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  1. cdarza

    want to buy CTLS

    The typos created a chuckle or two
  2. cdarza

    No fuel crossfeed.

    Yup same happens on my 2006 CTSW. I pay a lot of attention to flying with the ball centered and this minimizes the uneven fuel. And when I park anywhere with almost full fuel, I do my best to estimate the wings being level - otherwise if not level, fuel pours out the filler gas cap that is lower. (Which is clear indication fuel is being transferred from the other, higher, tank) And as mentioned on this forum before, when in flight and if you are low on fuel on one side, fly out of trim to transfer fuel to the other side. Fuel follows the ball. Note this process can take 15 to 30 mins to have any considerable effect. It doesn't happen in just a few minutes. (I only mention this because thats what I thought before lol).
  3. cdarza

    batteries again

    thank you - probably too late but will try
  4. cdarza

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    Your detailed descriptions and pictures are also very much appreciated. I sure hope i dont have to do what you are doing but if i do, you are already helping tremendously.
  5. cdarza

    EGT question for the experts?

    Can i re ask my question though ..... if say you have CHT in the RED and EGT is showing normal...(same cylinder) can one assume the CHT might be a faulty reading or does cht and egt readings have no correlation at all to each other. I will also add then in reverse, if EGT is in the RED, and CHT is normal can we assume a possible faulty egt reading.
  6. cdarza

    batteries again

    I have recently been using a CTEK MXS 5.0 (test and charger) Thus far i am happy with it. Although, i really dont use it much as i usually fly weekly and no need for the charge. On my CTSW the 12v cig lighter is live even with the master switch OFF thus i always have my 12 v fuse popped in the off position just incase i have some parasitic drain. (this happened recently when my (faulty) cigarette usb adapter plug was left in the receptacle and drained and killed the battery completely.) I tried recovering the battery but it just wouldnt take the charge anymore.
  7. cdarza

    Stick Shake

    I will edit my post on this re possible stress marks. What I thought might be possible stress marks turned out to be just the paint (or at least it seems that way.) I sanded down the area and it is now smooth with no signs of any marks on the metal. I still find it strange how the marks or paint scratches appeared in that particular area. Note the original post with a actual noticeable crack was not mine. That one surely needed welding. or replacement.
  8. cdarza

    Stick Shake

  9. cdarza

    Stick Shake

    The stick shake was at cruise speed roughly 105kts ias straight and level, AutoPilot OFF, I was not holding the stick to show how much it moves by itself. When holding stick it does tone it down but not much. Then again, it is really not that noticeable, when your up there and everything is so nice and smooth you sometimes notice these little things that normally are ignored.
  10. cdarza

    Stick Shake

    How solid are your sticks. (people with dirty minds go away haha). This minimal shake doesn't bother me and barely noticeable however just for comparison is this the norm or are most rock solid. Stick Shake.mov
  11. cdarza

    EGT question for the experts?

    Is there any correlation between CHT and EGT readings ? Say if you have a very high CHT reading and a normal EGT reading.. would that imply a possible error reading in the CHT gauge or probe? My CHT has lately been taking my attention and I am trying to troubleshoot. One flight its perfectly normal in the green and then the next flight its reading in the yellow. So I am also thinking of installing a 2nd cht gauge (again just to confirm if the gauges are giving a accurate reading) Which leads me to the next question... can the engine have a problem that will result in one cht reading high and the other normal ? Appreciate the comments and if im over thinking this please do say so :)
  12. That was me giving the down vote - Just kidding ! LOL Love it
  13. cdarza

    Stabilator bracket crack

    just noticed these marks on preflight inspection ..... i know it may be difficult to see but does anyone think possible stress marks? (no visible cracks) it is slightly rough when i glide my finger back and forth on it
  14. I agree with JLang. I cant find anything wrong with the post so without a written reason, I just assume wrong click. However, I have also learned to ignore thumbs down clicks - there are some very unhappy people out there and I am just happy I am not one of them. Back to RPM - yeah, there have been many posts the best WOT should be 5600-5650. I am currently getting only 100kts IAS with a WOT of 5800. (sea level avg 32 degree temp, tropics). I do like my current setting for the takeoff but I lose a bit on the cruise speed. (probably 3-5kts)
  15. cdarza

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    After seeing this post months back, I finally decided to get my slightly worn seats a makeover. I am quite happy with the results I just had to share