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  1. Tom Baker

    New Floats from MS

    Yes, for a LSA with an airworthiness certificate in the special light sport category. I suspect some aircraft manufactures would be more willing to grant approval than others. I don't see a FAA-PMA approval, so I would say no to use in standard category aircraft, and I am not aware of any standard category LSA that use Rotax engines. That leaves the Rotax powered experimental market.
  2. Tom Baker

    Electrical Noise Abatement

    Andy, I would try a ground loop isolator in the audio out on the GPS. They are fairly in expensive, and it wont hurt anything. Search the old post for alternator whine, and you will find one that I found a few years ago that fixed a problem on a CTSW with a Garmin GPS.
  3. Tom Baker

    Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    The addition of a controllable pitch propeller may require a single lever control, at present a single lever control is not required. You can have separate throttle and mixture controls.
  4. Tom Baker

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    Condensation is not really a problem with the composite tank. To be honest in 35+ years I have never drained any water out of a fuel tank, unless the airplane has sat in the rain or has just been washed. I do think it is a good idea to keep bladder tanks full to keep the bladder material from drying out.
  5. Tom Baker

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    As an A&P mechanic and flight instructor I would not recommend departing with full fuel on every flight. Departing with full fuel from only a flight point of view is not a bad thing, but there are more thing to consider than just the flight. Your typical stated mission is a 1.5 to 2 hour lunch flight. If you start with full fuel you might be down to 30 gallons when you get to your destination. If you happen to park with one wing a little low you could have fuel running out of the vent onto the ground. I had this happen at Oshkosh after a 3 hour flight started with full fuel. When you return home and push it back in the hangar you will still have around 25 gallons on board. A flat tire will still dump about 10 gallons of fuel out on the floor. In 10 plus years of ownership I have walked into the hangar a few times to find a flat tire. My recommendation based on familiarity with the design is to only add enough fuel to return with between 10 and 15 gallons. That is enough for 2-3 hours of flying time, which is more than some airplane that start out with full fuel. If you have a longer trip you can return with less, but I always try and keep my fuel balanced between both tanks.
  6. Tom Baker

    Air speed gauge

    It is a UMA instrument. Send it in for repair. I had to send one of the little altimeters in, but I don't remember the cost. http://www.umainstruments.com/
  7. Tom Baker

    Glider tape question?

    BTW, on the subject of tape. I bought some from Wings and Wheels, and I can confirm that I prefer Bowlus tape over what I bought.
  8. Tom Baker

    Glider tape question?

    On the bottom I try and get the outside edge of the tape on the wing in position rolling it into place while pushing it over to the fuselage and down the side.
  9. Tom Baker

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    Flight Design went the Matco wheels and brakes because of the price due to the exchange rate. It increased the profit margin.
  10. Tom Baker

    Oil overheating

    There was a recent thread that has the part number for both oil pressure and temp sending units. The only that might not be there is pressure if it is remote mounted.
  11. Tom Baker

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    For the CTSW the Matcos can really help for alignment, which is a big plus. For the CTLS alignment is not an issue, so unless you have some other issue the Matcos don't make sense.
  12. Tom Baker

    ...or mount iPad to in center console?

    I have some pre cut center panels.
  13. Tom Baker

    CTSW Checklist Placard

    On the one I did I scanned the placard right off the old panel, printed, laminated one side, and added double sided tape to the other. I was able to size it just like I wanted. When done I put it on the Left wing root ahead of the fuel sight tubes.
  14. Tom Baker

    iFly 740b and Trutrak AP Issue

    I had issues also in the set up. What Ben shows should work. Here is a link to the video.
  15. Tom Baker

    Uavionix Tailbeacon

    Not pretty, but they still work.