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  1. cdarza

    100 unleaded

    Im not sure on the specs and I get more confused when I try to educate myself … to avoid the ethanol I’ve been using 100 unleaded here in the Philippines for over 12years and 1000hours and it seems like it’s all good… Product is Petron Blaze 100
  2. I thought the same, and was confused why there was power to cig lighter with the master off - the plane came wired this way. I suppose I could have it wired to be depowered with master off but I just pop the 12v breaker when not in use.
  3. In my case it was a faulty cig lighter/usb. The usb was hot to the touch and it totally drained my battery - beyond saving (i tried)
  4. She is making a stop relatively near me in the Philippines- looking forward to meeting her and checking out the aircraft.
  5. Thanks for the detailed report. We know that our throttles go to full power with a cable break - However, just like Tip mentioned, I too never thought of what happens when one cables breaks - and duh, this is what is likely to happen right LOL. What are the chances of both breaking at the same time ? Wow - Glad to learn from this incident, more regular checking of cables, and again am glad the pilot made it through this. As to being as prepared as possible; yeah it takes alot of discipline to constantly verbalize the plan prior to take off (or whatever maneuver). I follow on Insta Missionary Bush Pilot Ryan and he is great at repeating his plan/course of action on every single flight- i try to do the same.
  6. Thanks for the reply. My cht sender is on the right rear. No extra sender on the front left. Thats where i wanna place the new sender im looking for and hook it up to a spare cht gauge that was graciously given to me from a member on this forum. (Thanks again Bob Ryan !!) Anyways, nothing that important so i will see where i go from here.
  7. So i have a VDO 801/10/1 CHT Temp sender for my 2006 Rotax 912 uls and im looking to purchase another sender. I didnt realize it would be this difficult to locate one as i just assumed all Rotax 912 ULS were using the same. I got close to buying a UMA sender as im using UMA analogue gauge however i was informed by UMA that the UMA gauge was calibrated to VDO sender thus UMA sender would not work unless i sent the gauge back for recalibration. Dang this is getting difficult. That UL Flight line as mentioned above to be ok for the Rotax but the threads look different than the VDO. Best i could find was a backorder $195 on LEAF for a Rotax 965350. Same as 965351 ?Anyone have updated info for this pls? When did Rotax change the compatible senders and are there multiple changes over the years or just the one - so like what are the newer engines using. Also, if i also wanted to upgrade from my analogue gauges to the newer EMS would i be having a problem with compatible probes (senders) that fit my old engine? I feel like i need to attend a special class for this.... Basic help appreciated.
  8. Well theres your problem - you upside down
  9. Was having some elevated CHT gauge reading issues again - With Rogers guidance, i once again cleaned and tightened the grounds. Thus far ground run has been good. I did notice however when i turned off the Dynon 100/ transponder and radio, the CHT went down 5 to 7 degrees. (UMA Analogue gauges) Repeated this multiple times by switching the EFIS etc on then off and got the same results. You electrical geniuses will know whats going on - for me, its just another CT quirk :)
  10. Congratulations - Nice ride !!
  11. I just changed mine out a couple weeks ago - bought from Flight Design. I did try to "fix" my old one as the plastic inside had warped (i have a friend that does really good work and did a great job replicating what i needed) However - end of the day, the new part wasnt expensive so it really wasnt worth the trouble to repair - and Flight Design had it available. I will add, when i found the leak at the valve i also noticed the fuel flow out of the gascolator was not very strong. Its possible the defective valve was restricting some fuel flow.
  12. Thanks for the above info - Got the fuel hose installed and a good carb maintenance done too. New leak !! Argh. At the fuel shut off Valve... Took the valve apart and there are some orings that probably need replacement but there is a nylon part in there that was worn and thus the cause of leak ... any references pls as to where can buy same fuel shut off valve ? (2006 CTSW if that matters)
  13. A month later, finally got the fuel hose and installing tomorrow - Just want to confirm- the Banjo Bolt (that connects the fuel line to the carb) has a torque of 90in.lb correct ? This also applies to the banjo bolt on the clamp block?
  14. I still have this problem and i swear its the front wheel pant causing this (but dont quote me on this) Ive gotten so used to pressing right rudder my right calf is bigger than the left lol
  15. I don't have the markings on this spare dipstick but i use a hard piece of wood and you can clearly see the level.
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