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  1. cdarza

    Stabilator bracket crack

    just noticed these marks on preflight inspection ..... i know it may be difficult to see but does anyone think possible stress marks? (no visible cracks) it is slightly rough when i glide my finger back and forth on it
  2. I agree with JLang. I cant find anything wrong with the post so without a written reason, I just assume wrong click. However, I have also learned to ignore thumbs down clicks - there are some very unhappy people out there and I am just happy I am not one of them. Back to RPM - yeah, there have been many posts the best WOT should be 5600-5650. I am currently getting only 100kts IAS with a WOT of 5800. (sea level avg 32 degree temp, tropics). I do like my current setting for the takeoff but I lose a bit on the cruise speed. (probably 3-5kts)
  3. cdarza

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    After seeing this post months back, I finally decided to get my slightly worn seats a makeover. I am quite happy with the results I just had to share
  4. cdarza

    New wheel pant?

    Yes I've tried that. Still got the shakes Not a lot to be concerned about however, on those awesome buttery smooth no wind days I can feel the slight shudder in the cabin. I will try tightening them again- thanks
  5. cdarza

    New wheel pant?

    Are there better pants available - ones that don't shake ?
  6. cdarza

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    Am wondering if the stick could be engineered to also do the rudder (twist left and right). Obviously this would take some good engineering to allow light force to be applied and get the yaw action. I think some joysticks for home Flight Simulators do this.
  7. cdarza

    Be safe - lock your doors

    How high is your bed ? :)
  8. cdarza

    Airplane Taxes

    Wow that is crazy.
  9. cdarza

    Charlie Tango got published

    Well done and congratulations Ed.!! Truly awesome photography and well deserved to be published.
  10. cdarza

    Battery charger

    So this is a interesting development for me in regards to battery drain problem i had some time ago. I just realized that with my master switch off i still have power going to the cigarette lighter. Is this common or is mine wired wrongly? Only way to stop the power at this point is to pop the 12v fuse. Anyways, what i think actually caused the battery drain is a faulty usb cigarette adapter which i would sometimes leave plugged in - Note, the usb adapter was quite hot when i found this out so it's not a very comfortable thought if i had left the plane for a week or so with that going on. Just wanted to share this info in case someone has a similar experience. - duh moment.
  11. cdarza

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    Are you joking my leg ? (filipino idiom LOL)
  12. cdarza

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    It's a joke David
  13. cdarza

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    Very strange and i initially thought a language barrier but i dunno ....... He did mention 'during takeoff...." so unless a language issue ... it implies the prop was attached yeah ? lol
  14. cdarza

    Dynon D100 Dimming

    I had my very old D100 that took many minutes to start up (blank screen initially on powerup) It started at a few mins to get the display and eventually 30 mins or more !!! Not exactly the same as your description but perhaps a similar issue. Sent it in to Dynon for repair and it works fine now. I did inquire but i never got the explanation as to the cause - and i probably would not have understood any technical info anyways haha.