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  1. During maintenance, especially during the rubber replacement, if the rods are disconnected from the steering horn on the nosegear the cables can come off the pulleys. They can also come off if the cable tension is too loose.
  2. Roger, it has been almost a year since I have seen the airplane, but isn't the fuel pressure sending unit plumbed in after the filter? The regulator was replaced at the rubber replacement, and the pressure issues started shortly after, or it might have been after replacing the hoses in the pump assembly. The filter has been changed since then though. Blue, I know the fuel pressure sender has been replaced because it started leaking. I was not the one who replaced it, so I don't know the range, but I expect it was the same as was previously installed when Andy bought the airplane.
  3. On Andy's plane the filter is changed every condition inspection and had no effect on the high pressure issues.
  4. I don't own either ,but have owned both CTSW and CTLS in the past. I have flown both. The CT is faster with the same engine, and to me more comfortable. The Tecnam is easier to fly, especially if transitioning from traditional GA aircraft. I should mention that I have a Tecnam P2008 here on the field that is for sale. I will be helping the owner with the sale. It is very, very well equipped. Fell free to PM me for details.
  5. There is an ALT adjust setting. Just go to the set up menu and look for it. My past experience is that the adjustment will be off at extreme high or low pressures.
  6. Here is a webinar recording about converting to ELSA. https://avsport.org/webinars/videos/elsa.mp4
  7. My homemade one is the same as Roger's. I used what I had on hand.
  8. The good thing is that you won't have to use it much, if you don't mind having to hold a little forward pressure just after takeoff if you are using 15 degree flaps. Once you take the flaps back to zero you will be back in trim.
  9. Meigs was a neeat airport, and it was a shame what happened to it. It would have been impossible for it to be the releiver they think they need. There simply isn't enough space.
  10. It is fairly normal for the CTLS.
  11. I stand corrected. The airport that I manage as well as all that I am familiar with are not owned by the state. They do however have a hand in how they are run. Bult Field may be the only airport owned by the state, and it is a little bit of a fluke how it came to be.
  12. I'm not a fan of the state's politics either, but you can't blame that on the state of Illinois. That is either local government or private entity depending on how it is set up.
  13. 250° is the difference between front and rear cylinders. He is within about 50 side to side. I have not seen a 912 ULS powered CT with 4 position EGT probes, so I have no idea what normal is. I suspect what he is seeing is normal for the CT, and has to do both with the engine and installation designs.
  14. Mike, The typical EGT probe is inserted into the gas flow inside the tube. A small hole 1/8" or so is drilled in the exhaust pipe and the probe inserted. The clamp is just the method for holding it in place.
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