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  1. Tom Baker

    T Coupler

    Mike, All the air leaks would tend to equalize pressure. Often when an airplane has an alternate static source, the procedure for use is to open the vents, and even maybe turn on the heat to help equalize pressure. The reason air flows into the cabin is because the pressure outside the cabin is greater High pressure flows to low pressure. If this is enough to bring the pressure to a static level I don't know, but for most airplanes it is not.
  2. Tom Baker

    T Coupler

    The altimeter will work fine to an extent. Due to the shape of the fuselage and how the air flows around it the pressure in the cabin is likely less than static pressure. That is the reason for the external static source. FD should have done flight testing with test equipment to dtermine the location for the port in a nuetral pressure area. Your altimeter in flight likely indicates an altitude that is actually higher than you are.
  3. Tom Baker

    Wheel Fairings Weight

    I weighed a un-repaired standard wheel pant for a CTSW, and it weighed 1 pound, 7 ounces. One with a small repair weighed 1 ounce more.
  4. Tom Baker

    Wheel Fairings Weight

    If you do take them off make sure to put the screw that also goes through the leg fairing back in. Otherwise it can slide out of position.
  5. Tom Baker

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    Ed, saying that flat increases speed is only true if you can allow the engine to turn that faster speed. With the 5500 rpm limit the fastest speed is going to come from the coarsest pitch setting that allows the engine to turn 5500 rpm. Any coarser you lose power because of the lower rpm, and any finer you move less farther forward with each revolution of the propeller. Again the only thing that would make this not true is if the angle of attack of the propeller blades is getting close to stalling and they are losing efficiency. Also as you flatten the pitch you get to a point where the increase in rpm compared to the decrease in effective pitch will cause the airplane to slow down.
  6. Tom Baker

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    Roger, while I agree that setting the prop as you suggest will help in climb, I don't agree that the prop with less pitch will be faster at the same RPM. The only way this can be true is if the propeller loses efficiency because of the increased pitch setting because of too high of angle of attack. I see that as unlikely.
  7. Tom Baker

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    Speed is a factor of prop pitch, RPM, and prop efficiency. While setting prop pitch to run wide open at 5650 should let the engine develop more power it doesn't mean the airplane will be faster at 5500 RPM, when compared to one that is set to turn 5500 RPM at full throttle. With both engines at 5500 RPM, the power should be fairly close to the same for both engines. The airplane with the higher pitch angle in theory should be faster than the other, because it is moving more air. The only way this wouldn't be true is if the propeller efficiency happened to be reduced because of the increased pitch.
  8. Tom Baker

    Flaps not working correctly

    On the inside of the firewall. Speed also has a factor in the blinking. If you are to fast it will blink, until you slow down.
  9. Tom Baker

    Flaps not working correctly

    The current draw is too high. There is an adjustment on the flap board mounted back on the firewall.
  10. Tom Baker

    Tire Losing Air; Vibration

    Check the valve core first. I have pinched tubes with the Matco wheels before. I found out when I changed tires the next time and there was a couple elliptical shaped pieces of rubber cut out of the tubes. Make sure you use the heavy Leak Guard tube. Amazingly the held air like that. The tires are nor very well balanced, and it could have been install with the wrong orientation. Also I have seen failures of the Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires that cause vibration. The mechanic may have not set the bearing tension correctly. The last and least likely is a warp in the brake disk.
  11. Tom Baker

    Play in Aileron

    Due to the design if the system you are bound to have some play.
  12. Tom Baker

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    Airspeed numbers on the CT can be artificially high for a number of reasons from leaks in the static system to orientation of the static port. Headwind numbers on the Dynon are computed based on the same numbers you are using to figure ground speed. The Dynons are notorious for being inaccurate. You need to fly a speed triangle or box and figure your true average groundspeed based off the GPS.
  13. Tom Baker

    Door locking

    The tire size will be on the sidewall of the tire. The standard tire size is 4.00x6 for the mains and 4.00x4 for the nose. Tundra gear has 6.00x6 for the mains and 4.00x6 for the nose. My preference is for 6 ply tires. The mains and tundra nose you can get from Desser. The standard nose you can get from Wings and Wheels. If you are okay with a 8 ply nose tire, then all can be had from Desser. On the door you might mark the edge of the latch with a little paint, fingernail polish, or grease, and place a piece of masking tape over the slot for the door lock to see where it is actually hitting. You can then make adjustments from there from there.
  14. Tom Baker

    ps engineering pm3000 intercom, audio input

    Look on the lower center panel near the flap switch and ELT control.
  15. Tom Baker

    CTSW vs. Legend 600

    As a general rule I think sea plane/float plane operations carry more risk than land plane operations. As for water operations there have been plenty of accidents with both styles of planes.