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  1. Just curious. How old was that rocket
  2. Asia - YES - Close but not close enough - Am in the Philippines:)
  3. I edited my previous post and included picture of the plastic pc - and indicated where that fits
  4. hmm i dont have that in my manual. Will check FD to get a updated manual. - Duh moment - I didnt see that the lever at the bottom connected to the shaft / wheel for the trim - Now the whole thing makes sense - Thanks for posting that!!
  5. Am curious as to the mechanics of this design. 2006 CTSW. On the right side, the spring/cable attaches directly to the tube above, however on the left side (as pictured) the spring/cable attaches to a sort of lever above it, which is attached to another cable (white tubing ), which attaches to another lever looking thing at the bottom. Can anyone explain the purpose of this. Seems like attaching the left spring/cable to the tube above, just like the right side, would do the same job. The only thought is perhaps for spring tension adjustment ?? - however it doesnt look like lever moves enough to have much effect.
  6. Im attaching some photos for those interested in the flap motor removal and the parts within: Picture 1. Note; When I removed the motor, the small whitetish plastic part and the round metal pc didn't come off -so it took me awhile to figure out that this also had to come off to get access to the jack screw Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4. This is pic 3 disassembled. Don't lose the white plastic part (forgot to include it this photo) Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7. Cleaned and ready to grease Picture 8 - the small plastic piece that can barely be seen in seen in picture 1
  7. Thanks Buckaroo !! and I'm glad you mentioned this as I'm unaware of Carmo and initially I read CARMOL on your previous post --- You can understand how weird that got. LOL. Btw is that $500 for the pair or for each module?
  8. Feel as if i ripped out her heart lol
  9. ok thanks -i found a small problem with one of the wires from the modules however this was on the side that i didn't initially have a problem with - so i can't say this is the cause The ignition switch setup on my plane is switch 1 (first key click) goes to Module B and switch 2 goes to module A
  10. Very much appreciate the quick response--Sorry, but just to clarify, as im not knowlegeable on this- Are the "P" Lead the wire/s the ones going into connector housing. (as seen in the pic) and, are the insulating boots you refer to the ones that go into the module (very old looking the pic)? Or am I on a different page? Secondly, if I go ahead and purchase the modules -need 2 of them correct and on the CPS site, they have 2 part numbers for the electronic module; Rotax 965-440 and 965-444. are these essentially the same? Ouch$2k for both -- oh and yeah, this on a 2006 CTSW (900hrs) so getting quite old.
  11. Short version: Did a "Mag check" and on #2 switch, the engine completely died. Restarted and tried it again and #1 switch would have the normal 50rpm drop- Check#2 -engine died again. Opened up cowl to "check" - dunno what I was really looking for - maybe a lose wire /plug off or anything that might indicate the problem -- Nothing. Decided to try running engine again - and it ran fine with no engine stoppage on either #1and #2 mag switch. I don't want to fly and won't fly until I figure this one out. Where is best to start and what am I looking for ? (ref picture) Should I start here by removing the connectors and checking the wires ? Long version: This mag check actually happened when I landed after a 3 hour flight. 2 hours into the flight I felt like something with the engine wasn't quite right. Was humming along at 5000rpm and kinda thought I saw the rpm drop 50rpm but immediately go back up. This happened a few times but it was barely noticeable so I tried the carb heat and also thought maybe some dirt in the carb was causing this -again, no significant drop or loss of power to really be concerned about but I just had this feeling that it wasn't normal. Tried full power and I was getting it but it also felt a bit lower than what I was used to. Finally landed and thats when for some reason I just thought of doing a mag check and thats where the first part of the story begins...... Argh, wish the #2 would still cause engine stoppage as that would be easier to confirm the cause.
  12. and don't forget the rudder. CT's need rudder input. I flown with quite a number of 172 pilots and had to constantly remind them to use the rudder. WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS on the ownership of your airplane!!
  13. Thanks for the guidance on this. Im gonna attempt servicing it this weekend. Just wanted to double check; 2 screws on the bottom and 2 screws on the top (as per pics). The jackscrew, that stays in as i pull down the motor yes? Then rotate the jackcrew to lower it .. Does the jack screw eventually come off ? or just lower it enough to be wiped down and regreased? (thanks for all the details as i am likely to mess this up - thus wanna make sure i know im not missing something) And YES i will make sure flap is at lowest position before starting the procedure !! LOL
  14. Looks like ALOT of storage area up front
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