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  1. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    The FAA' guy's opinion is no different than yours, and carries no more weight. It only becomes a real opinion when the answer comes from FAA legal.
  2. Coolant system pressure leak test

    Also check all the worm gear clamps on the 25mm coolant hose connections. Over the years they have been a constant source of small leaks.
  3. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Dick, if the Bing carb had a screen or filter inside the float bowl, then it would fall under preventive maintenance. Since it does not it becomes a maintenance task that does not fall under preventive maintenance. In many applications removing the float bowl is not just a simple task of flipping the bail and removing. For example on the CTSW the carb must first be removed from the socket. I have had the balance change from doing this, because of removing and reinstalling back in the socket. That being said, over the years the list in appendix A has changed to keep up with the times. Especially to keep up with modern avionics. Maybe it is time, due to the large numbers of Rotax engines for it to change again. You could petition the FAA to revise appendix A to allow for removal of the float bowl on a Rotax engine with Bing carburetors.
  4. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    An A&P can supervise maintenance, but not inspections.
  5. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Doug, I have performed several rubber replacements. I have one aircraft that I have done twice. I have had zero issues with carb debris on aircraft when I have performed the replacement. I did have one customer with an off field landing due to rubber debris, but I had not performed the rubber replacement. I have found some issues during rubber replacements that I had not found during condition inspections.
  6. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Roger, Doug is on our side. He doesn't think that the hose change should have a mandatory hard 5 year date, rather it should be on condition. The same for engine overhaul. When he said "it should be a safety directive", he meant if it is truly a safety of flight issue then it needs to be safety directive. He is not implying that it is a safety of flight issue.
  7. Pulling the engine is easy. I pull it all the way off during a hose change. I can have it ready to come off the airframe in an hour or less. Putting it back on and rigging the carbs takes a little longer. The wings are easy too, most of the time. I have run into a couple that were difficult. One had a wire bundle run through the wrong hole, and one needed shims on the front pins. There was one that was a little tough getting the wings back in and seated all the way to get the main pins reinstalled.
  8. You may want to check, but you may still need the Rotax training in addition to the 15 day LSRM course. Also by regulation any task you want to perform requires that you have done it before or have training in the task.
  9. Inventory of rubber hoses, tools, clamps etc?

    Here is my list. Not all one stop shopping. Fuel site tube 1.docx
  10. Alternator light

    He sold the airplane.
  11. Alternator light

    Like yours it was charging fine, so nothing was done. I didn't have an extra regulator to try, and was not going to have the customer buy a new one just to try it out.
  12. BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    In Flight Design airframe training we took one apart and put it back together, but that has been 10 years ago. I don't remember it being to difficult.
  13. Alternator light

    I had one customer airplane that acted that way. Never got to the bottom of things, but I suspected that it was the regulator or regulator connection.
  14. CTLS K&N Air Filter model #

    The original filter is a K&N. It should be cleaned and treated as part of the annual condition inspection. Unless you are operating in a harsh environment cleaning and treating annually should be sufficient. I normally clean and treat while I am in the process of doing the rest of the inspection.
  15. CTLS K&N Air Filter model #

    Why does it need replaced?