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  1. Trouble starting

    Thanks Roger i will try changing low voltage setting,See you in Az in October, Bill "Im slowly learing my way around the forum"
  2. Trouble starting

    Roger, i have 14.2volts at battery while running and battery is newer 2 years old. it always starts great and voltage always reads 13.4 to 13.8 while flying. when i idle at say 2000rpm voltage will drop tp 12.8 or so. but i never idle there only to see what voltage does. i mostly idle and taxi at 2300-2400rpm for gear reduction drive.BUT almost always when i land and drop rpm below say 2500 my alternator light will come on even thou voltage can still read 13.4-13.5. i think that red light might not be correct? Any Thoughts? Thanks Bill
  3. The 5th Annual 2011 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Hello Roger, Just a heads up about page AZ 2011 flyin, Im planning on attending this year with myself and wife Jody.I have my room reserved in Page, Info you requested,, Bill Bertram,Jody Bertram Ctsw N499CT,Cell# 920 843 1483, Appleton Wi,54913, Thanks for putting this forum together is awesome. Our ct is a 2007,bought it with 170Hrs,Have 740 as of today, Bill