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  1. I suggest that you post a picture of your installation. Often people speak from experience based on their aircraft, and not all CT's are the same, even 796 installations.
  2. It is what I have used in the past for a replacement. I think the number came off an old sending unit.
  3. If you don't want to deal with the wiring and such. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vdo-360043
  4. Contact Flight Design USA, and they can provide the light and MRA.
  5. The sending unit works on resistance. anything that makes the resistance go up will increase the fuel pressure. Likely a bad spot on the wiper in the sending unit.
  6. Not all parts have to come from the factory. If they have a part number other than Flight Design's, or a specification you can source from anywhere. Changing from the halogen bulb to LED requires an approval, once you have changed you can replace the bulb with one of the same model from any source.
  7. The screen for the gascolator is on top above the gasket. If you don't have one I would order one and install it, 120 microns. I would order a new gasket while you are at it. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/acsgascolator.php# For the inline filter the inspection checklist says to inspect at least every 200 hours. The SB for exchange of the plastic fuel filter says follow the MM for inspection. Based on my experience providing maintenance it should be checked during the condition inspection, and this is something I do on aircraft I maintain. On the fuel pressure, do a search on the forum, but if I remember correctly with the new style pump you can reset the high end of the pressure limit at 7.2. I don't have time to dig for the resource right now.
  8. But with the CTLSi there is no danger of starting the engine with the fuel off, because it will not start. A CT with the ULS can start and run for a while because of the fuel in the float bowl. I doubt you could get in the air before the fuel in the bowl ran out, but I suppose it is possible. I have seen aborted take offs before in a Piper, because the student switched tanks, but accidently selected the off position. They were at rotate speed when it quit.
  9. The ad says it is a SLSA, so that is why it has the 1320 gross weight.
  10. https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/paprrequest.aspx
  11. When you install the LED bulb you remove the lens, otherwise the installation is the same.
  12. https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/paprrequest.aspx
  13. The AoA gets its pressure from the hole on the sloped portion of the pitot tube. Must have gotten some water or a bug in it. The line needs to be disconnected from the back of the Dynon, and blown out. Never blow into the instruments.
  14. Yes, because there is not enough room for servicing. I have one coming for annual in August, and if I remember I will take pictures.
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