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  1. Flying Bozo

    Fuel Sight Tubes

    Simple push button LED array from Harbor Freight flashlight velcro behind sight tube. You won't have to change the sight tubes as often. Larry
  2. Flying Bozo

    What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Having had my share of questionable stuff in the carb bowls i have come to the conclusion that it has to have come from somewhere between the outlet of the fuel pump and the carb. Anything happening before the fuel pump cant get through the fuel pump filter but after the fuel pump there is no more filtering that goes on. Check the fuel hose on the outlet of the fuel pump. I can't explain what the stuff is that was in your float bowls but must have come from the plumbing downstream from the fuel pump. I am not an expert on the system like some of the mechanics on the forum but that is my take on the issue, for what its worth. Larry
  3. A poor mechanic blames his tools. That said, every plane that I have been associated with has it's own characteristics and all were always bad mouthed in some form or another by opinionated people who were not skilled enough to know while at the same time were praised by others. So it goes!!
  4. One year ago you wrote:

    "My CTSW has some areas under the wings where they are not smooth, and look slightly wavy or bulged.  I have tested, and all these areas are just as hard and solid as the surrounding areas.  I'm assuming they are simply normal imperfections for hand finished composites, and that fuel damage would be softer and/or discolored.  Is that correct?"

    Can you give me an update on the present condition of your wings now a year later? I happen to have a similar problem and am wondering how yours is doing.

    Larry  (Flying Bozo)

  5. Flying Bozo

    912 AD

    Looks like if your plane was built before June of 2016 it does not apply. Larry
  6. Flying Bozo

    CTLS landing for beginners

    CTSW...some feedback on this flap issue by the community would be appreciated. Has anyone noticed that at 30 flap setting on landing it is infinitely easier to keep the nose wheel from slamming down compared to 15 degrees of flap? I realize that this outcome is contrary to logic of what the flaps do and the speed difference at touch down but nevertheless that is the conclusion that I have come to. I can keep the nose gear off the ground for a significantly longer time during rollout also. So lets hear the opinions on this because as I said this appears to be contrary to the logic of what is happening. Larry
  7. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Dick, My light behaved exactly like yours. Even a little higher RPM does not make it go out....but all the time is is charging. Yes it seems like more than an isolated incident. I don't think I ever went to 4000 RPM though. OH well, I guess for now we have to just put up with it. I sure hope it does not decided to fail the voltage regulator when I am out of town with it. Larry
  8. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Hi Procharger, and thanks for the comment. I guess this is one of those things isn't it"? It is comforting to hear that your problem has been going on for such a long time and at leaset gives me some peace of mind. After all the comments and especially Dick's and yours I am going to ignore it unless the problem changes. So thanks for weighing in, all this has been very helpful. Larry
  9. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Eric, this is a 2006 CTSW like the one Dick Harrison has. Dick thanks for checking it out. You have the exact same problem to a tee that I have..I mean exactly. So I called Lockwood this morning and talked to Dean. Very helpful but the final decision was that it is a mystery. If regulator was bad then it would not be something that would only happen under those particular circumstances. He suggested a wire to the light might be frayed and grounding out but we sort of dismissed that since it would also do so later in the flight or later in the day So as of this minute, no conclusions. He thought it it is charging then the regulator is OK so the battery is getting charges so probably keep flying it. He did also suggest that it might be good to reset the 6 pin spade terminal on the regulator, although he sort of dismissed that since it only happens once after first start up. Maybe a piece of black electrical tape over the light HUH??? LOL Larry
  10. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Wow thanks a lot to all of you who took the time to offer suggestions. I will check out the possible remedies that were outlined and see what happens. Dick sounds like he has the exact same thing as I do so I will anxiously await his testing and reply. Thanks again, I will follow up when I know something more. I didn't realize that others were having the same problems. Larry
  11. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Well Tom that is interesting. The problem has not been an issue because I have not had any long trips ans so was not concerned too much. However, I have to fly it to Tulsa this weekend from here in Arizona so wanted to see what I could do. Your customer's problem is interesting because it sounds the same as mine. It does charge OK. So now is that customer still having the same problem or is it finally fixed? Thanks for the comments. Larry
  12. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Thanks Roger, we have been all over any wire that is able to be tightened. The battery too. However I will remover the wire and make double sure. Everything else to absolutely tight. When it first happened I was able to get a quarter turn on one of the nuts on the firewall but that changed nothing. Still baffeled!! Thanks, Larry
  13. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    The friend who knows a lot about that type of things said he thought that too but had not seen the problem before. So what did you do about your customer's problem...? Replace the regulator? Larry
  14. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Fred, it has been happening for 6 or 8 months but it was charging anyway. It was more or less now and then for a while and now you can almost set your watch by it. We tightened all the grounds etc no change. When the light goes off and the rest of the day it is fine. Hope someone can identify the issue. Thank you, Larry N255CT
  15. Flying Bozo

    Alternator light

    Hope someone has an idea as to this problem. Alternator light stays lit for about 3 to 5 minutes after start and then goes out. All the time that the light is on the voltage is right up in the 13.7 volts. So it is charging. Then after it goes out it does not come on again. Next time out from cold start it does it all over again but not if I just make a stop like for something to eat it is OK and does not do that stay on thing. can anyone shed any light on this issue. We have re-tightened all the grounds. Larry