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  1. WOAH - Chill pill buddy.
  2. For years i always had a slight left yaw issue. I would have the rudder trim full and it would help just a bit. I just got used to pressing on the right pedal and mastered a way of wedging my foot just a bit to help not tire from the continuous pressure. Never enjoyed this but its just one of those things that i let be for waaaaaaay too long. Then the thought of the nose fairing being the issue was a lightbulb moment but again i let this be just a thought for more years... Finally, just this year i removed the wheel fairing and went for a flight.. Hallelujah !! Tracked straight !!! I was so used to pressing slight right rudder i was actually inducing a right yaw lol So now it was confirmed its the nose fairing - how was i to fix that (no idea up to this day) However, installed the fairing back on, and i dunno what the heck happened but the aircraft still tracks straight - well, most of the time. Its one of those quirky aircraft things that if i have slight left yaw, i nudge the rudder just a bit off to the right and then let it settle. Sometimes it has slight right yaw and i nudge the rudder to the left, and let it settle in the middle - I am just concluding the fairing is catching the airstream in either a left or right yaw and i have to force it into that sweet spot. Weird !! but works thus far.
  3. Meaning cant fly legally without the front wheel pant ? - Am just curious why this would be. It flies just the same without so what are they cautious about to not have a LOA for the front wheel ?
  4. Wow Would be nice if it could be known what exactly causes that big a difference.
  5. cdarza

    Cup Holders

    the WIFE .... oh..... that could be the reason why im single....
  6. I had battery drain in the past and the cause was a faulty USB plug that was in the cigarette adapter. I typically pop the fuse for the 12v and push it in only when i need 12v to the cigarette plugs.
  7. Why would you chicken out ? I am assuming the answer but prefer to hear it to confirm my thoughts Also - "slower than i like" -- because of the altitude ?
  8. Very nice - however still like the egg better
  9. Hoping you get back in the air soon - looking forward to more amazing shots.
  10. Sorry, being a bit lazy here and couldnt find the document stating how many hours until carb rebuild is necessary. So, 200hrs is for removal and inspection --- how many hours until a rebuild is required?
  11. OMG that is horrible news (glad not hurt) but that still hurts alot emotionally. YIKES. Hope the coverage gets you back in the air soonest.
  12. Just a quick flight to this beautiful volcano. Lovin the CT to fly up here.
  13. Late reply - All fit in the baggage - Gotta love the CT ... loads of space and more so, fantastic that the board which is quite long also fit.
  14. by this account - i must have the slowest CTSW then. Cruising @1500ft in a tropical environment is 100-105 ias kts (5100rpm) The only time i have seen anything close to 120kts is when im in a inverted spiral nose dive double twist.
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