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  1. Wing Inspection

    Just sharing my findings from my recent wing inspection. The birds seem to love moving in here. Tough to get hands in there so a vacuum hose got most of it out.
  2. 2007 CTSW $67,500

    Seeing those aircraft pictures is gonna make me have a workout today. Off the polish and detail mine today. Looks great !! How can you even consider selling ? (kidding) I know service is not easily available. Hope something comes up that allows you to keep her.
  3. CTSW fuel dipstick - where to purchase?

    Made one out of wood. So much easier to see the fuel level reading
  4. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Woah Spectacular !! thanks for sharing the pics. Wishing yall a great time. I will have to make that trip someday.
  5. Rotax Service Bulletin

    Not sure that post was complete as i dont see any information or link.
  6. Landing at 12,000'

    Spectacular !! Where is that exactly please?
  7. Carb Debris (a new source...)

    Could you clarify for me where this water might be coming from? That may be a duh question as the answer is most probably the tanks/fuel correct? However, I have never ever seen a droplet or any dirt ever in the gascolator. So can I assume then that the source of water or dirt is somewhere past that stage? I use the aircraft almost every weekend and the fuel I use is 100 octane No ethanol (Petron Blaze 100) which I thought was a better fuel being it had no ethanol - Should I switch to with ethanol? I guess I shall be checking the carb bowls monthly from now on.
  8. Ignition Switch / Source

    Is it possible the solenoid is 'in the process' of failing. Sometimes the engine starts and sometimes it is just the click - no start. Thus, if i bridge the terminals i might not get the start indicating solenoid is fine, but after repeated attempts i might actually get a start. Is that possible? On a related topic, I had my master switch fail on me but it wasnt the one time only. If i turned the switch off and then back on again i would get power. This happened multiple times until the switch finally failed completely. Not sure if this might be the same case with the solenoid. I have the solenoid on order so i guess that would be my best confirmation when i replace it.
  9. Carb Debris (a new source...)

    Right and Left Carb Bowls 8 months and 50 hours since last checked. (These were new bowls 8 months ago that already have corrosion). My last pair was replaced also due to corrosion. The black specs that look like rubber are actually pcs of dirt.
  10. Ignition Switch / Source

    Oh i don't have the expertise on this. I am just assuming the battery is ok based on the age (1yr) and the fact that i charged it. Not sure about other tests but will gladly read up on any suggested methods of checking battery capacity.
  11. Ignition Switch / Source

    I went ahead and bought the solenoid (OUCH) as i don't want to get stranded at another airport. Thanks for all the suggestions on what to look for. All checked including making sure good battery / ground wire etc and found nothing, so i am leaning towards the bad solenoid.
  12. Ignition Switch / Source

    Ok I checked, cleaned and tightened all screws nuts and bolts on ignition switch and on starter solenoid - still 50/50 on the start however I mistakenly said the click sound was from switch - upon futher checking it is the solenoid that makes that click sound. So am thinking replace the solenoid ?
  13. Ignition Switch / Source

    Speaking of a suspected faulty ignition switch; Mine has been acting up. Hope I can describe it; when I turn the key to the start (ignition) part I just get a click. I roll back to off and try again and same thing, just a click. Doing this over and over I do get lucky and get the ignition to start the engine. CTSW 2006. I guess I will replace the ignition switch as I don't think I can trouble shoot this one correct? (meaning I can't fix the switch right ?). Where do I order this ? Thanks
  14. Bringing an old plane back to life.

    You think this one has a second chance ? haha
  15. Look Ma, No Doors!

    Awesome. Thanks for posting the video. That sure looks like a lot of fun. Aside from the CTSW, i also fly a Super Drifter. Nothing like having that wind in your face and that feeling of being out in the open.