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  1. I buy Dynon probes from Aircraft Spruce. I'm not sure if they have the screw in type or not, as I normally buy the clamp type.
  2. From the picture it looks like he has an Odyssey PC680.
  3. The CTSW is a Flight Design part, and the CTLS is a Rotax part attached to the standard Rotax airbox. I would just copy the old part and make a new part.
  4. That one shows up. I have a 912 in the shop, and I think you will need to take the intake manifold loose. Just pull the four screws and lift everything up as a unit. Make sure the o-rings are in place when you put it back together. Just to be helpful the torque for the intake bolts is 90 inch pounds.
  5. For some reason the last few attachments on post from you show up as a circle with a slash through it.
  6. I repaired one not to long ago, and I don't remember taking off the intake manifold. I looked and I don't have any SW drip tray pictures, and it may also be left side right side dependent. Take a picture from the side and above, and maybe I can make a suggestion.
  7. I also switch out the slot screws to a hex head, so I can use a socket to loosen the clamps.
  8. I use Oetikers on the filter, and leave the hose attached for servicing. It is much easier to slide the hose off the T and U tubes. I also ty-wrap the T to the firewall.
  9. Oh, and good to see you on here Ed. I noticed that you had been MIA.
  10. To take what Roger said further I leave the hose attached to the filter and use 13mm Norma fuel injection clamps on the "U" tube and the "T" tube. Makes taking it out that much easier.
  11. For a normal pattern I teach 60-62 knots and no more than 30° bank. It is not that you can't make a steeper bank safely, but if you have a non flying passenger, they will likely not like the steep bank. Practice the same way you plan to fly..
  12. The OP is flying a CTLSi, so it is a little different than a CTSW. With a standard 1000 foot traffic pattern and 800 foot rate of descent it will take 1 minute 15 seconds to descend from 1000 feet. That being said when you reduce power abeam the numbers you will travel a little ways without descending as you slow down. So figure that you will need to travel around 1.5 miles from 1000 feet to the end of the runway. I will normally fly the downwind around 1/2 mile from the runway. I turn base when the runway is at a 45° behind me, and about a 1/2 mile final. This is with power off abeam the numbers with 15° flaps, and around 62 knots. I make a gradual round out/flare starting a little higher than most people here say they use. I like to touch down just above stall speed. If I am trying to touch down at a certain point I aim for a spot about 300 feet short.
  13. My point was your stated 1/8 mile, that is only 660 feet. At 50 knots that will take less than 8 seconds to cover. With a 1000 foot per minute descent you would only be 133 feet high, and your descent angle would be over 10°. I expect you are higher than that when turning final. The standard approach in aviation is 3°. A CT power off glide will probably be closer to 4-5°. Purposely flying your pattern below the standard altitude is a bad idea. One you will blend in with the background for other traffic, and second there is a greater chance for another aircraft to descend on top of you. If they are a low wing with your high wing neither of you will know what happened.
  14. How high are you when you turn final? At 50 knots with a 1000 foot per minute rate of descent 1/8 mile would put you at 133 feet high.
  15. Order 5 meters of the 7.5 fuel line from here, https://www.germanautosupply.com/catalog/SSF/catalog.aspx?SearchedText=2134.0600 . Oil, 17mm and 1" coolant hoses, 1/4" gates fuel hose, and all the other parts can be purchased from LEAF. If they don't have it in stock I buy from Lockwood. Oetiker clamps can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon. For the firesleeve end you can use this from McMaster Carr, 5423K93.
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