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  1. It does quite easily. I took a small plate of T6 aluminum and created a simple adapter plate to mount the Aera on the bracket that formerly held my 696. Simple plate with a few holes. The new unit is a little smaller than the former so you may want to make a surround after making and fitting the Aera.
  2. How do you like the 760? Does it interface easily with your autopilot? My 696 went south just after I spent $200 updating it. what did you use for a mount? Why did you choose this unit? Seems like there’s not a lot of choices for 696 replacement. I won’t say r.I.p. for the 696 because of the complex operating menus. My bias is that it should be intuitive to minimize cockpit workload, such as it is. I’d the 760 any better that way?
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