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  1. GoPro Hero 2 vs 3

    Roger, I have always filmed at 1080i x 30 FPS which is the same frame rate that most commerical DVDs and HD-BluRay discs use. Using this, I get about 2.5 hours of battery-life and my 32-gig card stores about 4.5 hours of video. I see no advantage to using the 60fps setting unless you are planning on producing some slow-motion videos from these scenes. There are thousands of 30fps HD YouTube videos that are of great quality. Look at them in 1080 HD and judge for yourself. Here is one that I shot at 1080i/30 fps - This one I filmed at 720i/30fps is pretty clear also - One problem I have when watching HD YouTube videos is often, the play is jerky and often interrupted due to slow connections speeds or slow YouTube servers. Sometimes, you can work around this problem by starting to play a YouTube video and then pausing it till you see that the entire video has loaded, as shown on the load-graph at the bottom of the video. Sometimes, this technique doesn't solve the stalled-video problem, so I use the YTD YouTube Video Downloader which copies the video onto your hard-drive for viewing anytime later. It's available at http://download.cnet.com/YTD-Video-Downloader/3000-2071_4-10647340.html Regards, Tom
  2. GoPro Hero 2 vs 3

    Roger, I urge you to upload your HD videos to YouTube. Videos of that quality can be viewed by us in HD and the quality of HD YouTube videos is stunning. I spend hours watching YouTube HD videos on my 55" TV, so I know what I'm talking about. Don't worry about the upload times. Just start the upload and walk away from your PC for a few hours. I have lots of HD videos from inside the plane, but the color-quality and exposure from outside are much better, so I hope to post some of those in the near future. Also a neat free program for copying YouTube videos to your hard-drive is the YTD YouTube Video Dowloader available at CNET : http://download.cnet.com/YTD-Video-Downloader/3000-2071_4-10647340.html Cheers, Tom
  3. NC Bill , Thanks ! This is exactly the kind of adapter that I need.
  4. I have a GoPro video camera which I wish to mount under the wing. My CT2K has no tie-down ring, so I'm hoping that an adhesive stick-on mount supplied by GoPro will be strong enough to hold in the airstream in widely varying temperatures. Has anyone had experience with adhesive stick-on mounts by GoPro or some other supplier? If so, please let me know.
  5. Recently my tail-light strobe failed which popped the CB and prevented the wing-strobes from working. I removed the tail-strobe and the wing-strobes work OK again. I'm hoping that just replacing the tail-strobe will bring everything back to normal operation. I called Flight Design and they don't know what light it is, or where I can get a replacement. Can anyone tell me where to get another tail-strobe identical to this one ?
  6. I have a GoPro video-camera mounted on the rear bulkhead between the pilots heads. I want to record both intercom and radio chatter while the camera is running. Does anyone know of a simple Y-cord that one can plug into the com-jacks that would feed both the pilot headset and the GoPro audio input ? If so, please let me know what kind of cords are available and where I can purchase them.
  7. New Cockpit Camera

    I have a GoPro camera and would like to mount it's case under the wing. My CT2K has no tie-down ring, so I'm wondering if anyone has had any success with the stick-on adhesive mounts that GoPro sells or with any other type of stick-on adhesive.
  8. Air Work

    A cross-control stall (rudder and aileron opposite each other) if you press it to an extreme, is a SPIN entry technique. I would never do these in the pattern at low altitude, but carefully practice them at a safe altitude if you want to explore the limits of this.
  9. Fuel starvation

    After putting dry wings (with new sight-tubes) back onto my CT2K, I wanted to accurately calibrate my sight-tube fuel levels. The most important levels are obviously the smaller levels of remaining fuel, so I looked around for an accurate 1-gallon container to fuel the tanks in 1-gallon increments. The attached photo shows the only container that I could find around the house that was exactly 1-gallon.
  10. Safe Gliding Distance Calculation

    Everything else being equal, the aircraft weight does not change the glide-ratio, but as weight increases, the best glide-speed increases.
  11. Retired Military and AirLine Pilot . I also fly an AirCreation Ultralight Trike


    I have been repairing a damaged CT2K and am fitting the Firewall Blanket onto the firewall. It was recommended that I use aluminum tape around the edges of this blanket to prevent the sharp edges of this stainless steel blanket from cutting into the cowling . That is certainly good advice, I found that the black glue/sealing compound supplied by Flight Design is useless for attaching the blanket onto the firewall. It looks like the engine-mount bracket and liberal use of contact cement will keep the blanket and its edges in place. I feel, however, that this metal blanket poses a substantial hazard to the hoses and wires that pass through the firewall and blanket to the engine and accessories, unless close attention is given to routing these wires and hoses through the blanket in such a way that the sharp edges of the blanket can not cut or damage these wires and hoses. Over time, the slightest contact of any wire or hose to the sharp edges of the blanket could cause numerous dangerous failures and malfunctions. No matter how firmly the blanket is secured to the firewall, engine vibration will eventually cause the sharp edges of this blanket to cut or wear anything that it comes into contact with. The answer to this problem seems to be that we must insure that large enough holes be made in the blanket so that NO sharp edges of the blanket comes into contact with any wire or hoses passing-through. I plan to accomplish this by cutting holes into the blanket that will be large enough to insure that NO EDGE touches a wire, cable or hose. I plan to use enough contact cement around and behind these holes so that there is no possibility of the blanket edges vibrating or moving next to the wires, cables, and hoses. These are my initial ideas and concerns about this, and I welcome any other input from members on how to deal with this problem .