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  1. One just like you are looking for I think here in Arizona. Broker has it at 49K I think and it hs all the time out things recently done. Broker is Kelmar aircraft sales in Arizona It is not mine but another one at my airport. Larry
  2. So simple it is hard to believe. Go to my old post and I have pictures of the UAT and WAAS receiver mounted in a CTSW and I got a MRA for it too. Works great with a 740 IN and OUT traffic. Friend passenger brought his IPad the other day on a flight and he could also receive the traffic with forflight. I hav a 327 transponder that talks to the unit which is one of the things the PAPR report looks at. Transponder does not need a wire to the unit, connects somehow or other I don't know but works great. Larry
  3. I think that there is almost no gas tank repair that is beyond repair. There is one that I have seen that was almost totally re-skinned at the tank and the final result is beautiful and looks like brand new. It was really a mess and it is now fixed from what I thought was a total loss. Larry
  4. Look earlier in this post to see the LED back-lit array that I posted several years ago. IT is simple and has worked for me for the last seven years. IT operates on three AAA batteries in a small case with a push button switch to illuminate the LED array. Simple to put together and at almost no cost since the LED array is from a Harbor Freight free flashlight. Low voltage 4.5 volts and you can see the level in the sight gauges without much effort even if they are slightly discolored. Larry
  5. OK if you care to call me I can tell you about the good experience I had at Airtime. who fixed this problem. 408-821-6902 I am not much on writing up stuff like that but would be happy to tell you about it on the phone. Larry
  6. Andre, where are you located? Is Ottawa in Canada or where? I do have personal positive feedback about Airtime in Tulsa but I thought you were a long way away from them>> Larry
  7. OK the loctite sounds like a good idea. But what I was wondering is what caused Andrew's wheel pant to come off in that manner. It does look like something hit it on the front left side but the configuration of it hanging on there is baffling. I am wondering if a screw was backed out or fiberglass tore or what might have caused it to hang on in the way that the picture shows. Had the wheel pants just been off and then put back on perhaps with a screw missing? Was there any torn out fiberglass remaining around the bolts or screws that would still be present around the screw holes if it tore itself from the screw when it hit something?? Knowing what happened might help us out on avoiding a similar situation. Thanks, Larry
  8. So did the fiberglass tear where the fasteners were holding it on or we we the fasteners pulled out or missing? I have had the front one loosen but spotted it on next pre flight. From the picture it is hard to tell what was keeping it on for 4 hours. Larry
  9. The simple answer to Procharger is given by the compression ratio which on the 100 HP is 10.8. So if you take atmospheric pressure of 14.6 PSI and multiply by 10.8 the answer is 145 psi. I believe that it will be slightly higher if you are turning over the engine at a higher speed with the starter but if you are just pulling it through slowly by hand then 145 is the max possible. (standard altimeter setting of 29.92). Larry
  10. OK Sling Pilot, BTW it is listed as 14 gallons and not 15.. Suits me just fine and have had it for the last 6 years. I can't do the permanent one in the pickup because I use that truck for other things. Good luck. Important to get the Trick Flow pump from Summit because that puts out enough pressure to kick off the handle. Larry
  11. Yes, you may ask.... you have to buy the tank and hose and pump separately and then put them together. tank is a dura max tank about $125 and ZORO on line is offering a 20% discount on the first order. You will need a nozzle and hose and pump. Total should come to about $300. (12 V pump is a Trick Flow 140 from Summit Racing about $104) You have to put all together.
  12. EB3, That hose is the one that has grounding contained in the hose.
  13. Warmi, I have a good sense of humor and able to overlook the charactarization that this is a contraption. Contraption definition....a machine or device that appears strange or unnecessarily complicated, and often badly made or unsafe. I have been using it for about 5 years. I guess you would have about $300 in the while thing including the pump.
  14. Here is what I use for refueling. 14 Gallons No lifting No ladder, fuel standing on the tail gate Once empty weighs about 15 pounds Automatic shut off like gas station no more spills Larry
  15. BTW everything is included in the package. The only thing you need already is the Garmin GTX327 transponder that talks to the unit by magic (no additional wiring). I thought it was by blue tooth or something like that but another person on this blog explained that it was something else through the power wire to the unit so must be magic. Also my 327 had older software in it but when I asked the radio guy about it he said it would work just fine with the older software and he was correct. Anyway so far it is bullet proof. I have done several airborne reports since the original just to see what was happening and each one of them was absolutely clear of any issues. Good luck, Larry
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