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    The GDL 82 will work well for the out. It requires installation of a GPS antenna with WAAS GPS receiver built in. A tray to mount the GDL 82, and wiring. For in a Garmin GDL39. Overall the installation is not too hard, but does take some time.
  2. Tom Baker

    What are these three wires for?

    Ground wires. Stack them all together under the head of the bolt/screw.
  3. Tom Baker

    NeuForm Propeller in Rain

    You will have more issues with the paint on the edge of the windshield.
  4. Tom Baker

    high oil temperature reading at startup

    Being high is one thing pegging is another. If it is pegging it is most likely a bad spot on the sender. I have tested several sending units by measuring resistance under different pressures. Many of them have bad spots through the range as pressure changes.
  5. Tom Baker

    Too much oil a bad thing?

    Roger, I am Rotax trained, and know how to do an oil change. I know to burp the engine before draining the oil. Back when I was using oil packaged in quart bottles 3 bottles put it right at the top of the mark. With the liter bottles it is always slightly above the flat on the dipstick. Not enough to cause any issues, but above the flat none the less.
  6. Tom Baker

    Hull Coverage - do you have too much?

    Insuring for more than you paid, and over insuring are 2 different things. Since I have been in aviation I have bought many airplanes, that have been insured for more than the purchase price, but the actual value has always been more than the insured value. The only airplanes I have ever had that was insured for more than they were worth were bought new. As the values dropped the insured valu didn't drop as fast.
  7. Tom Baker

    Too much oil a bad thing?

    Another thing is unless you have a very sick engine, even if the oil is not on the top of the flat on the dipstick you will not run out of oil on a flight. A second thought is if they service the engine with all 3 liters of oil at a change it will likely put the oil over full on the dipstick, and it will stay that way for many hours of operation. A third thought maybe you should not have oil available for everyone to add when they go flying. Probably the best solution. this way you can track real oil consumption.
  8. Tom Baker

    Too much oil a bad thing?

    No harm to the engine, but it can make the airplane belly oily.
  9. Tom Baker

    high oil temperature reading at startup

    The title says temperature, the post says pressure. If it is pressure replace the sending unit. There is a bad spot on the wiper.
  10. Tom Baker

    Hull Coverage - do you have too much?

    That is not true!
  11. Tom Baker

    Replace my CTSW with a CTSW or a Globe Swift?

    The way I have heard you speak about taildraggers, especially at your airport I think it is a silly question. I don't think a Swift would be a good choice under your conditions.
  12. Tom Baker

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    Hey guys, remember he is from across the pond, and the airplane may be a different version than was delivered in the US. I wouldn't be surprised if that was omitted in the light weight UL model. Are you by yourself when it rolls left wing down? How does it do with a passenger? The CT is a small airplane, and even small changes in weight will cause trim issues. I have a friend with a small airplane that with 2 people on board in smooth air and the airplane trimmed out, they can maneuver simply by moving their heads around from climbs and dives to turns,
  13. Tom Baker

    The New F-Series Has Been Officially Announced

    They were already in the type certification business before the financial problems. It was likely a factor in the problems, but not the only factor.
  14. Tom Baker

    The New F-Series Has Been Officially Announced

    When it gets here I bet the performance will be better than most would expect with their 140 HP engine. That 140 HP figure is a ready to install engine. The typical Lycoming offerings at 160 HP will be close to the 140 HP figure when install in an airframe, so about the same power at sea level. Plus the Rotax will maintain its HP at altitude, where the others will drop off.
  15. Tom Baker

    Carbs Rebuilt

    I normally inspect, clean, replace gaskets, diaphragms, and float needles at the 5 year rubber replacement regardless of time. For the parts that are being replaced calendar age is often the critical factor compared to hours in service.
  16. Tom Baker

    Engine quit in flight

    The CT will run perfectly fine with one tank empty, unless there is some other issue with the system, (restricted flow in the line of the tank with fuel). The key is you need to keep the fuel at the inboard end of the tank that has fuel in it. If it goes outboard the engine will not get fuel. If you added a little slip with your power reduction that could have un-ported the tank, the CT will yaw to the right with a power reduction. The carb heat design on the CTSW will not cause a drop in RPM like most systems. Think of it as an alternate air source rather than carb heat. With the Rotax carb ice will normally occur when the temps are in the mid 50's with visible moisture in the air, at least that is the common thinking.
  17. Tom Baker

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    I also suspect he is using a 3D printer that is quite a bit more expensive than your typical hobby unit. The parts quality from some of the less expensive printers is not impressive.
  18. Tom Baker

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    It will require an extensive inspection to determine the cost of repairs. Lots of factors, like motor mount, firewall, ect.. It might not cost as much as one might think to get it flyable again depending on the extent of the damage. Are you willing to share what happened yet?
  19. Tom Baker

    I nosed over my CT - I think its totaled?

    Probably totaled. It will really depend on damage of the wing spars, and fuselage carry through structure.
  20. Tom Baker

    Seatbelt reinforcement

    The airplane being harder to land lies with the pilot. Most pilots tense up in those conditions, and this tends to lead to bigger movements of the control stick. The bigger movements you make with the stick the harder the airplane is to land. With small quick and relaxed control inputs the airplane is easy to land in rough windy conditions, getting pilots to do this is the hard part.
  21. Tom Baker

    Wanted- green nav light

    If I had one I would help you out for sure.
  22. Tom Baker

    Bad mag check today!

    Buck, I don't know anyone who has had some repaired, and not certain of the legality for a SLSA. Also I don't think the repaired modules will have the soft start feature.
  23. Tom Baker

    Bad mag check today!

    Fairly easy change out. You will need to add a wire that goes to the starter solenoid from each module for the soft start function. Other than that it is just swapping parts.
  24. Tom Baker

    Seatbelt reinforcement

    Different design. The CTSW has 2 attach points for the shoulder harness per seat the CTLS only has 1. The stress on the attachment for the CTLS is greater because of this.
  25. Tom Baker

    BSR chute repack

    Wait until you do a CTLSi. No longer a 15-20 minute job. The proper size for the cable screw is 1/8". To remove the pickup collar takes a 1/4" wrench or socket, I actually use my screw driver that accepts 1/4" bits. Also a 5/32" Allen for the 3 screws that attach the rocket. A 3/4" wrench for the link where the straps attach, and the cable to the cone. Like Roger said it is not a hard job to remove and install. Rocket assembly is not hard, but you need to be able to follow instructions. The airplane can be flown to and from a maintenance facility for the service if you follow Flight Designs procedures for operating the aircraft with the chute not installed. Ideally if you can have it done at your home airport would be best. I'm not sure, but it might be worth the cost to call BRS and have them send you a shipping box. DO NOT SHIP THE ROCKET!!