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  1. I knew a guy with a natural aluminum polished Luscombe. His wife cleaned the airplane regularly, and polished it twice a year. He worked and brought home the money, and she was a stay at home house wife.
  2. Once you get it clean a coat of wax will help for future cleanings. I have used Nufinish before with good results. If you are going to be flying when you know it is going to be real buggy, a quick layer of Nufinish before you fly without wiping it off will make bugs come off easy. Another trick if you have a bunch of dried on bugs is a Bounce dryer sheet and water. They come off like butter.
  3. Coolant leaks are fairly common when it gets cold. Someplace there is a clamp that likely needs to be tightened a little. If it is at the bottom line, and not the bottom of the tank you are okay. You could always bring it up to the top line with a little Dex-Cool 50/50 premix coolant.
  4. The little silver circle thing on the side of the tunnel next to the pilots right little toe, and the passengers left little toe.
  5. I agree that you can legally go to the expiration date on the battery, but personally I changed them more often. I normally replace after 2 years. The batteries are cheap. I have opened up too many ELT's with leaking batteries. Most were within a year or 2 before their expiration date. Also there is a company that repairs ELT's, and their recommendation is replace them every year for the same reason. I just wish I had more things that would run on the used "D" cell batteries.
  6. The inspection per 91.207 must be recorded in the records. The AD while similar requires a little more detailed inspection per the Ameri King manual, and the entry should be as spelled out in the AD. I don't think the half life requirement for the battery applies to the remote.
  7. Answer #1, Possible maybe, practical no! Definitely not how the factory teaches removing the engine. Answer #2, Open the doors and put a wrench on the nuts. Personally I use a socket and ratchet with an extension where needed. Access is not a problem. You will spend 10 times more time trying to save a little work. It is not worth it.
  8. One thing leads to another, I hope it works out as simple as you think.
  9. You have put a lot of thought into this, but removing one of the nuts from each cylinder that holds the head and cylinder in place may have not been such a good idea.
  10. All airplanes seem to do this to some extent, but it is more pronounced in the CT. If you don't feed in the left rudder the airplane will turn pretty hard to the Right. Watch the sight picture out the front of the airplane and see how much the nose swings.
  11. I use an old round top bar stool with a piece of pink foam on top. Make sure to set the brakes so it can't rotate off to the side and fall off. I have taken a cargo strap and wrapped aroung the fuselage and under the top of the stool to hold it in place. I have also used a portable sawhorse with foam on top.
  12. The washer (16) for bolt 17 is different that all the other washers. It is a copper gasket ring. That is the point where you are supposed to drain the coolant on a 912. On a CT it is really hard to get to. I have only drained from that point on one occasion. On pulling the engine, you can't pull it by removing the 4 shock mount bolts. You have to remove the 6 bolts and pull the whole mount frame from the firewall. You can then remove the frome from the 4 shock mount bolts. It will give you better access, but not great unless you remove the mount ring.
  13. I think the bolt that is leaking is the one that is intended to use to drain the coolant. If it has maybe been apart before someone may have put a lock washer on it instead of the gasket ring. I would try replacing the gasket ring before pulling the engine.
  14. With my method the bearing was installed just like you did it. The washers and orings are a smaller diameter than the outer race, they just keep from getting glue where it doesn't belong. An added bonus is that there is a place to hold the bearing and it helps keep from getting glue on your fingers.
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