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  1. Hoping you get back in the air soon - looking forward to more amazing shots.
  2. Sorry, being a bit lazy here and couldnt find the document stating how many hours until carb rebuild is necessary. So, 200hrs is for removal and inspection --- how many hours until a rebuild is required?
  3. OMG that is horrible news (glad not hurt) but that still hurts alot emotionally. YIKES. Hope the coverage gets you back in the air soonest.
  4. Just a quick flight to this beautiful volcano. Lovin the CT to fly up here.
  5. Late reply - All fit in the baggage - Gotta love the CT ... loads of space and more so, fantastic that the board which is quite long also fit.
  6. by this account - i must have the slowest CTSW then. Cruising @1500ft in a tropical environment is 100-105 ias kts (5100rpm) The only time i have seen anything close to 120kts is when im in a inverted spiral nose dive double twist.
  7. I bought a new prop (Sensenich) and kept the Nueform as wall decor. Cant justify the 1k inspection/repair.
  8. Nice to have a gust lock as you have shown. For a simplified version though, bungee cords work really well for me.
  9. Spectacular as usual - quite surreal
  10. This trip was just way too awesome, i had to share some photos. Kites and kiteboard all ready to go.
  11. Originals have lasted great over 12 years however some are starting to fade. I wouldnt mind replacing them at this point to get a fresh look.
  12. If anyone is flying solo and wants a passenger, i would love to hitch a ride and pay for expenses.
  13. So i finally installed 2 egt probes and my readings show 1100 and 1200. @5000rpm. Most of you have mentioned 1400 is better. Am i ok in the 1200 range or what could be wrong.? (note the probes were installed correctly 3.9 inches from flange) Roger mentioned the lower temps indicate a rich setting. So if i adjusted the pin to a leaner setting would that also increase my oil temp?
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