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  1. How many hours in 2011?

    First flight in a CTLS today Hooray!!! 0.8hrs - CTSW a few months ago 2.4Hrs The remaining 1065 Hours for this year was in Tecnam Eaglet, mostly instructing! But I am not sure if that counts here! It was a Tecnam!! (Ha Ha Ha) Working on doing more flying in CT's this year!!
  2. The 5th Annual 2011 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Just finish reading it. Thats an excellent article with brilliant photography! That and the other pictures in this thread makes me wanna come fly in that neck of the woods! Amazing landscape!
  3. Welcome!

    Hey Roger You are right! I learnt to fly in a 172. Nice solid aircraft but it is like driving a bus compared to Light Sport Aircraft. I teach on Tecnam P92 Eaglet, nice light crisp handling. The new students take to it like a duck to water! GA guys struggle initally because it is so light and sensitive by comparison to what they are used to! You just can't go past learning on a good stick and rudder plane. It definitely makes you a better pilot! My comment about the CTSW being pitch and & yaw sensitive was a comparison to the Eaglet I am currently teaching in. I would imagine that the CTLS with its longer tail would be slightly less sensitive. But I don't know yet, cause I have not flown it. Yet! I am SOLD on Light Sport Aircraft! Out of 2600 hrs flying, 2300 are in Light Sport, 1500 teaching in Tecnams in the last 18th months. The first time I saw a CT it was love at first sight! What a honey! Good looking lines! A cabin with space! Wonder what she goes like? Cos she sure looks good. Well now that I have flown a CTSW! What is CTLS & CTMC like? And I am looking at them from the perspective of teaching in them. Just on looks the CTLS wins hands down for me! But for a flying school is a CTMC more practical? Is it more durable? Is it better to teach in? I love CT's. But I am asking myself which CT is for me? Any input from you guys is greatly appreciated! Thanks Mahl
  4. Welcome!

    Hey Tom I want a plane that is reasonably doclie for students and makes a good solid realiable trainer. And that is why I am asking about the CTMC. I find CTSW has very sensitive pitch & yaw. I have a had real quick look at a CTMC but I had did not have time to really go over it then. I am going to see if I can arrange a test fly with the the local Flight Design distributor. Mahl
  5. Welcome!

    Thanks CT4ME That's a good name - I like that! I have yet to figure out how everything works here. And where to place questions? But I guess I will figure it out. I have already picked up some good Info. I went to your website and followed a link to the FAA registry that shows there are only 2 x CTMC's on the registry. Do you or anyone else know of somebody that has one? Or who has any experience with them? Thanks Mate Mahl
  6. Welcome!

    Hi Guys I am from Australia and found your forum some months back but never got around to reading much until now. I have been interested in CT's for a long time. It's good to find a forum with so many knowledgable people freely giving information and insights on the in's and out's of CT's. I just got checked out on a CTSW a few months ago. And would like to ask all sorts of questions about what they are like to live with on a day to day basis. Clearly there is lots of info already on the forum which I am reading with great enthusiam. I currently teach flying in a Tecnam P92 Eaglet. I am a Senior Instructor under Recreational Aircraft Australia which is the governing body in Australia.(Similar to US Sport Pilot Instructor) I am exploring the possibilty of using a CTLS or a CTMC for training. I want to get the lowdown from people who really know. So I hope you don't mind me asking questions. Mahl