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  1. Hi, Just wanted to add an additional thought or two regarding your search. I've had 650 hours in a carbureted CTLS and (so far) 200 hours in a CTLSi. Overall I prefer the fuel injection of the CTLSi. I cruised at 110 knots in both aircraft, however the carbureted one used 5.5gph and the fuel injection uses 4.1gph. Also, the newer CT has more electrical power available so I have bright strobe lights. When looking for a plane you have to be so careful. Consider avoiding any aircraft that has spent time in a flight school. And, perhaps most important, read the logbooks very carefully. The more complete they are the more confidence you can have in the previous maintenance on the plane. I found what appeared to be a great airplane and asked for the logs. Midway through my inspection I found a one sentence log entry. It read "replaced left wing". Nothing else. That was the end of that particular search. Good luck with your search!
  2. When I lived in northern Minnesota I found an easy way to regulate the temperature and not fool around with tape. Get some two inch thick flexible foam rubber and cut two pieces each being the approximate shape of your air inlet but slightly larger and only one third as wide as the inlet. From 30 degrees to about 5 degrees place one piece of the foam rubber in the center of the inlet. Below five degrees place two pieces of the foam rubber on either side of the inlet opening, leaving the center portion free for air to come in. This worked very well and I was able to get the temperature up while flying at -20 (only once, way too cold to do a second time.) Good luck!
  3. Ron & Jan will be there and will be looking for you both.
  4. Roger, We discussed you quite a bit, conclusion: BUY THE PLANE!
  5. Sorry to hear about this but it is a mature decision. It is a bit easier here in Arizona than trying to fly across the country. Jan and I will definitely go to Page this week, depending on the weather, Wednesday or Thursday. It appears as if we won't be the only ones and look forward to see those who can fly in.
  6. OK, I'm sorry I ever brought this up and I certainly won't again. I talked with the EAA LSA specialist and he liked the idea but could not say yes or no. So, I will write Edsel Ford and get an official answer back. So, let's just close this out and never think of it again.
  7. I was told Monday that Edsel Ford, AFS-610, the guy at FAA-Oklahoma City who writes LSA rules, told the DPE at Marana that you could put an in-flight adjustable propeller on a E-LSA providing you placard the panel saying you are not to adjust it in-flight. So, I'm seriously thinking about doing it. So, if Roger cannot in good conscience sign off my annual inspection I can respect that. I would still ask him to do the inspection yearly with no logbook entry.
  8. Have any of you out there installed an Airmaster Electric Propeller on your aircraft? I'm trying to find out the size of spacer/flange in front of the gearbox and the length of the spinner for this.
  9. John-Olav and Tim, Reservations made for Bryce Canyon and Page. Jan and I are looking forward to this!
  10. I'm really sorry to hear that. You've waited long enough! Hope it gets resolved soon.
  11. So, did your plane finally arrive from Singapore? Hope so.
  12. I upgraded my CTLS for a CTLSi earlier this year. Too many offerings had been used in a flight school (with many hard landings.) I finally found a one-owner Some people did not say or publish a NDH claim. However, in their logbooks were some very abbreviated entries about damage. One entry read "replaced right wing" and nothing else! Scrutinize logbooks with everything you've got! Very brief and abbreviated logbook entries are (in my opinion) a bad sign. Saw a poster once with a beautiful woman on it. The caption was "No matter how good she looks some guy is sick and tired of putting up with her crap." No matter how good it looks, make sure the history shows what you want to see. The logbook should tell the truth. Good Luck.
  13. Hi Bill, Free to use Dynon's upgrades. E-mail me: ron@loretel.net.
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