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  1. Tom Baker


    Use the old one as a pattern and cut a new one out of 2mm or .090 plexiglass. If you don't have the old one use a piece of poster board to make a template. It is likely made to match the airplane anyway.
  2. Tom Baker

    CTSW luggage door - green safety / retention line

    1/16" Paracord. The stuff on the LS has a white core with a black sheaf around it. On the LS they also use a short piece of it for the trim indicator. I had to replace a cracked trim indicator pulley, and the cord for the trim indicator was frayed. I used a piece from the baggage door and then replaced the baggage door when my replacement cord arrived.
  3. Tom Baker

    CTSW luggage door - green safety / retention line

    I bought some recently, but it is black. Send me your address and I'll put enough in an envelope to do both sides and mail it to you.
  4. Tom Baker

    90° hose options?

    Good for you. I had at least 2 90 degree hoses that I got from Lockwood that required the new clamps. With the hose cut to fit and the old clamps you could literally slide the hose off the fitting over the bead.
  5. Tom Baker

    90° hose options?

    Roger, the original post was from 2012. Rotax has changed back to a thicker wall hose. No more need fore the new smaller clamp from Rotax.
  6. Tom Baker

    market analysis

    The lower numbers the past few years was a supply issue, not a market issue. It is hard to sell airplanes if you have no airplanes to sell.
  7. Tom Baker

    Another oil temp question?

    I think you are right. Someone was confusing coolant temp with oil temp.
  8. Tom Baker

    Door Lever Guide Plate

    My guess is that they were CNC cut, and the holes will be the same, as long as it is from the same vintage.
  9. Tom Baker

    Another oil temp question?

    Roger, maybe you missed this earlier, but I am still waiting on that link when you get time.
  10. Tom Baker

    Another oil temp question?

    Roger, the current Rotax Operating Instructions state 266°F with no notation about which coolant you are using. I did a quick look and didn't find the SB you were referring to, could you please post a link?
  11. Tom Baker

    Another oil temp question?

    OK, so I picked up the wrong engine from the operators manual. The max oil temp for the 912 ULS is 266°F.
  12. Tom Baker

    Another oil temp question?

    According to Rotax's operating instructions max oil temp is 285°, with the top of the normal being 245°.
  13. Tom Baker

    IFR Training, Checkride, and Use

    Corey, I just did recurrent for service and maintenance, not heavy.
  14. Tom Baker

    IFR Training, Checkride, and Use

    You might want to talk to Tim Busch at Iowa Flight Training. He has a CTLS that he uses for instrument flight training, or at least he used to, and he has flown it IFR.
  15. Tom Baker

    Fuel starvation

    Ben, you have a 5 gallon mark for each tank. Half way from that mark to the bottom on each side would give you about 5 gallons total. Personally I would want to be on the ground at that point, or at the very least descending to land. If you only have fuel showing on one side I would plan on being on the ground when it hits that 5 gallon mark.