnt allow me to- hence this topic) Since the CTSW has that minor little stick 'bump' ive also now noticed that alot of my videos have that little shake or shudder. Very minor but videos today are so smooth im trying to get the best footage.
  6. cdarza

    Piston Head

    It does look like it !! LOL and @sandpiper Normal cruise of 5000rpm (im at 900hrs now). Although what i havent been able to figure out yet is my low egt of 1100 and 1200. Im quite sure the temp probe is mounted in the correct spot and distance. Ive also changed the needle setting to run more lean and didnt get much of a different reading.
  7. cdarza

    Piston Head

    What are the piston heads (not brand-new) supposed to look like? Was playing around with a cheap endoscope and didn't like what I saw - but then again, I also don't know what to be looking for.
  8. 12 years flying and i've come to accept it. (CTSW) It is minor though.
  9. a follow up to the whine on the intercom - i removed and inspected and this is what i found ... the pin to #1 (ground) was gone and possibly melted ?? can't tell for sure ... but if that pin (ground) was completely gone, wouldn't that mean i have no power ? I am really clueless on this. To fix, a wire was attached as shown on third photo and the unit thus far works without the whine - can't tell for sure until i flight test as the whine would happen only in flight sometimes. Does that wire connection look unsafe ? Thanks in advance for your inputs
  10. Times like this you wish there was a manual option. Sorry - not helpful. I dread the day I have this problem. Am still with a slow flaps cycling issue. Seems a bit better after cleaning and re greasing the jack screw (twice) but not normal.
  11. Ive had that issue for 12 years. 2006 CTSW. Goes away with the front wheel pants off which indicates the pants are the cause. So, with the pants on and having to press right rudder, ive found that if i press hard enough, the air flow switches over to the other side and thus either stays balanced or i might even need a light left rudder input. Perhaps not the best solution but that has been my only option Oh and added info... the need for right rudder is usually in cruise flight roughly 100+kts. Once im at 90kts i dont have the need for right rudder. Congrats on the purchase!!
  12. I had previously claimed to probably have the slowest CTSW out there - but i change my claim. I am the fastest !! 228 KTS The modifications i had to do- UNBELIEVABLE !! Dont believe ? You are correct haha This was a result of a clogged static port. On takeoff i knew there was something not quite right as the airspeed seemed a bit lower than usual. I was climbing at 60kts indicated but gps was showing 80kts. (not much wind so this confirmed the actual airspeed was off) Continued flight up to 7500ft. And on the way down i got the 228kts reading. Was fun for the moment thinking i could fly that fast.
  13. Yeah ive got that whine on the intercom too. Been dealing with that for waaaay to long. I try to clean contacts etc and it sometimes seems to work but not for long. I think im gonna give up and buy a new one. On another note- I was never able to get the radio on the headset with the intercom powered off. I thought the wiring was bad or that wasnt an option even though the instruction manual said it was possible. Years later, i figured out the stereo switch on the headset was the cause of this. Duh!
  14. cdarza

    Garmin 696 Repair

    I was about to throw my 296 (12 years old for me) as the screen was barely visible. Shopped around the internet and found a replacement screen for $20 !!! Still going strong. I was actually a bit excited to finally replace the old unit - but if it works, no need to replace.
  15. I agree with Tom on re-seating the radio. I had a similar instance with my transponder. I even sent it in for repair and testing all came out it was in working order. Re-installed and still was intermittent. Long story short, found out that the re-installation (or re-seating) was off by a mm. Once good contact and properly seated - worked perfectly
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