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  1. Over the tear I have bumped my head on airplanes in the shop, but it is pretty rare. It most often happens when I am working on or concentrating on something else. I by far am more likely to bump my head at a fly-in or airshow. I don't normally wear a hat except when I am at an event. Wearing a hat makes me more likely to bump my head, because it blocks what I am going to bump from view.
  2. The original was 25mm Radialcord hose which came from Europe. 1" Gates hose is approved by Flight Design. 09 06 01 FD Manufacturer Approval for all CT coolant hose (1).pdf
  3. The SB that he is talking about is not the one to reinforce where the pushrods attach. It is for the pockets where the counterweights are, plus reinforcing for the hinges.
  4. The starting issue before may have been related to the float issue, while the new issue was related to the jet.
  5. They are kind of heavy, but awkward more than anything.
  6. I use duct tape on the flaps and ailerons to keep them from falling. It also holds the flaps in place for sliding the wings back on. I have threatened to build a rolling jack/fixture to make removing and installing wings a single person operation. For now I have a friend who has been trained in wing removal when I have to do one to do.
  7. If the cooling fans are running when the master is on the amp draw will be a little higher.
  8. I would think the tug that john shows would work okay, as long as there is enough weight for traction. But, You need to be very careful about overturning the nose gear or you will bend things! You need to be very careful about overturning the nose gear or you will bend things! I know I said it twice, because it is very important, because it can cause in flight safety issues.
  9. Not sure where Tad is now. He used to work for Lockwood, then had his own shop at Sebring, but he has moved from there. You might reach out to some of the Florida CT owners, like Bill Ince (Wmince) here on the forum.
  10. I was told that we would need to balance the stabilator when done with the repair, but buried in the instructions that the repair alone was not a big enough change, and did not require balancing.
  11. I'm pretty sure Lockwood can do the repair. The other would be Tad Olmsted
  12. If you want I can look back and see how many hours it took. Don't be afraid of removing the stabilator, as that is only a 20 minute job. Four nuts and two bolts. Drilling the stainless rivets is not fun. The repair was not that hard if you are familiar with composites. There are a couple places down there in Florida that can do the composite stuff if your mechanic is not comfortable with it.
  13. I am pretty sure this one that I did a year or so ago on an airplane that was just outside the serial number range.
  14. From two years ago I think there is a new, new and improved float. I have not heard of anyone having issues with the latest version.
  15. It is not that you lap the bowl and the pins won't let it seat anymore, it is the pins stick out past the mating surface preventing lapping in the first place. If you remove enough from the pin so you can lap the sealing joint you have removed the safety feature of the pin not having enough room to come out while the bowl is installed.
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