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  1. High Oil Temps

    Do you have an approval for the oil drain valve installation? When I ask Flight Design to install one my request was denied, but that was some time back.
  2. IFly 740b installed

    I'll answer for him, it is a TruTrak.
  3. FD and Rotax general service?

    I would try and get it to someone who knows what they are doing. Something as simple as the wrong paste on the spark plugs can cause thousands in damages.
  4. Adding AoA to a CTSW

    Actually the CT more than any other airplane I have flown is hard to judge speed by sound and feel.
  5. Flaps and stab question.

    I purchased from Wick's Aircraft a few years ago a package of 2 long aerosol spray can straws. It had two sizes of straws, and they were 36" long for those really hard to reach places.
  6. Center Panel

    It is going to be Monday before I can ship. I need to decide on whether it will be OK in a cardboard envelope, or if it needs a box. I will send Priority Mail. If you want one send me a PM with your shipping address.
  7. How Strong is the Compass Support Bar

    The bar is designed to be in compression, (holding the wings apart), not designed to support a side load of pulling on the bar.
  8. CTSW Paint cracking

    Andy, I don't think they use gel coat.
  9. Center Panel

    I have some extra .080 2024 T3 center panels for a CTSW and CTLS. I just did an upgrade and had extras cut. They are for a iFly 740b Air Gizmo dock and a Garmin SL40/GTX327 combo. They were cut with a water jet. It has the original 4 corner holes, and I added 4 extra holes on each side to attach the rails. The only issue when I put things together was a little tight clearance by the bottom rail screw and the screw holding the radio tray in. If you want one they are $25 plus shipping.
  10. Rumbling idle this morning?

    I have to agree with Andy. I have flown in several times. Follow the procedure, listen for instructions, and don't run over anybody in front of you. You need to be able to hit your spot for landing. If everyone else does the same there are no problems. The thing that scares me the most are those who do not read the NOTAM, or follow the instructions. I have witnessed people who force their way into the middle of the line instead of entering where they are supposed to. To be honest flying into a busy local fly in breakfast is far more dangerous. The worst I have experienced was flying into a flight instructor renewal clinic that the state of Illinois used to put on. As far as following pattern procedures those instructors were the worst. That was the only time I have really been scared in the traffic pattern.
  11. Low volts/high amps

    As always check all the grounds.
  12. Rumbling idle this morning?

    The vent tube provides a static source of air to compare to the air in the carb. The pressure differential raises or lowers the piston and needle, varying fuel and air for the carb. By having the hose unhooked the two carbs were getting different pressures to compare. This causes them to have different amounts of air and fuel going to each side of the engine. This makes one side of the engine produce more power than the other causing roughness.
  13. Rumbling idle this morning?

    I would check 2 things. First check the vent tube to make sure both are still attached at the carbs and airbox. Also check where it goes through the airbox to make sure the vents are not exposed. If that checks out OK, then take the 3" hose off the back of the carb and reach in with a finger and lift the piston up. It should move up and down freely. I have seen a couple sticky before, and it keeps the carbs from staying balanced in transition. That EGT split is pretty big. You definitely have something going on.
  14. Back of seat strap

    I did a pre buy on a CTLS a while back, and the straps were not even hooked up. The owner didn't have a clue. He had even put a block under the seat to raise it up some.
  15. Back of seat strap

    That's fine if you are the only one flying the airplane. When you have multiple users flying the plane adjusting every flight is a problem. That being said I never had any problems with my CTLS strap slipping.