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  1. Stick on Slip Indicator

    and the cheapest .....is to develop high sensitivity as to where your butt feels like its going

    I have a Garmin 327 which is totally different than your setup. However, your description sounds very familiar when i had transponder problems. Mine turned out to be a bad connection from the transponder to the mounting bracket - which was off by as little as 1mm (which was basically a bad connection to the antenna). My non expert advice is to double check what 'appears' to be a good antenna connection and make sure 100% that it is.
  3. Oil Change instructions

    Bear with my humor. Too much caffeine on a rainy day I wanna go fly
  4. Oil Change instructions

    Depends - what brand is your propeller
  5. Dynon slow startup

    Dynon responded to my email and said it might be a hardware problem. I will try the software update first as you mentioned and if that doesn't work, by chance I will be traveling to the US in a couple weeks so I will bring it and send it in for a checkup.
  6. Dynon slow startup

    My D100 is coming of age. 12 years now and just recently has shown signs of age. Delayed / slow start up. It can take up to 4 or 5 minutes for the unit to 'warm up' and finally show the display on the screen. I figure i will send this in to Dynon for inspection and hopefully repair. Just curious if anyone with a similar experience. As nice as new skyview would be, i am not eager to shell out over 3K just yet
  7. Alternator light

    Update - i was able to borrow and install another rectifier whilst waiting for the new one. Now operational which confirms the other 'fried' rectifier is not working.
  8. Alternator light

    Seems like the rectifier got fried. I did a temporary direct connection (without the connector block) and I am not getting any charging. The connector block melted a bit too much to be useable. Hope its nothing bigger than a bad rectifier. Will update when I have the replacement.
  9. Alternator light

    Ah -ok. I will clean it up and reseat it before possibly replacing. Thanks
  10. Alternator light

    Alternator light came on just as i lifted into the air this afernoon. Returned to land and inspected the regulator / rectifier .. found slight burn /melted plastic marks on one of the connectors. I will replace, however is there something else i should be checking that might have caused this ? or perhaps just a bad regulator ? i changed a bad regulator some years ago so this will be the second one for me.
  11. EGT question for the experts?

    i have a 2006 CTSW - i am considering installing a EGT. Just to match my current gauge sizes i opted for UMA 1 1/4 gauge. Would it be best if i install 2 probes and could i just have a switch to flip flop between the 2 probes or is 1 probe sufficient.? (is a special switch needed for this - or can i just install any toggle switch? ) Thanks!
  12. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    I had cracks on my Neuform a little different than yours and I wasn't too sure if it was just the paint. I decided it was not worth worrying about and went for the Sensenich props. (Note; it was going to cost me almost the same to have it sent in, examined and repaired so it clearly wasn't a tough decision) and the Neuform didn't go to waste. Hanging happily on bedroom wall.
  13. Sudden Power loss

    I still have the stainless steel fuel connector on a CTSW 2006. Have not had any problems with this until today. I recently completed a rubber hose change and a couple of flight hours after the change, the connector started leaking in flight. Luckily no power loss, no vibration and the engine performed perfectly for the 1 hour flight except that my passenger and I noticed a very faint smell of fuel that got us a little concerned. Upon landing I had a noticeable fuel leak with fuel dripping from under the cowl. (I estimate 4 to 5 drips/ second). Initial findings; the connector was loose, and required some tightening. After some tightening there was still a small drip and we had to redo the attachment making sure the connector was aligned, seated properly and tightened. Ground run ups seems be good now but I will be checking on this much more. Are the older CTSW's still using the stainless steel connectors or have most of you splurged and moved to the Teflon hoses? Seems the complete Teflon fuel hose change would run $2k ?
  14. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Mr Vance, i too have had exactly what you described above. I could not figure out what/ where it came from. I have also had corrosion on the floats bowls. This was a big concern to me so I replaced the bowls only to have the same thing happen on the new ones within the first few months. I make it a habit now to check the bowls every month. (using non ethanol mogas)
  15. Power loss in flight

    Carb bowls as Roger stated. That would be the first place to look.