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  1. Tom Baker

    Airplane Taxes

    Illinois doesn't have any annual property tax, but they get you for 6.25% of the purchase price up front. If you don't pay it in time they will hit you with penalties. They have people who search the FAA records for new aircraft registration.
  2. I know everyone has their own opinion, but in my book replacing a main gear leg does not count as damage history. If the fuselage required composite repair then that is a different story.
  3. I did have one that took the better part of a day. I had issues getting it to come out of the top socket. The airplane had been through a flood, and I think that was the issue with getting it to come loose.
  4. I've replaced a few gear legs, and it is not that difficult. I have also fixed a toe in issue without replacing the legs.
  5. Tom Baker

    New Floats from MS

    I am not offering opinion, I am simply stating what was said in my Rotax recurrent training by the person who heads up training for maintenance of Rotax engines here in North America.
  6. Tom Baker

    New Floats from MS

    Madhatter, the MS floats do work fine in type certified aircraft, but that doesn't mean they will work fine in the Rotax. Type certified aircraft also have to use, for the most part, aviation fuel. I know there are STC's for auto fuel, but they specifically prohibit ethanol in the fuel. Rotax is approved for up to 10% ethanol. The ethanol in the fuel is where there is a problem with the MS floats.
  7. Tom Baker

    uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

    I would think Dynon's solution would be the way to go.
  8. Tom Baker

    New Floats from MS

    I was speaking about the Marvel Schebler floats, not the Bing floats you linked to.
  9. Tom Baker

    New Floats from MS

    Doug, the floats for the Bing carbs are new, but the material is not. They have been using the same material for other carburetors for quite some time now. I think his opinion was based on issues with those floats while using auto fuel, especially auto fuel with ethanol in the other carbs.
  10. Tom Baker

    Circuit Breaker labeled ADI, what is it?

    That would be ADF, nor ADI.
  11. Tom Baker

    Circuit Breaker labeled ADI, what is it?

    I have seen a ADI, and a ADI Pilot A/P installed in a CT before.
  12. Tom Baker

    skyview upgrade?

    I also seem to remember that there was an issue with the Dynon AP servos mounting in the CTSW. Maybe that has been fixed by now.
  13. Tom Baker

    Carb Heat Issue

    I have seen what you describe before with the cable. If you pull the knob your carb heat will turn on, no problem. When you push the knob back in an the cable housing pushes back the carb heat stays on. The reason you didn't see a drop is likely because the carb heat was already on, from the last time the knob was pulled. Until you fix the cable housing the only way to turn off the carb heat will be to remove the panel and hold the cable housing and push the knob back in.
  14. Tom Baker

    Float bowl jet

    The jet in the corner of the float bowl is for the starting carbonator. It meters the fuel for starting. I wouldn't try removing it unless it is plugged. I believe it is threaded, and has a slot for a screwdriver. It may have some kind of sealer applied to make removal difficult. I generally spray some cleaner through small hole in the float bowl, and up through the jet when I have the bowl removed.