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  1. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    The pin issue may be rare, but not to me ... have had it happen twice! At the time of the first incident, a couple years ago, I guess it was pretty unusual ... Roger had never heard of it!
  2. Hangar self-fueling practices

    Hi Corey! I bought the goat throat pump and am now looking at tank options. Which tank and adapter did you go with? ~~ Johnny
  3. Hey Corey, your post is way over my head, but it does mention weird indications. I am definitely getting one of those. Upon cold engine startup, my right CHT immediately alarms and shows temp over 900 degrees! Then the temp reading steadily declines ... through the normal range and then below normal range. This pattern now happens every flight, exactly the same each time. My mechanic has checked the probe, and says it is ok. I know Roger says to check all grounds and connections, which I will encourage my mechanic to do, unless you have some other diagnosis. It just seems like a specific problem with a specific solution, so that I thought I would ask if you have seen this sort of thing before. Thanks in advance for any help! ~~ Johnny
  4. Failed ignition modules

    Just paid $931 and change at LEAF ... per each!
  5. Failed ignition modules

    Parts update: LEAF got 8 more of the modules in stock, so I was able to order and receive the second one this week. For anyone needing one, they're in stock ... for now! Many thanks to Corey, Eddie and Roger for their help! Hopefully this $1,862 for parts (plus labor charge) will get me started. Gonna need a second job at this rate!
  6. Failed ignition modules

    Apparently there was only one of the little magic boxes in the whole US of A. Supposed to be more coming in the next few weeks. Note to self - order 2nd module ????
  7. Failed ignition modules

    Well, looks like we lucked out ... Leading Edge has one of these little units ... Sold! for a mere $931 I have read on these forums that they have aluminum inside. Considering the price, I am thinking it's pure gold
  8. Failed ignition modules

    Well, it looks like we can now add the ignition modules on my 2007 CTSW to the list of failures. I say this because they failed (or passed ;-) Roger's totally cool ice bag test. TT on the engine is about 700 hrs, so I guess I was due. Thanks to the forum folks, I have learned a great deal about this issue and can't thank you all enough! Now that I have a diagnosis, I reckon I can proceed with ordering the parts and was wondering what's the latest on where to order these little boxes of magic. Is it still a matter of Lockwood, CPS or Leading Edge? Any info on the current state of this issue will be greatly appreciated! ~~ Johnny
  9. 2010 CTLS ~~ > Reduced to $119,000!

    You bet! It's all on Barnstormers ... just let me know if you need anything else! ~~ Johnny
  10. 2010 CTLS ~~ > Reduced to $119,000!

    Yes, that would be a nice price! Good thing I got it right in the body of the ad!
  11. Incredibly, I have now dropped the price on this nice bird to $119,000. Original sale price was $176,000 as the Amphib CTLS Lite Model. Floats were $31,000 of it. The math is way in your favor, now. Will consider interesting trades, especially Experimental aircraft and Texas hill country real estate. Don't wait ... this is a very nice price. Tell your friends. It's that good. ~~ Johnny
  12. Sorry amigo, it's probably gonna be better to do it all on the front end at this point. If that should change, I'll let ya know! Best regards, ~~ Johnny
  13. Looking for late '08-09 CTLS

    Hey Kevin! Congrats on your CT! You are going to have a blast! My wife and I are both pilots and have "his and hers" CT's. We started our flying with the SR20 and then transitioned to the SR22 Turbo. Great bird but I finally figured I could either fly the Cirrus or retire someday, but not both! Now we are looking to go experimental way ... Glasair, RV, etc. If you know anybody looking for a nice CT, we have it! Happy Flying! ~~ Johnny
  14. Reduced again! Now asking $119,000! Have 2 CT's and need to sell one! ~~ Johnny