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  1. Excellent video - can't believe am only seeing it now. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Wishing everyone the best in this very difficult time.
  3. Ive used Velcro in many applications - and if you use the right amount - there is no way that is gonna come loose. However, if there is enough heat, the 'glue' could melt and not hold well in place. (this happens in my car when left in direct sunlight) and -- unless you are planning to do some uncoordinated acro, I would think you are good with just the velcro.
  4. I was passing a King Air 350 at great speed the other day. Was pretty darn close - close enough to see the pilots face filled with shock and amazement. Then all i heard was PULL UP PULL UP...........!! lol - As you mentioned. Slow post days = sketchy humour
  5. AND - Go grab yourself a 360cam (i dont have any brand preference) But the view/angle will be at your choice when editing - makes all the difference.
  6. Just curious. How old was that rocket
  7. Asia - YES - Close but not close enough - Am in the Philippines:)
  8. I edited my previous post and included picture of the plastic pc - and indicated where that fits
  9. hmm i dont have that in my manual. Will check FD to get a updated manual. - Duh moment - I didnt see that the lever at the bottom connected to the shaft / wheel for the trim - Now the whole thing makes sense - Thanks for posting that!!
  10. Am curious as to the mechanics of this design. 2006 CTSW. On the right side, the spring/cable attaches directly to the tube above, however on the left side (as pictured) the spring/cable attaches to a sort of lever above it, which is attached to another cable (white tubing ), which attaches to another lever looking thing at the bottom. Can anyone explain the purpose of this. Seems like attaching the left spring/cable to the tube above, just like the right side, would do the same job. The only thought is perhaps for spring tension adjustment ?? - however it doesnt look like lever moves enough to have much effect.
  11. Im attaching some photos for those interested in the flap motor removal and the parts within: Picture 1. Note; When I removed the motor, the small whitetish plastic part and the round metal pc didn't come off -so it took me awhile to figure out that this also had to come off to get access to the jack screw Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4. This is pic 3 disassembled. Don't lose the white plastic part (forgot to include it this photo) Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7. Cleaned and ready to grease Picture 8 - the small plastic piece that can barely be seen in seen in picture 1 When re-installing - make sure the plastic is inserted correctly - I was having a difficult time inserting the motor/gear back in as the plastic was installed wrongly...
  12. Thanks Buckaroo !! and I'm glad you mentioned this as I'm unaware of Carmo and initially I read CARMOL on your previous post --- You can understand how weird that got. LOL. Btw is that $500 for the pair or for each module?
  13. Feel as if i ripped out her heart lol
  14. "P" leads are the white wires
  15. ok thanks -i found a small problem with one of the wires from the modules however this was on the side that i didn't initially have a problem with - so i can't say this is the cause The ignition switch setup on my plane is switch 1 (first key click) goes to Module B and switch 2 goes to module A
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