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  1. AZIMUT270 The book just released !

    Good day Tim, Thanks for your mail, yes I am aware of the Earthrounders web site, very useful for anyone planning to fly around the world or just get inspired :-) Azimut270 book can be found there with other very good adventure books : http://www.earthrounders.com/cgi/books.php I also see us listed in the database under single engine year 2010... Best regards, Yannick Bovier
  2. AZIMUT270 The book just released !

    Thanks Eric for the good comments. I would love to join the next CT Fly-in (especially when I see the incredible pictures taken over Monument Valley) and speak more about our increadible round the world adventure but unfortunately it won't be possible this year, maybee in the future... Best regards, Yannick
  3. AZIMUT270 The book just released !

    Thanks for the good comments about the book ! To answer some question : Our CTLS's were not IFR certified and all our flight plans were filed VFR. In some countries (where general aviation is almost inexistent) we were treated as IFR traffic and it was simpler for us to accept that as the weather was fine than try to explain what VFR is ! Some countries like India and in the Middle East only accept you if you follow an airway which is also okay even in VFR. In Morocco and Senegal we had to ask to continue/depart IFR in order to avoid huge delay and being stopped, again weather was ok and we were reasonably happy to do so. We spend the majority of flight at 4’000 feet for 3 reasons : It was the optimum altitude especially when overloaded which was the case on most of the sectors. To avoid headwinds (and take advantage of low altitude easterly trade winds over the Pacific) as we were flying westwards against the prevailing high altitude winds. Last but not least to better enjoy the incredible scenery we flew over ! Yannick
  4. Hello Darryl,

    Thanks, Actually our CTLS's were not IFR certified but in Morocco we had to ask to continue IFR in order to avoid having to land. On some other occasion we were vectored and treated as IFR traffic despite the fact we always filed VFR flight plan. as the WX was ok it was ok for us too.

  5. Hello Yannick! I just got your book. Great job! You mentioned that you flew the CTLS IFR at times. In America the CTLS is not approved for IFR. Was your airplane IFR certified?

  6. A friendship, a shared dream, a handshake, three years preparation for a great aeronautical and human adventure, as a tribute to the pioneers of Swiss aviation. Azimut270 is a direction. But above all it is a proof that with willpower and a bit of hard work we can realise our wildest dreams. Relive the fabulous odyssey around the World of Azimut270 crew. Stories, pictures, ins and outs of the adventure !! More info and online order at : http://www.azimut270.ch/en/en/book.html